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Okay the fact that i expected this does not make it any less annoying that it happened. The fact that Hiro limited it to one chapter i can be grateful for, sort of. Once more i was somewhat disappointed with this week’s fairy tail chapter. It wasn’t bad but i am just waiting for the day i can finally get excited about or after reading a fairy tail chapter again.

The first chapter, 338, revolved around the party celebrating the end of the tournament. Apparently because of the gate’s destruction, a number of events were undone and most people lost their memories with regards to the dragon attack.
The king holds a feast, every mage at the tournament attends, somewhat changed and ready to reconcile over their past wrong doings and mistakes. Natsu makes a fool of himself by stealing the king’s crown.
IN chapter 339, we learn that Daronbolt wiped the magical council’s memories. Apparently the idea that the royal family was involved with the eclipse gate and thus zeref’s dark magic was the sort of scandal that would sink the people’s faith in the monarchy.
So Daronbolt acted to prevent this insight from coming to light. He willingly allows Meredy and Jellal, one of the few other people that still remembers the dragon incident to leave.
It seems cobra handed himself back to the authorities to serve his sentence once the battle ended. He apparently heard something related to the ’six mages’ and he doesn’t want Daronbolt to erase his memories.
The baram alliance, the conglomerate of dark guilds amongst which included Zero’s Oracion Seis and Hades’ Grimoire heart is apparently on the move, with the only remaining dark guild with any power worth worrying about, tartaros, apparently operating in the background.
Daronbolt leaves with a warning of things to come. Jellal and Gray learn of Ultear’s death. Gray makes a comment about how both mother, Ur, and daughter, Ultear, died the same way, sacrificing their lives to perform magic to save others. They weep for her.
Not long after fairy tail’s return to their home, they are celebrated and awarded a new guild head quarters. Elsewhere Zeref finally makes an appearance, or rather Marvis appears to him. She speaks of how he has been seeking for a place to die and asks whether he had found it. Zeref speaks of the thinking he has done in seven years, the failings of man he has witnessed and how he has ultimately decided to annihilate everything so that all can start to grow afresh.
Marvis announces fairy tail’s will to stop him.

I will admit, i wasn’t happy to spend a chapter watching fairy tail and gang party. But after finishing all three chapters, i realized that despite my not wanting to witness six entire chapters of no plot worthy material, there is some logic to Hiro’s pacing. It’s not like we can logically jump from one major arc straight to another. It makes sense that their is some down time, that we get to see fairy tail doing what it does best, make fools of themselves in egregious dalliance.
Admittedly despite my distaste of what i saw as a waste of 20 pages, i was reminded of what fairy tail was largely about and why i choose to read it. Despite the fact that it was largely funny thought, i wasn’t particularly convinced that these mages, who has so vehemently attacked each other during the tournament, not merely as tools of their guilds, but through personal feelings and grudges, could so easily mingle and laugh with each other, especially Minerva and Erza.
I wasn’t too happy about that particular hole in the plot. What happened in the tournament wasn’t just about winning and attaining the price, some of these mages got down and dirty with each other, fueling grudges that Hiro cannot tell me have so easily vanished. I think Hiro could have chosen to use the ball to squeeze some more drama out of the story. But he didn’t, and while none of these characters were villains, i am not so sure i like how everyone in fairy tail, no matter how vile, eventually transforms into a thriving ball of sunshine.
I am happy Hiro didn’t linger on these events, at least beyond a chapter. I am happy that Ultear’s sacrifice was recognized. I actually expected everyone to just move on and forget about ultear, or maybe she would return to life after the gate’s destruction; but it seems like she stayed down and Gray took note, especially of the fact that Ultear took the route of her mother, saving him by giving her life. I will admit that what Hiro chose to do with her character made for much sadder material than if she had just died.
Finally we get to see zeref after what seems like an age; and the mystery behind his existence seems to have only deepened. We knew that he sought to die, probably by natsu’s hands back at tenroujima. But he seems to have had a change of heart. Zeref is turning out to be that misunderstood savior/villain we have seen before in anime, the one that loses faith in mankind and believes that its salvation lies only in its destruction. It should be an interesting back story that Hiro is preparing to tell. The question is how Zeref and his plans are linked to Tartaros.
We have not heard about the baram alliance for a while. The first time we learnt of it was during the oracion seis arc, when we learnt of an alliance of the most powerful dark guilds around and the magical council’s plans to eliminate it, starting with Oracion seis which was eliminated by an alliance of fairy tail and Pegasus blue. They have proven to be an interesting plot so far. The Oracion seis and Grimoire heart related arcs, two members of the alliance, have proven to be impressive stories. I expect this to be even better.
RATING:>3/5, admittedly after thinking about it, i enjoyed these three chapters, though specifically the last ones. The first one for the most part didn’t matter.The art in all three chapters was pretty amazing, i will give hiro that much credit. He started off slow with 338 but by 340 i could feel that old fairy magic return, it was an ‘almost excitement’ that i felt. But anything with Zeref usually bodes great things to come.
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When Millianna stumbles upon Erza and Jellal, Ultear comes out and explains that Simon's death was on her own hands. Meanwhile, Sting joins present Rogue in the battle. Elsewhere, Gray and Lyon meet up with Juvia and Meredy. When Gray is about to tell Juvia something, he gets shot multiple times by the dragons.

Will Gray survive?



  • Kagura's scene
    Kagura's scene
    Present Rogue regains his focus when Sting joined him. I would love to see these guys fighting together.
  • While Ultear gets a huge burden off her shoulders, she still holds regrets. How does this tie with Gray's scene in this chapter? I'm guessing she might make a sacrifice to save Gray maybe to atone for her sins. It's a wild guess after all chapter is named Sin and Sacrifice.
  • Kagura's scene demonstrates that she has come to terms. It was more convincing than Millianna's scene.


  • The scene where Ultear explains to Millianna didn't feel finished. Those conflicts and hatred for Jellal cannot be forgiven that easily. I don't expect Millianna to forgive Jellal or put all her hatred on Ultear. She doesn't know Ultear well.
  • Juvia's distraction breaks the tension a bit before Gray gets shot. It didn't match up the flow of the chapter.

