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The Jet Striker is the latest in design for the Striker Units of the Strike Witches.

The Prototype - Me 262 V1, Jet Striker, is the Striker Unit model that is intended to become the replacement for the normal reciprocating model of Striker Units. It first appeared in Strike Witches 2 - Episode 4. Striker Units are the tools that the Strike Witches use for flight in combat with the invading alien force called the Neuroi. They work as high-tech, motorized replacements of the classic broom that witches normally used for flight.


The Jet Striker was developed and created in Neue Karlsand. Sent to the Romagna base of the 501st JFW of the Strike Witches forces for the prototype tests. One of the developers of the engine is Ursula Hartmann.

The former models used magical power to create propellers for propulsion in flights. The Jet Striker prototype uses magical power to create jet propulsion from the wing segments, and can reach speeds of up to 950 km/h.

Jet Striker Weapons: 50mm Cannon & 4 - 30mm Auto Cannons
Jet Striker Weapons: 50mm Cannon & 4 - 30mm Auto Cannons

Along with incredible speed. The Jet Striker is reported to have the ability to allow the pilot to carry an increased payload of weapons for combat against the Neuroi threat. The weapons that came with the Jet Striker are part of the test was a 50mm Cannon and four 30mm Auto Cannons.

The prototype tests were conducted by Gertrud Barkhorn. Several of the tests were conducted as competitions between the Jet Strikers abilities and the custom Merlin Engine of the 501st's resident speed queen, Charlotte Yeager. The competitions were separated into three categories. Elevation, Arsenal Load, and Speed.

Engine Flaws

During the testing of the Jet Striker, a deadly flaw was discovered by accident. Though the the Jet Striker does allow for increased combat potential. The cost to the pilot is too great. So much magical energy is required for regular use that it quickly drains the pilot to the point of exhaustion and unconsciousness. It nearly cost the life of the test pilot.


When the Jet Striker first appeared at the base of the 501st in Romagna, Charlotte Yeager was incredible interested in being the test pilot. In her life she had already acquired various accolades for breaking speed records. Still, Gertrud Barkhorn believed that she would be best for the testing, since it was a project developed by her nation's scientists. This started a back and forth argument about who should be the pilot. The two were so distracted that Francesca Lucchini leaped ahead of them and into the Jet Striker.

Lucchini activated the magical engine, but soon after received some kind of magical feedback and cause her a shocking pain. She quickly leap out of the Jet Striker and ran away in a panic.

Charlotte chased after her and found her cowering. She was unharmed, but scared and implored Charlotte not to fly it. She trusted Lucchini's advice and passed on trying to be the pilot.

Backing out so suddenly only spurred Barkhorn to mock Charlotte for giving up. He wouldn't let that slide and a competition was settled on. They would have a three part match to test the Jet Striker against Charlotte Yeager's custom Merlin Engine Striker Unit.

Test 1 - Elevation

Elevation Tests
Elevation Tests

The first test was of ability to reach the highest elevation. The starting point was at the level of launching platform for the Strike Witches. They both took off at the same time and climbed vertically till they topped out. It wasn't long till the Barkhorn passed Charlotte.

The Strike Witches member, Sanya V. Litvyak, served as the judge. Using her magical radar, she recorded that Charlotte Yeager achieved a total hight of 12,000 meters, but Barkhorn in the Jet Striker continued to climb. No limit was recorded.

Test 2 - Arsenal Load

Arsenal Load
Arsenal Load

The second test involved the ability to carry the largest payload possible and still fly at high speed. Charlotte carried her trust P-51 automatic rifle and a full load of ammo. Barkhorn carried the full weapon payload for the Jet Striker, the 50mm Cannon and the four 30mm Auto Cannon. It seemed impossible she could fly with such a weight.

To test this arsenal load ability. Both were to launch from the base and fly out to an unmanned zeppelin. First to reach and strike would win. Despite such a large payload, Barkhorn in the Jet Striker overtook Charlotte and used her 30mm to fire on the zeppelin.

It was after this round that the toll on the pilot was starting to show on Barkhorn. She appeared quite exhausted.

Test 3 - Speed


The third test was of maximum speed. It was started in the air. They were both flagged to start their race. Charlotte took off once the start flag was given, but Barkhorn waited to give her a head start. After a few seconds, she was off and over took speedster. Though Charlotte had broken the sound barrier with her Merlin Engine in the past. It wasn't too surprising the Jet Striker won so easily with a speed capable of speeds over 950 km/h.

Things did not end well with this competition. Gertrud Barkhorn won, but she lost consciousness and crashed into the ocean. She was rescued and unharmed, but was extremely fatigued. Gerturd still wanted to fly the Jet Striker. She knew that problems and prototypes go hand and hand. She wanted to see it in a real combat situations. Commander Minna was concerned about Barkhorn's determination. So, she grounded her as a pilot and ordered the Jet Striker be locked as too dangerous to use.

Barkhorn followed her orders, but felt that the flaw was with herself not being strong enough.

It was not too soon after her grounding was there a Nueroi sighting. All forces left for battle, with the exception of Commander Minna, Yoshika Miyafuji, Lynette Bishop. and Gertrud Barkhorn.

This Neuroi proved to be too much of the Strike Witches. It was able to separate into multiple segments, and they had to split up. Charlotte Yeager was given the segment that was the fastest, but was still unable to shoot it down. Yoshika and Lynette were ordered to move out in order to provide backup. Barkhorn had been listeing to the whole battle, via radio transceiver. She knew they would never make it in time to save Charlotte. She defied orders and shattered the locks on the Jet Striker. She apologized to Minna, and she was given five minutes of flight time to save Charlotte and return.

In the battle Charlotte was in. The segment she was fighting alone had separated once more and it was now a two on one fight. Gertrud arrived just in time to used the 50mm Cannon and destroy the Neuroi, but this was not the end.

Barkhorn was still accelerating with no sight of slowing down. She was moving faster. She had passed out, but the Jet Striker was still sucking the magical power from her body and would continue until it had taken it all. This would kill her.

Charlotte chased after Gertrud to save her but couldn't seem to gain enough speed. With one final push. Charlotte forced as much magic as she could through her Striker Unit until she was able to catch up enough to grab onto her. With one last desperate action, she pulled the emergency cord and ejected the Jet Striker. The prototype released from her legs and crashed into the ocean. It was totaled in the impact.

Despite her victory, Barkhorn was given KP Duty as her punishment for violation of her orders. It was then that one of the techs, Ursula Hartmann, appears to retrieve the wreckage of the Jet Striker, and apologize to Barkhorn for the troubles she had suffered. She also had brought with her a large stock of potatoes as compensation to the 501st JFW. Most of the Strike Witches had no idea that Ursula is the twin sister of their very own Erica Hartmann. Ursula took the remains of the Jest Striker back to Neue Karsland for more testing and development. It has not been seen since.

General Information Edit
Thing Name Jet Striker
Japanese Name: ジェットストライカー
Romaji Name: jetto sutoraikaa
Aliases Me 262 V1 Prototype
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Strike Witches 2 #4
1st anime movie:
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