Jerome Guizbatt

Jerome Guizbatt is a anime/manga character in the Bleach franchise
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Jerome is a member of the Wandenreich and is designated by the letter "R" - "The Roar".


Jeromes origins before he became a Quincy commander in the Wandenreichs Sternritter forces are currently unknown.


Jerome Guizbatt was created by Tite Kubo to serve as a secondary antagonist in his manga, Bleach. His first appearance was during Volume 57 of Bleach, Chapter 502 as a Corpse, 散桜, and Chapter 503 in a flashback, Wrath as a Lightning.

Character Evolution


Jerome is made out to be a monster of a man, appearing as a very large and overly muscular person, his skin is shown to have a darker complexion and his hair is done up in cornrow. His facial features have notable characteristics similar to apes, such as pronounced upper canine’s, heavy patches of thick hair covering parts of his body, and large sharp nails on his hands and presumably feet. His attire is never shown in full but it can be assumed that it’s a standard officer’s uniform for members of the Sternritter, consisting of a pure white cloak with the Wandenreich symbol emblazoned on the back, and a pure white trench coat with a shirt, boots and pants.


Jerome’s personality is never stated or shown, but given his ability and appearance it can assumed that he was very violent and aggressive.

Major Story Arcs

Thousand Year Blood War Arc

Kenpachi brings the corpses of Jerome and two of his comrades before Yhwach
Kenpachi brings the corpses of Jerome and two of his comrades before Yhwach

Jerome first appears during the first invasion of the Soul Society by the Wandenreich. He first appears as a corpse, brought before Yhwach by Kenpachi, but the events leading up to his death are later recalled by Kenpachi.

At some point during the first invasion, he is one of three Sternritter to engage Zaraki Kenpachi in combat, along with Loyd Lloyd and Berenice Gabrielli. He transforms himself into a giant ape like creature and starts to exhibit his ability “The Roar”, in which he sends out powerful shockwaves towards Kenpachi, however when he attacks Kenpachi directly, Kenpachi cuts him apart with a single swing from head to toe. After Kenpachi killed the remaining Sternritter with him, he drags their corpses back to Yhwach and threw them at his feet unceremoniously while mocking their power.

Powers and Abilities


As Jerome was a member of the Wandenreichs elite Sternritter, it can be assumed that he was a powerful Quincy with exceptional skill in ranged combat as well as close quarters combat. As with all Quincy he shared the ability to manipulate Reishi to create weapons and other special abilities specific to Quincy. Aside from general Quincy based abilities, Jerome was granted a special power by the Quincy Emperor Yhwach, which granted him a power called "The Roar", which allowed him to emit high pitched and destructive shockwaves via shouting. He could also empower himself by transforming into a large ape like creature, further increasing his general power.


Blut Vene
Blut Vene
Blut Vene - A skill inherently known by all pure blooded Quincy. By allowing Reishi to flow through their veins, a Quincy is able to dramatically bolster their defence to levels where they are able to fend off direct attacks from a Captains Shikai. The defence is not completely absolute however, as sufficient power is able to tear through it, such as power from a Bankai or by a sufficiently powerful individual.
Blut Arterie
Blut Arterie
Blut Arterie - The counter to Blut Vene, a skill inherently known by all pure blooded Quincy. By flowing Reishi through their arteries‘, a Quincy is able to boost their damage potential to incredible levels. Very little else is known about this skill, but it's said to be the only way a Quincy is able to deal sufficient and decent damage to a Bankai wielding Shinigami.
The Roar
The Roar

The Roar – Signified by the letter “R”, “The Roar is a special ability grated to Jerome by the Quincy Emperor Yhwach. It gives him the ability to emit ultra high frequency attacks of sound based shockwaves via shouting, which can cause large scale destruction, which he can use to tremendous effect in combat. It also allows him to empower his body and increase his overall strength by transforming himself into a much larger man with a more ape like appearance, such as increased fur and more pronounced canines and nails. The full extent of this power was never shown as Jerome was killed before he could.

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Name: Jerome Guizbatt
Gender: Male
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Aliases R
The Roar
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