Overall, it's a great chapter with a surprise. Gray fans are left with a giant cliffhanger. I'm sure that Hiro Mashima won't be killing off Gray because it's not his style to kill off supporting characters. I'm familiar with his earlier works, Rave Master. I'm guessing Ultear and Meredy will have a big role with Gray in the near future. I'm hoping Gray and Ultear will have interaction.

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I don’t know what i just read but i am not sure if this is even fairy tail. You know, i have mentioned this before, that Hiro is really good at doing this kind of thing, creating epic set ups, really making you think that what you just witnessed is epicness in the making. Some times its just one chapter, other times he will stretch it out over several chapters, each building upon the other one; and when it finally gets to driving the nail all the way in, he cops out, or rather the tidal wave that Hiro had built and which i as a fan had been riding higher and higher suddenly falls flat, and what is left isn’t disappointment. That is what you get when you are mostly mildly interested in the developing story.
When the wave finally falls and Hiro disappoints after hyping the present plot to infinite levels, that excitement turns into seething anger. And this chapter, if this is another of Hiro’s games, i am not sure if fairy tail will recover if Hiro does what i think he is going to do. I don’t know if he even knows what he has just done. I am going to will Hiro with every cell in my brain to consider carefully what he does next after this chapter.
Last time we saw Erza, she had succumbed to the effects of her fight with Minerva, with her legs eventually giving out as she contended with one of the many dragon creatures on the loose. Barely
able to fend for herself,she had to watch helplessly as Jellal came to the rescue. Milliana had arrived at the scene in time to see the man who had killed her brother and held them all prisoner for years amicably conversing with Erza.
In this chapter we wrap this scene up. Miliiana is furious and clearly ready to unleash her vengeance against the pair, when Ultear interrupts her angry rant and makes it
clear that it was her, not Jellal, who was responsible for the misery the friends had suffered. She had manipulated jellal into building the tower and enslaving his own friends in her attempts to aid Hades and she asks that Milliana aims her hate towards her, after all she had just learnt that despite all the good she had tried to do, she was still as stained and corrupted as before.
Here, especially with the dark visage she wears, it is alluded to that she had killed Rogue. This notion is however quickly dismissed and she later on admits to her self that she had frozen. She couldn’t kill Rogue; none the less she is tormented by the fact that she had harbored the thought of killing an innocent man and admits once more that she is still a dark person.
Elsewhere, gray, juvia, Leon and Meredy are engaging the small dragon creatures in battle. Gray pauses to tell Juvia something. He dismisses its importance but none the less alludes that it must be said. juvia gets so caught up in her fantasies about what gray was about to confess to her that she doesn’t see the mini dragon fire off an attack at her.
Gray pushes her out of the way and takes the attack to the chest, which rips a hole through. He barely recovers when two or three more mini dragons join the the fight and unleash a barrage of attacks that systematically perforate gray’s body.
Gray hits the floor with a stunned ‘Eh!’ on his lips, Leon, Meredy and Juvia watching in horror…
This chapter…whoa…
I am not even sure what to say.
I was slightly disappointed by what was done with the Milliana situation. Don’t get me wrong, i thought Hiro handled it better than i thought he would. I expected Erza to make some asinine speech about love and nakama and Milliana would quickly fold. But she didn’t fall for Erza’s words, that she had forgiven Jellal and that it wasn’t his fault. It was a good idea to use Ultear to redirect her anger. She seemed more confused than anything by the end and i do not think she has forgiven anyone yet, least of all Jellal, but i suspect she will not hold it against Erza for siding with Jellal.
My disappointment comes from Kagura. I expected her to play more of a role in the argument. But she just folded and let the issue drop. Truth be told i do not even remember why she hates Jellal, but i thought she was much tougher and more vindictive than that. Hiro is missing opportunities to manifest greatness here.
With Ultear, i am ambivalent about her actions. Again it do not think that the path she took was illogical or unreasonable; after spending seven years with Jellal, and i would have been surprised if she had actually killed rogue. But i kind of hoped for more than what i saw in the chapter. But it allows for more depth in the fairy tail story, that she is still conflicted about her past and present and the difficulty that an individual is faced with in ridding themselves of past habits.
Additionally, besides my disappointment with the chapter that set up the Erza, Milliana, jellal situation, i was impressed that hiro remembered to add reason and logic to the story, that even the mighty Erza couldn’t shrug off the effects of an outrageous battle in time to fight little dragons.
But all that aside, Gray, is he really dead? I am one of those people that was advocating for more darkness in the plot, even some death to show the seriousness of the event, but even i didn’t see this coming. It stunned me. As has been the case with recent fairy tail chapters, i had no idea what to expect with this chapter because Hiro is usually all over the place. But I basically thought i was ready for anything, but this was so out of the blue and so sudden.
I am not sure how to take it. On the one hand, i can’t believe Hiro actually killed an important character off, and in such a brutal manner. As far as the story goes, fairy tail just jumped up to another level. On the other hand, as a fairy tail fan, ‘Why Gray?’ is what i can’t help but ask. In such a large cast of fairy tail characters and mages, there are so many characters Hiro could have chosen to kill off, starting from Lucy, maybe Levy, or Cana, but why Gray of all people? He was one of those consistently written characters that i just liked.
I cannot believe what happened in this chapter. The pure fairy tail fan part of me is ecstatic and shocked. The other more analytical part of me is afraid. Hiro is going to mess this up, and i am not speculating. I am sure of it. For one thing, i know that Gray isn’t dead. This is Hiro after all. Any fairy tail fan will agree with me that gray obviously used an ice clone to tank the attacks; though one has to wonder why making an ice clone would be faster than Juvia simply getting out of the way. And isn’t her body made of water? Would she have even been hurt?
I do not think Gray is dead. Hiro is clever in executing this stunt and getting our anxiety levels through the roof for a week, before finally revealing the truth. Hiro cannot kill any of his favorite fairy tail characters off, which is all of them. I am praying that he can think of a way to return Gray that isn’t debilitating to fairy tail’s reputation.
Then again, Hiro is supposed to have twitted this message after the release of this chapter :( Originally Posted by Hiro Mashima -Please wait until next week. You will be surprised.) I do not know how to take that. Maybe he is speaking to those that do not want gray dead.
Oh and there was an awesome rogue and sting moment that made me dislike them less. next few chapters it looks like they will be teaming up to take down both of their dragons.
RATING: 5/5 – WOW, that is all i can say, wow… i am reading this chapter again just to be sure i wasn’t imagining things.
Here is what i know about gildartz from watching fairy tail and reading the manga. His full name is Gildartz Clive and he is also the oldest member of fairy tail besides Makarov. We know little to nothing about Gidartz’s past but then again it probably doesn’t matter. We know that some time during his life, he met and seduced one Cornelia, eventually, and unbeknownst to him, giving birth to Cana, another member of fairy tail. Cana would spend a large portion of her life trying to figure out how to tell Gildartz the truth, that he was her father; but she could never get the courage, mostly because whenever she would see him, as a child of 5 or 6, she could feel the air or importance around him, the power he radiated and the respect he received from everyone and she would shrink into none existence, defeated by her own self esteem and lacking; basically the way she saw it was that how could the daughter of the great and mighty Gildartz be so weak.
And as the years came and went, each passing with Gildartz returning to the guild once every year, receiving the praise of a champion, Cana would watch him come through the doors, intent on finally revealing the truth to him, only for her words to fail her as he would wave his hand through her head, maybe give her a hug, and move on, leaving her defeated. From then on she decided that one day she would reveal the truth to him, but only after finally passing the test and becoming an S class mage like him. But of course she failed terribly, taking and failing the S-class test 6 or 7 times where the likes of Erza and Mirajane, younger, passed immediately. Eventually she fell into drunkenness and seized to matter.
