Jericho is a anime/manga character in the The Seven Deadly Sins franchise
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Jericho is a female soldier in charge or guarding Ban.


During her childhood, Jericho wished to be a Holy Knight like her brother Gustav. But Gustav did not approve of this nor did he believe that Jericho was capable of being a proper Holy Knight. Despite this, Jericho at some point did achieve the level of Holy Knight and was one of the senior staff in charge of Baste Dungeon.


Jericho's design sketches
Jericho's design sketches

Jericho is a secondary antagonist created by Suzuki Nakaba for the series The Seven Deadly Sins.


Not much has changed with Jericho's character since her introduction.


Jericho's first look
Jericho's first look

Jericho is a young woman of moderate height and sandy light skin. She has blonde hair which is normally worn in a pony tail and is usually wearing her Knight Armor with her own unique pink undergarments. She also has worn a black coat over her upper armor on occasion.


Jericho values friendship but seems to have no care about anyone that is not an acquaintance of hers. Even after finding out that the Deadly Sins were framed, Jericho did not care. She only cared for glory and was still bent on killing Deadly Sin Diane and did not care if civilians were caught up in her battle.


  • Guila - The two initially had a fair comradeship and partnered together fairly often and even shared secrets with one another. But Guila has had conflicting thoughts on her allegiance when she found that the Holy Knights were not what they seemed. She has since turned on Jericho and the Holy Knights in favor of the Deadly Sins.

Story Arcs

Baste Dungeon Arc

Jericho humiliated by Ban.
Jericho humiliated by Ban.

Jericho showed up for the first time when Deadly Sin Ban broke out of his dungeon cell after hearing that his Captain Meliodas was alive and and on his way. Jericho found Ban before he exited the Dungeon. She ordered Ban back to his cell. Ban patronizingly told her to watch her words when speaking to the likes of himself. She then stated that she would have no choice but to kill Ban and attacked him. After unleashing a blur of attacks, Jericho was shaken to find that Ban had avoided all of the attacks. Shortly after, Jericho is seen naked having been defeated and her clothes taken by Ban. Jericho embarrassingly order her troops to locate Ban and to bring her fresh cloths and a suit of armor. After re-dressing, Jericho and her men exit the Dungeon in search of Ban while at about the same time, Deadly Sins Meliodas and Diane entered the Dungeon, also in search of Ban.

Jericho, now joined by her superior Golgias, asked what their plan of action would be. Golgius activated the Eternal Seal Spell and caste it over the whole Dungeon. He stated that such a spell was designed so that not even 10 Tyrant Dragons capable of wrecking towns could not break through. Both Golgius and Jericho could only watch in shock as the entire magically reinforced, solid stone giant dungeon crumbled to pieces from within. The cause? Meliodas and Ban having a simple bonding arm wrestle.

Byzel Fight Festival Arc

Jericho succeeds in consuming the Demon blood.
Jericho succeeds in consuming the Demon blood.

Jericho and Holy Knight Twigo are summoned by their leader Great Holy Knight Hendricksen who was accompanied by his right hand man Helbram and Holy Knight Guila. After promising to grant the two more power, he led the two blindfolded to a cave. Once there, their blindfolds were removed and in front of them lay a chained Demon corpse, whicch to Jericho and Twigo had previously been only a thing out of stories. The two are each handed a cup filled with Demon blood and were told to drink it. Hendricksen explained that in doing so, they would be enhanced with demonic power. Jericho was scared to drink it, but remembered how weak she truly was when compared to Knights like Ban and the Deadly Sins and went forward with chugging all of the contents in her cup. Twigo did the same, but moments later, his body began to rapidly deform and he died almost as quickly as he drank the demon blood. Jericho was shown hunched over but alive. Unlike Twigo she was for unknown reasons compatible with the Demon blood like Guila was and she gained the Demon Blood power on the spot.

Helbram saves Jericho and Guila from King.
Helbram saves Jericho and Guila from King.

Some time later, Jericho and Guila headed for Byzel where the Deadly Sins were also believed to be travelling to. Once at Byzel, Jericho and Guila disrupted the fight Festival that was taking place and proceeded to attack the Deadly Sins. Seeking out Ban specifically since he had humiliated her in the past, Jericho found and attacked him landing a hit immediately where she had been unsuccessful in the past. Ban remembered Jericho and insulted her saying he thought she was a man from their last scuffle, but then noticed that his immortal body had not immediately healed from the wound he had received. She proceeded to wound Ban more, sadistically using his blood for lipstick. Simultaneously, Meliodas was defeated by Guila. But the two overconfident Holy Knights were not prepared for the arrival of Deadly Sin King. Guila and Jericho attacked King together but King casually deflected their assaults and shortly after, an injury free King was seen hovering triumphantly over the wounded and exhausted bodies of Jericho and Guila. Despite their new found power, Jericho and Guila were quick to realize that their defeat was imminent. King prepared his Chastiefol weapon, to attack the duo, not intending to shown any mercy. The helpless duo of Holy Knights did not even attempt to move as they knew they could not win, but they were saved in a nick of time by their superior Master Helbram who blitzed in front of Chastiefol and sliced it in two. Helbram ordered the two to take the defeated Meliodas' sword and that he would deal with King in their place. The two complied and left. When they got to the other area where the Deadly Sins were confronted by Holy Knight Griamor, Jericho ambushed Ban from behind and released Veronica who Ban was using as a hostage.

