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"Jinchuuriki" meaning the "power of human sacrifice", are those individuals possessing tailed demons within their bodies.

The bijuu are creatures of great power and destruction, and all the ninja nations coveted that power and sought to make it their own as weapons. As various clans began to come together as villages, Shodai Hokage sought to stabilize the balance of power. He did so by capturing the Bijuu and offering them to specific villages. This unimaginable power proves difficult to manage however, requiring literal sacrifices to gain control. Several jutsu variations have been used to seal a bijuu within a human. Yondaime Hokage used his Shiki Fuujin technique to capture the rampaging Kyuubi and seal it within Naruto. The jutsu had a high price, resulting in his own death. The Ichibi Shukaku was sealed into the unborn body of Gaara, with the sacrifice taking the form of his mother, who died as a result of his birth.However it was reaveled that all was not seemed as The Tailed Beasts only hated humanity for sealing them up and use them as tools.


The goal of Jinchuuriki creation is for the human and the tailed beast to resonate together, thereby granting the human some measure of their immense power. Each beast appears to interact with their host in unique ways, and grant their host power in different amounts. The life of a jinchuuriki has been seen to be a difficult one. Many see the jinchuuriki as the demon itself, and fear and shun them. This causes many to become rejected outcasts who become angry with the world.This caused Gaara to become crazy and felt alone because of his demon but he would eventually gaine his village's respect. Yuugito and Killer Bee were respected and loyal to their village. Naruto also grew angry with the world and turned to pranks to get everyone to recognize him. He was eventually accepted by the village. Roushi had no village ties after leaving Hidden Rock, so he wandered the world. Two other jinchuuriki also grew distant from the world, with their villages not exerting any effort to save them when Akatsuki came to capture them.

This is the list of the most recent Jinchuuriki and their Bijuu:

General Information Edit
Concept Name Jinchuuriki
Japanese Name: 人柱力
Romaji Name: Jinchuuriki
Aliases Jinchuriki
1st manga book: Naruto #1
1st anime episode: Naruto #1
1st anime movie: Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
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