Cana aside, we learn over time just who Gildartz is. He might be the second most powerful person in the guild, but you wouldn’t know it as he is so laid back and unmotivated, willing to spend most of his time boozing and seducing the ladies rather than getting any work done. As a mage of fairy tail, Gildartz uses crash magic; a form of magic that basically decimates everything that he comes into contact with, hence the term crush.
Gildartz’s magic is so powerful that every time he comes back to Magnolia, the entire town has to be rearranged to create a single straight path from the border to the guild and that is because over the years his return has resulted in a serious amount of damage. This isn’t merely because Gildartz isn’t fully in control of his power but because of the way he uses it. Most times, when he is done with anything, rather than using the door, he will walk into the nearest wall and through it, a habit that he does unconsciously and which the town is willing to accommodate because of the love and respect they have for him.
With crash magic, Gildartz not only crushes anything he touches but he can also choose to simply break it down into smaller versions of the original, such as when he fought natsu and broke him into
a few thousand mini natsus. While Gildartz rarely fights in the presence of the other guild members, whom he lets eliminate the enemy, when he does fight, he will have everything and everyone clear the area; because, according to happy, natsu’s cat, Gildartz always fights at full power, or close to it and he simply doesn’t know how to hold back. Which is why Gildartz’s fighting style is mostly martial arts based. He will use hand to hand combat skills to beat an opponent and only use crush magic when he physically touches the opponent, focusing the power through his touch and that way, the effects of crush magic are minimal. Even then though, his touch is designed to absolutely destroy everything it touches, hence not even in sparring where Gildartz is forced to keep the level of battle at a low intensity is his opponent, enemy or friend safe. However once he has to fight an opponent he must defeat, and determines that his crush magic must be unleashed fully, the destruction is wide spread as he doesn’t limit it to his fists, necessitating all other by standers to clear the area before he can fight.
Gildartz’s crush magic has, as of the last time he fought, proved that it isn’t limited to physical objects and that he can crush and decimate magic as well.
The type and destructive nature of his crash magic explains the reason why Gildartz will rarely engage in battle if he can help it. AS a fairy tail guild member, Gildartz will fight to protect his guild members against any and all foes, and in most cases choosing to use lethal means where others might incapacitate. Not long ago, Gildartz met and fought the mighty black dragon Achnologia. This would be the first and only opponent to defeat him; and his first defeat would be his worst. Gildartz lost his left leg, left arm and an organ to Achnologia and even then he barely escaped. On his initial appearance, he was making use of a wooden replacement. Recently he acquired metallic prosthetics.
Gildartz, as the strongest mage, was recently offered the job of master of fairy tail by a retired Makarov. After being shown the great secret, Lumen Histoire, the so called darkness (or light, depending on who you ask) of fairy tail, he declined the job, instead nominated Makarov to return to his position as he went on another great quest.
Gildartz is mentioned several times along with Laxus and mystogun as the strongest mage in fairy tail, most notably during mystogun and laxus’ first fight. He finally appears during the Edolas arc, but after being sucked away to the parallel dimension like everyone else, only plays a part in the story during the S-class arc, when he is assigned the position of one of the obstacles and judges for the test. It is during his fight with Natsu that he unleashes power and for the first time teaches the young mage the true meaning of fear. He later arrives on the scene when Grimoire heart’s strongest mage, Blue note stinger, arrives and decimates the entire fairy tail team. Gildartz must then match his crush magic against the man’s debilitating gravity powers.
I love this character. Sure he isn’t the most complicated character, but he is…i don’t know the word to use…fun. Not in that typical fairy tail ‘always laughing and smiling’ way; i like the laid back way he is presented and i do not think we really need to know that much about his character to make him any more interesting to watch. For one thing, as the most powerful character on screen, you can expect some fireworks whenever he is on the filed.
It is a shame that Hiro limits his time in battle. I wish we would see more of him and his crush magic, because the little we have seen has been epic, especially his first appearance and his revelation
about the black dragon Achnologia. His fight with blue note stinger ranks high up there are one of my all time favorite fairy tail battles. It was a chance to see him let loose, and the event was only accentuated by the fact that blue note was so overwhelmingly powerful that with his abilities he was rocking the entire island. The effect of Gildartz’s power is usually such that you not as much interested in how he will defeat his opponent as much as how his opponent will survive Gildartz and with blue note it was fun to watch them shattering everything around them and lifting and juggling entire land masses in an attempt to one up each other.
Now that i think about it, Hiro has never provided a reasonable explanation for his absence, especially in the time of danger. He is always suspiciously absent and i hate that. We have seen copious amounts of Erza and laxus fights, characters we once looked upon as mysterious and unknown and Hiro has given us ample time to fully explore there abilities. With Gildartz, we are still in the dark about just how well he fights.
I still think that Hiro has handled his character well, especially with the Cana arc, not only exploring her character’s dark past but using it to reveal more of who Gildartz is on a mental and emotional level. This was one of those moments i was surprised at how dark the normally light and fluffy fairy tail got; i never really thought about Cana before; she was always irrelevant and her drinking habit seemed more of a comedic tool than anything; i was surprised that hiro would allow the issue to take a dark turn. This includes Gildartz own physical disabilities. Fairy tail isn’t the kind of show you would expect to have limb dismemberment, especially when even the most brutally attacked characters just seem to die away from a bruise or two.
Gildartz is just…interesting to watch. He adds a sense of excitement to every scene and i will admit to hating hearing him compare himself to Natsu, the way laxus did as well in the tournament. What is up with all these strong characters and looking up to weak Natsu.
I just remembered that at the time he met Achnologia, Gildartz was off undertaking a one hundred year quest, the same quest he undertakes once more when he rejects mastership of the guild. Hiro has yet to tell us what a one hundred year quest is. Clearly it can’t take one hundred years; Gildartz returned in a mere three years.
Anyway, if i was to rate Gildartz as a character on grounds of how interesting he is, i would rate him with an A out of an A-E rating.
Now i have to admit it, i have never understood or shared the notion that Gildartz was copied off of shanks from one piece. Sure they have similar red hair and their faces sort of look alike but here is the thing; this is manga. Besides one or two shows based off of a manhwa, most of these characters are are drawn using simple straight or curving lines; if you took away special markers, maybe the giant weapons they carry, eccentric clothing and what not, many anime characters would look the same.
I reject the idea that Hiro was inspired by Shanks in drawing Gildartz. I feel the need to say that because i have come across a number of comments with regards to how similar fairy tail is to one piece. I would not mind those comments if they actually elaborated on exactly how fairy tail is similar to one piece. All they do is mention how similar Gildartz is to shanks. Basically because of that one reason, fairy tail is a cheap copy of one piece.
That is not a good enough reason to compare one manga to another. I have looked and maybe i am biased; i admit that in some shots of Natsu smiling, he has reminded me of luffy (though only because of how many time i hear it) but one element of an manga doesn’t make it a copy of another. Gildartz and Shanks’ similarity is a coincidence, and unless someone else can point out any other similarity, i am inclined to conclude that many of these people either simply hate fairy tail and are intent on putting it down or they simply haven’t read it and have chosen to jump on board of the opinions of others.
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I don’t want to say this fairy tail chapter was bad, because it wasn’t. It was simply boring.