With Ban badly wounded and Meliodas unconscious, Guila moved on to their other objective which was the capture of Princess Elizabeth. Guila order Princess Veronica to hand over her younger sister, surprising Veronica as the Holy Knights were supposed to be in service to the Royal Family. Griamor who was still loyal to Veronica would not sit by and watch Guila's behavior. He used his barrier ability and trapped both Guila and Jericho inside. Guila used an explosion to break free but it could not overpower Griamor's barrier and instead it blew up in Guila's own face. However, when Elizabeth took the opportunity to try and flee, she activated one of Guila's explosive mines she had hidden underground. Her sister Veronica who was right behind her, tackled Elizabeth and shielded her with her body and in doing so, bore the brunt of the explosive force, which fatally injured her. After giver her last instructions to Griamor and saying farewell to Elizabeth, Veronica died. Griamor's emotions became unstable and his barrier around Guila and Veronica was released.

Once free, Guila inflicts a heavy wound on Griamor. Jericho stated her concern over injuring Griamor as he was the Son of Great Holy Knight Dreyfus, their indirect superior. Guila said it was of no consequence since their goal was the revival of the Demon clan and it would make Great Holy Knight Hendricksen's force vastly superior to Dreyfus'. Upon hearing these words, Ban could not sit still since he had experienced an actual live Demon in the distant past. He got to his feet and continued his battle with Jericho. During the battle, Meliodas was released from his confinement which Veronica had placed him in previously. Immediately, Meliodas swung his sword at Jericho and Guila. It was so powerful that Guila nearly died, but Jericho rushed over to her and gave her an Incantation Orb, which saved her from death. While Jericho was distracted by Guila, Ban returned the surprise attack from earlier, not by attacking Jericho, but stealing several of her Incantation Orbs. Enraged Jericho prepared to attack Ban again, but Meliodas was already behind her and dispatched her effortlessly. Jericho and Guila were out of the battle for the rest of it's duration. Finally only Meliodas and Helbram were left on the battlefield and a battle of incredible caliber ensued. But Helbram received additional power transferred to him by his leader Hendricksen from afar and he managed to gain the upper hand and Meliodas was beaten to the ground. Just as victory seemed imminent, the final active Deadly Sin Diane showed up who had finally reclaimed her Sacred Treasure. The Giantess was infuriated at Meliodas' condition adn with one swing of her war hammer, she leveled the entire battlefield, upchucking a mountain sized chunk of the earth. At this Helbram retreated and grabbed the defenseless Jericho and Guila on the way and they fled amongst the raining debree.

Armor Giant Arc

When Jericho returned to Liones, she eavesdropped on Helbram as he was informed of the sighting of the "Armored Giant" and his order for the Dawn Roar to be dispatched to go after it. Jericho was suspicious as to why the Dawn Roar would be used in place of standard Holy Knights like herself and decided to covertly follow after the Dawn Roar. She bore witness to the heated 3-way battle between the Dawn Roar, the Deadly Sins and the Armored Giant who was believed to be the famed missing Deadly Sin Gowther. After revealing that it was not Gowther and the Armored Giant was subsequently defeated, the Dawn Roar and the Deadly Sins had a truce and went about their own business after agreeing that The Dawn Roar could take the Head of the Monstrous Armored Giant back to Liones with them. Jericho proceeded to covertly eavesdrop on the Dawn Roar even after they left.

Powers & Abilities

Jericho is a skilled Holy Knight. Even though her skills were not impressive by Holy Knight standards, she had an instant increase in power when Hendricksen gave her Demon Blood to drink. She was capable of decommissioning Ban whereas before she was effortlessly beat by him. She was however, no match at all for Deadly Sin Diane when the latter also had her Sacred Treasure. Jericho seems to specialize in speed based combat but despite this, she seems slower than her fellow Holy Knight Gilsander. Deadly Sin King also commented that he believed Jericho may have an ability to slow time to an extent as she was able to halt the Immortal Ban's regenerative power.


God Speed Cross Slash

A simple high speed slash attack

God Speed Bone Crusher

Voiced by
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Marina Inoue
General Information Edit
Name: Jericho
Name: ジェリコ
Romanji: Jeriko
Gender: Female
1st manga book: The Seven Deadly Sins #2
1st anime episode: The Seven Deadly Sins #4
1st anime movie:
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