Lucy escapes and joins the princess at the gates. Everyone is caught up on the whole Rogue matter. Lucy quickly denies any intentions of stopping the eclipse. Some distance off, news of the coming dragons has reached all ears. The king of Fiore explains that even with the power of eclipse, there are a few hundred dragons that will definitely survive, at which point he calls upon all the guilds assembled in the square to join hands and help him fight the coming dragons. Everyone pledges their strength, and they all rejoice.Elsewhere, Natsu and Rogue have engaged in battle.

Natsu pledges to stop Rogue and his ways, and since Natsu died in the future in the dragon war, rogue sees no reason not to kill him.


There were some high points in this chapter. Jellal showing up to two magic council members was pretty bold and exciting. But then again even if they wanted to arrest him, what could they do?

We now know that if the gate is closed, it’s game over because it apparently takes seven or so years to accumulate all that magic.

Rogue Vs Natsu just isn’t exciting to me. Natsu is going to decimate Rogue quickly and efficiently using nakama power, which will be an unfortunate ending; but it will be better than natsu talking rogue out of his killing craze.

MY RATING:> 2.5, not bad but still boring.

Erza Scarlet is an S-Class mage of fairy tail, famous for her requip magic; she is a member of team Natsu (actually team Erza) and one of the main female protagonists of the series.

Erza is very strict, and will often criticize other members of her guild for their habits and behaviors. She is also impatient and will get short with people that take too long to reply to her, all of which make her one of the more socially awkward members of the guild, at least at one point. Most guild members will avoid her as such, afraid of incurring her wrath; though their is no doubting Erza’s sense of justice and her immovable loyalty to the guild.

Lucy once described Erza to her mother as Strong, warm, beautiful and full of passion, while her Edolas counterpart, Erza knightstalker, called her cool and strong. Erza has referred to herself before as someone who was always crying because she couldn’t protect and defend her friends. This also stems from the numerous occasions others have had to put their lives on the line to protect her. As such,Erza has always described her armor as a defense, not only against threats to her body, but to her will and spirit, going so far as to say that without it, she feels naked and vulnerable, which is why she is rarely seen outside of her heart kreutz armor.

Erza has been known to be quite liberal with herself, in that she seems to have no problem with men seeing her naked body. This is shown on the occasion that she went to take a shower and asked Natsu and Gray to join her, as the three of them had take baths together often as children. On another occasion, when the team was off at a hot spring and it was realized that the boys were peeping at them, Erza was quick to invite them to join the girls. In both cases, Lucy is shocked at Erza’s casual manner towards such matters,and each time Erza doesn’t see what the big deal is.

Erza’s childhood is a tragic one. Born in the village of Rosemary, Erza’s home was attacked by a zeref cult; Erza managed to save kagura, but she was captured and taken, along with other children to an island where they worked as slaves to build the tower of heaven. There , despite harsh conditions, she met and bonded with Jellal, Simon and the other children working besides her; it is Jellal that adds Scarlet to her one name, Erza, because of her long beautiful red hair. she also befriended Rob, a fairy tail guild mage and a friend of Makarov that was kidnapped to help complete the tower. He tells her about fairy tail whilst also teaching her about magic.

At the height of cruelty in the slave encampment some time later, one of the other slaves, Sho, makes a plan for eleven year old Erza and her friends to escape but the guards foil it. They decide that the mastermind be taken to the disciplinery chamber. Jellal announces himself mastermind to protect erza, but the guards work it out that Erza was responsible, sending her off to be punished.

Erza is tortured to the brink of death, and even loses an eye. Eventually Jellal can’t take it, and launches a rescue attempt; he rescues Erza but he himself is captured. Finally fed up with the way things are ran, Erza leads a revolt, and it is initially successful, with the slaves overpowering the guards. Then the tower mages arrive and begin to drive back the force. Erza watches in horror as her friend Simon’s lower Jaw is blown off by a magical attack; rob also sacrifices himself to save Erza. Finally overwhelmed, Erza access her latent magical power and turns the gurads’ weapons against them, slaughtering them all.

Erza rescues Jellal, but he has changed, having fallen under the power of Zeref. He mercilessly slaughters the guards, and makes clear his belief, that to stop bad things from happening, they must complete the tower of heaven and use it as a weapon against all others. Erza won’t join him, so Jellal throws her out of the tower into the sea. He won’t kill her because took care of the mages for him. But she tells her go on, alone, without the rest of the slaves, or their friends. They would stay on and work on the tower. She was not to say a word to anyone else about the tower and or even attempt to stop him. He held their friends’ lives in his hand and if she did anything to jeopardize his plans in anyway, he would end them.

Erza leaves washes onto the shores of Fiore and finds fairy tail, where she quickly becomes famous for her anti social attitude and strength. Natsu and gray often challenge her to battle, eager to prove themselves her betters, but each time she beat them down. This coupled with Erza’s attitude makes her less than popular with the pair, until the day Gray runs into her by the river and in challenging her, sees the tears rolling down her face. He and Natsu quickly realize that all those times Erza would shun company, she was off on her own, weeping for her lost comrades.

Together, they force her out of her shell and into the warmth of fairy tail. Around that time, Makarov takes her to the guild medic who gives her her new artificial eye. later on, she takes her S class mage test and passes, becoming the youngest ever S class mage in a fairy tail history, at 15 years.


I have always thought that most anime and manga series that try to create strong female characters get it wrong. it usually feels like they are way too self aware of the fact that they have in their hands a female character and they must somehow maker her a strong female person on screen. Usually that plays out in two ways. They will male the female character as egregiously anti ‘normal female character’ as possible by usually making her bigger than normal, maybe meaner looking, with a very violent streak, the kind that breaks heads, pulls off arms and tears guts out of enemies; basically a monster. The other way is to compare and make her superior to the most ideal male counterpart around. Usually you will have male person A that can do act x better than anyone,but the strong female character breaks that record a hundred times over. Or male person B can do very difficult task Y that no one can even begin to accomplish, but the strong female character can do it without even trying.

Basically they define the strength of female characters by how much better they can do something than their male counterparts. So their very definition is determined by how they fair in relation to male characters. This, to me, always seems so forced, like someone out there is out to make a point. It simply doesn’t work; and as far as i am concerned, when they think they have pulled it off, they haven’t created strong female characters. They have created lunatics.

Erza is the masterpiece of Hiro’s mind.She is Hiro at his best. To me, Hiro didn’t look at a blueprint of Erza and ask himself how he was going to make a great strong female character. That is what most idiotic mangaka do. It seems like Hiro looked at a blueprint of Erza and asked himself how he was going to make great fairy tail character; female or not, it didn’t matter. And by focusing on that, by not trying to simply make some point, Hiro succeeds so well with Erza.

I like the fact that Erza is called the strongest female mage in fairy tail, and the strongest female mage in Fiore. The ‘female' in the title adds a little something to her character, in that Hiro isn’t going to define Erza by comparing her to her other male S class mage comrades, otherwise he would have called her the second or third or whatever strongest mage in fairy tail. We might ask who the strongest is. Some think she lies at the bottom of the S class mage list, just above Mira Jane. I think she can go toe to toe and even stands more than a good chance of beating each and everyone of them, minus Gildartz and Makarov who are monsters. But that isn’t mentioned. There is rarely a mention, either by the other guild members or Erza herself of whether or not she is stronger than Laxus, Mystogun and the rest. She doesn’t even make mention of her title as the strongest female mage. it doesn’t matter because she doesn’t have to say anything.

Hiro lets us see Erza in action and shows us her feats, and rather than tell us, he lets her actions speak for themselves, that she is strong. Erza isn’t my favorite or even the strongest female character. That would be Clare and Revy and whoever else i might have forgotten. But erza is way up there. She is an icon in anime. I have come across anime and manga fans on the internet that, for unknown reasons, absolutely hate fairy tail. And most of them have admitted to possessing a grudging respect for Erza, a character they don’t even know.

As far as Erza is concerned, i will just point out some of her highlights. Firstly is her story which is truly tragic. We saw her interact with Jellal so many times in the beginning, but never truly understood why she was so antagonistic towards him. Then we learn of who they were, their friendship during times of hardship. They both suffered and felt great anger for the pain they had been forced to endure. But Erza focused that anger on her friends and developed a passion to protect all that were dear to her. Jellal however focused that anger towards those that had made his dear ones suffer, and that grew into a hate that consumed him. I have always thought that the S class arc was the best arc of fairy tail so far-let’s wait and see how this one ends. But after thinking about it, i realize that the best ever arc of fairy tail was this tower of heaven arc.

It wasn’t merely brilliant (sort of) it was brutal. Here Hiro shorn as a story teller. I won’t lie i was surprised at the kind of carnage involved in what seemed to me to be a kids’ manga. The way Erza cut those guards down, Simon getting his jaw blown off, Jellal’s actions. it is no wonder she fights so hard to protect fairy tail. She knows what it is like to lose friends, and it is indeed a testament to her self control that she met with and tolerated Jellal on several occasions, while knowing that he held her friends at ransom.

I was first blown away by Erza during the phantom Lord arc. The guild’s entire HQ had walked to fairy tail, charged its super canon Jupiter and was ready to decimate fairy tail and everyone and everything around it. Makarov was temporarily dispatched, mystogun, laxus and Gildartz were no were to be seen and the only other S class mage in sight was Mirajane, who is still useless here.

So what does Erza do? Does she run, using her magic to evacuate as many of her people as possible before the attack? No. She changes into her Adamantine armor and takes the Jupiter blast head on, a blast mind you that can level a small town. Sure she was down, but not dead. And when things began to go side ways, with phantom lord’s four strongest unleashed, she stands herself up and saves natsu after he has beaten by the strongest of the four, the telekinetic wielding Aria. Yes she straggles, she just took a canon to the body. But she beats him, then she faces off against Jose, Phantom Lord’s master minutes later, and while she was beaten, she actually gives him a good fight, to the point that he compliments her awesome power. I was convinced that at full power, Erza could have torn Jose apart.

Here we see Erza’s durability and power

Then there was the tower of heaven arc itself, in which i first begin losing faith in Hiro, that Erza lost so easily to some less than impressive enemies after carrying out so many great feats, until we find out that these new enemies are dear friends who think she abandoned them and are now working for Jellal. We then learn why Erza is constantly armored, that she is protecting her heart.

When Simon dies at Jellal’s hands, we finally see adult Erza break into tears at the passing of a great friend. But this allows her to shed her fears when she faces Ikagura, who possess a powerful katana that easily destroys each all her armors. she then sheds it and faces Ikagura, a great swordswoman, head on, with nothing but cloth to protect her. Basically she puts faith in her abilities to protect her body, and in defeating Ikagura she shows us just how skilled she is a swordswoman, and that she isn’t just a powerhouse dependant on magical armor. She proves this strength further by taking on and beating Jellal (granted he wasn’t using his meteor magic, but still).

This was one of the most epic moments in the manga, to see Natsu going dragon force; fairy tail was at its best; and one of saddest, to see Erza sacrificing her self to stop Etherion from exploding, because she could not bear to live while abandoning her new friends to death again. Here Hiro did what he did with Lucy last week, where he killed off a main character without actually doing it. Of course natsu emerges from the smoke and rubble with Erza safe and sound. But for a whole chapter before that, Hiro showed Erza dead, watching her funeral as her friends put her in the ground after she sacrificed herself to save them. It was so well done that if Erza had died there and then, i would have been completely fine with it. Because she had gone out in a perfect manner and she would go down quite well in fairy tail as an amazing character. Actually fairy tail might have taken a different more epic turn if that had happened.

There was that Laxus arc when, after Laxus traps the town in Lacryma that would not only destroy the town but would unleash a powerful bolt of energy into anyone that destroyed just one, Erza summoned more than two hundred swords and destroyed all of them in one go. It was an impressive display of her power in summoning all those swords and taking the resulting blast and surviving it. More than that, it showed her loyally and how far she would go to protect her guild. Actually i would have preferred Erza vs LAxus rather than Gajeel and Natsu Vs Laxus.

On the occasion that she met amnesiac Jellal, it was hard to tell if she had forgiven him, but even with him killing Simon, she didn’t seem to hold a grudge ag

ainst him. Rather the most heartbreaking moment in fairy tail was when the magic council took Jellal away even after he had helped stop Oracion Sais, to serve his life sentence. Erza secluded herself and broke down completely for the first time as she wept and wailed uncontrollably.

And of course there was the Erza Vs Erza fight during the Edolas arc, one of the best fights in fairy tail, far better than Natsu Vs Gajeel, because it was so dynamic. First they matched magic, The Knight Vs the ten commandments, then they turned to sword skills. And when all that had failed, weapons and armor broken, they turned to fists and tumbled and rumbled. No wonder even Natsu was so afraid to be anywhere near them when they were fighting. He turned and ran in the opposite direction as fast as possible.

But her greatest of fight was agains Azuma on tenroujima. He matched her srtength and surpassed it and she had to do more than she had done before to get a win. Sure the Minerva, Kagura business was impressive, but they had lousy endings. Though i won’t deny that the armor of Nakagami and Erza going second origin were awesome moments.

Erza is the best character fairy tail has. She should be the lead (or maybe gray or even Gajeel) instead of Natsu and Lucy. But she isn’t because Hiro doesn’t know what he is doing. She usually carries most arcs because she will either have the very best plots and stories-just look at Erza’s competition, minerva and Kagura; then consider Natsu’s rivals, String and rogue. It is like Hiro saves the best for her. And even when the stories aren’t great, you can expect that something awesome will happen so long as she is involved.

Erza uses requip magic, which allows her to summon a variety of armors with different attributes and weapons, and which endow her with different abilities. Right now all i can remember is the giant armor, which has super strength, the dark stalker armor which is meant for evil and dark forces and the wheel something armor, which has all those swords surrounding her body, ready to cut anyone in their range.

Erza’s particular requip magic is called THE KNIGHT. She has the ability to change armor so fast that she can do this mid battle in an instant, making her very unpredictable and powerful. Erza can also use sword magic and is in possession of telekinetic abilities. She also possess immense magical power, able to requip multiple powerful armor in succession. She has been shown to requip her heaven’s wheel armor which has over 200 swords around it and the mighty lightening empress armor without running out of magic. erza is said to have over a hundred different armors and 200 different weapons. If you still don’t understand why even Natsu is so afraid of her, then i won’t say any more.

As one of the strongest, Erza is also called TITANIA, THE QUEEN OF TEH FAIRIES.


| |

It’s funny, when I make the conscious decision to act like last week’s fairy tail chapter didn’t exist, things quickly begin looking up. Now that we are finally out of the Daimatou Enbu, the story has began to pick up, and answers are revealed


Fairy tail has won the Dimatou Enbu, it’s all cheers, with many surprised and happy that the guild has returned to its former glory as Fiore’s number one strongest guild.

Elsewhere, Arcadios has tracked the princess down, matters are quickly settled regarding Arcadios’s betrayal of the kingdom, who immediately confronts the princess. Arcadios makes a speech about how a knight cannot doubt his monarch, and he proves this by drawing his sword, placing the handle in the princess’ hands, and the blade against his neck.

Apparently if his doubts are allayed and the princess’ words prove to be true, he will take his life in penance. Stupid. Arcadios knows that Lucy wasn’t lying, yet her prophetic words of what is to happen next completely contradict what the princess has been saying the whole time.

At that point, we get a shot of Jellal, who just suddenly realized the anomaly in the story. Lucy had claimed to have come over from the future on the fourth.The eclipse gate was created using the book of Zeref, which is why Jellal sensed zeref’s power around Lucy; his energy would have wrapped itself around her when she went through the gate. More importantly, Jellal first encountered the hooded figure wrapped in Zeraf’s magic at midnight on the third, the day before Lucy is said to have returned. So if Lucy wasn’t lying about that little detail, then it wasn’t Lucy that Jellal encountered on the third.

It is at this point that the princess, who had claimed that they would be launching Eclipse2, instead of eclipse one which was designed to stop Zeref, informs Arcadios that the man that told her about the future and what she needed to do was male, not female.

Natsu and wendy are murdering the Garou knights in the tunnels, when they are all, along with the soldiers, suddenly swallowed up by a wave of shadows. And who should suddenly show up at the end of the tunnel but Rogue Chenney from the future. This is a different looking rogue, one that is in control of the shadows.

What could he want? If Lucy is here to save Fiore, then what is Rogue after?


Really, sometimes I think Hiro is in the wrong genre of manga, because the way he works and twists the mysteries is truly masterful and impressive. I mean really, who could have ever thought that we would be seeing such intrigue and mystery in a manga like fairy tail.

After last week’s chapter, I can’t help but approach fairy tail cautiously, sure things seems like they are getting quite good; but this is Hiro, the king of setups. We have seen just how easily he can knock fairy tail down. None the less this was a pretty decent chapter.

While not a whole lot happened, we got answers, and any chapter that tears away at the burning questions introduced earlier in the arc usually works for me.

The first half of this chapter was unnecessary and uninteresting. We see the joy and elation, fairy tail has triumphed and all its defeated foes are accepting the news with grace; even sting and rogue, this arc’s biggest losers.

We knew fairy tail would win,but I hated the way they won and I would be the first to say I have no interest in seeing these celebrations. But a tiny part of me was slightly touched, barely, but still; the first half of this arc introduced to us a totally defeated fairy tail, that had lost all its past glory and power.

It would be a rare fan that was happy to watch the fairy tail name booed and degraded by the less informed members of Fiore, and most of us fans were routing for the moment the guild would finally rise and unleash some serious payback against all those that had stomped on it, raven tail and saber tooth being chief amongst them.

This is surely something we wanted to see, sting and rogue, put in their place and Minerva punished, but Hiro just executed it rather badly. So I can’t really knock the celebrations, as I also wanted to see the guild regain its name.

If I ever see the Garou knights again, I am going to…I really don’t know what I will do, but enough of them already.

Things changed in this chapter story wise; we know that rogue from the future has been at the Daimatou enbu for sometimes. That was a great surprise, heck it was an awesome reveal, and only goes to show how good Hiro is at playing with mysteries and misdirection.

We know that Lucy isn’t up to anything bad. But we also know that just like current Lucy she is completely useless and stands no chance of stopping the coming disaster. Rogue on the other hand is a different story. The question is what is his goal?

We can guess that he was the shadow that enabled current rogue to fight Gajeel, and that could have been mere fun. More importantly, what is the shadow power that he is controlling and where did he get it. How could he change so much in just four days time?

Because he really looks like a completely different person. I heard a hilarious idea that Rogue and sting probably fused, but that seems unlikely. Either way we know he has been working for/with the princess. We will just have to wait to see his end game.

Arcadios surprised me; actually this manga surprises me. Whatever its rating, I have always thought of fairy tail as a kid’s manga, sort of, but some of its themes have surprised me, such as raven tail’s master stripping and brutally beating (Hisana?) for failing at her task.

Now we have Arcadios ready to take his life, effectively committing suicide, to assuage his honor. He’s surprising me. Now we know that he is no villain, but that doesn’t mean the princess isn’t being played by Rogue. He can’t be working alone, not with his shadow powers.

This was a good fairy tail chapter. it doesn’t make up for last week, and if I put that into consideration, this chapter seems more okay that anything. But if I ignore last week, this was pretty good. This mystery is really intriguing, and I have never been intrigued by fair tail tail.

It is truly a new sensation, and one that I like. I have been energized to keep following fairy tail. But I have also learnt to keep my expectations low as far as hiro is concerned.

MY RATING:> 3.5/5

MY HIGHLIGHTS:> Rogue’s appearance, Arcadios’ decision to take his life


Technically Lucy is the primary protagonist of fairy tail but she is so irrelevant most of the times, kind of like a sakura of sorts, that most of the time it is Natsu at the helm of the show rather than her.

Natsu is a dragon slayer. AS an infant he was adopted by the dragon Ingeel who, other than raising him, taught him fire dragon slayer magic, a magical power capable of channeling the power of the dragons and which can be used to fight dragons. Igneel disappeared seven years ago and it has been Natsu’s goal to find and locate him.

Natsu is a member of fairy tail, and one of its strongest. He came to live at the guild as a child after Igneel missing. There he came to know many of the friends and team mates that he fights along side with.

Natsu spent a large amount of his child hood obsessed with the idea of locating Igneel and returning him to their home. Little is known of what Natsu’s actual feelings are as to whether Igneel abandoned him or was forced to leave. Though most times it seems that he has chosen to believe that Igneel had a good reason to leave.

Natsu is for the most part, carefree and reckless in nature. He enjoys battles as much as any other fairy tail member; his good nature is such that he never holds grudges against those that he fights, not even when Laxus attacked and pulverized his own guild for the sake of forcing his father to resign.

Natsu did show resistance to forgiving Jellal over what he did to Erza and her friends during the tower of heaven arc. But when it came down to it, when the council of magic acted to imprison Jellal for life for his crimes, Natsu was first to move to defend him, and was quickly to consider him an ally.

Natsu rarely holds negative feelings towards any one, and has been known to show compassion to his enemies, such as cobra, after Zero, his own comrade betrayed him just minutes after cobra had attempting and nearly succeeded in killing Natsu.

Natsu is a very direct mage, in that while he has shown great wit and strategic abilities in battle, he will tackle all problems and fights in a straight forward manner.

Natsu believes that most problems can be solved with pure force, though he has shown an uncanny ability to judge, ascertain and take advantage of enemies weaknesses in mid battle. Natsu will also never admit defeat.

He has, on many occasions, challenged Erza, Laxus, Mirajane, and even Gildartz, all of fairy tail’s S-class mages to battle, and been defeated thoroughly with little to no effort in each and every case. None the less he has shown now signs of giving up on his quest to prove himself a superior mage.

Natsu has, along with gray, shown an unhealthy fear of Erza. The first time her name was mentioned, the two immediately cowered in fear. And in the Edolas arc, natsu was ready to march ahead to the throne room of the king and challenge him head on, until he ran into Erza and Edolas Erza fighting, at which point he immediately retreated and ran off, screaming that he had just encountered two monsters fighting. Even after challenging her so many times, Natsu has never been afraid to admit that Erza is stronger than him and truly worthy of his respect.

During the S-class test, Natsu learnt to fear Gildatz when he showed the dragon slayer his power, teaching natsu a lesson that there was something to be learnt from fear, and that Gildatz was truly the strongest in the guild

Natsu and another mage, Gray have a great rivalry, most likely because they control fire and ice, opposing elements.

Natsu has always been especially close to Lissana, mirajane’s sister, and the two spent most of their child hood days running around, having grand adventures. Lissana seemingly died at one point and Natsu was never the same.

Natsu seems to have taken a special liking to Lucy and on more than one occasion, shown himself to have a lot of faith in her none existent abilities as a mage. This has an effect of pushing Lucy to do more than she is usually capable of, and place her self in danger against foes and challenges she has no business taking on, just to meet natsu’s expectations as her nakama.

Which kind of reminds me of Hinata and what she does to prove Naruto’s faith in her a reality.

Natsu is a key element in all fairy tail arcs, as it is usually his adventures and the jobs he takes with Lucy that lead to the problems they face. On more than one occasion, natsu will undertake missions he is not allowed to take a a result of his rank (such as the time he and happy executed a plan to steal a job request from the S-class floor) which will usually prompt the likes of Erza to follow them in concern. Usually Natsu will prefer to take on the fatal challenges facing him and his team in these instances than face Erza’s wrath.

On the occasion that Lucy, Natsu, Erza and Gray have teamed up for a mission, Makarov has said them to be the strongest team of mages in Fiore, with news of the team up sending shockwaves of fear among the members of the council of magic at the level of destruction and damage this team will most definitely unleash when it makes a move.

The council has made attempts to impede the actions of this team, and their reputation has been justified in terms of the victories they have amassed through out the series.

Because of Natsu’s zeal for battle, he doesn’t know how to hold back, and will unleash untold damage to win a fight, something that cause Makarov endless nightmares because it is his and the guild’s money that pays for damages when it can be proven that a mage of fairy tail was responsible (usually natsu runs away before the soldiers show up).

Natsu’s scarf is made of dragon scales and has defensive abilities.

As a dragon slayer, Natsu can control fire. He can eat it to acquire strength and he has developed a myriad of fire techniques each of which is more destructive than the other. Natsu can enter dragon force mode, but only by feeding on etherion and the flames of rebuke. Dragon force is the pinnacle of dragon slayer magic and will boost the slayer’s magic by two or three times, whilst also manifesting and making visible their magical aura

Natsu also has access to Lightning flame mode, where he fuses both lightning manipulation and fire manipulation, an ability he gained when he ate Laxus’ lightening on two occasions.

Natsu has also displayed God flame abilities, but only when he ate the a god slayer’s flames. He could fused yellow dragon flames in one hand and black god flames in another into the Dragon God’s brilliant flame, a devastating attack.

Natsu can control fire with all parts of his body; he can also use streams of fire as extra arms, as displayed with Elligor, when he, thrown off the bridge, pulled himself back up with a flaming claw.

As with all dragon slayers, Natsu’s strongest attack is his dragon roar, though with the lightning flame mode, he might have upgraded. AS with all dragon slayers, Natsu has motion sickness, and is in possession of an exceed, an talking cat as his companion


I wouldn’t say that I hate Natsu. He is generally fan to watch for a quirky series like fairy tail. But I would be lying if I said I was a fan of his. The problem with natsu is that he is too much of a cliché to be interesting, even when you consider his life story.

Natsu is every bit as cliché a shonen hero as they come. He is basically Luffy, Goku, and Naruto with a hint of ichgo. He has a gluttonous appetite and will weaken if not fed. He will smile through everything, and he somehow manages to find the bright spots in every dark day.

He is fiercely loyal, and more than willing to give his life for his friends, the friends here being every stranger that he might have met no more than an hour ago but whom he is suddenly swearing loyalty to and ready to defend at all costs.

Then there are his battle skills. He is somehow able to learn very complex moves and techniques that he will have only seen once, used by his enemy, before using them only minutes later. There is no opponent whose weakness he can’t decipher, because basically he learns as he fights.

So no matter how strong the enemy is, with time, Natsu will rise to there level and even surpass them. And let’s not forget the arbitrary and rather random power ups, usually for one time use that happen to occur to Natsu at just the right time.

What pisses me off the most is how the system will cheat for Natsu at the right time. Like Luffy he will always, and I mean always, be the one to fight the main villain. At the end of the day, while everyone else deals with the minions, no matter which mage of whatever power is around, it is natsu that delivers the final blow.

Just look at hades, arguably the strongest villain to date, outside of Zeref and Archnologia. Granted, without the other team taking out his heart, fairy tail would have never ever defeated hades, but for Laxus to come into the scene, be the first mage in the battle to actually damage hades, and one strike later, he is on the floor offering Natsu his magic to continue the fight.

Wow, that really infuriated me. We could all see that Laxus was far from beaten; he was fresh and energized unlike the worn out fairies, and there is no way that one hit could have weakened him to the point that he couldn’t fight; and yet we see him, a panel later, offering Natsu his magic as if he couldn’t continue. Why? The system cheated in Natsu’s favor, that’s why.

I am still pissed off about the Natsu, gajeel, Laxus fight. Personally I would have been fine if Gajeel and Natsu took Laxus down. But no, it had to be Natsu single handedly beating Laxus, with no tangible reason as to why Laxus was taking the hits as hard as he did.

One of the worst examples of this is the Zero Natsu fight during the Oracion Seis arc. personally I enjoyed that battle; it was the first time I had seen Natsu fight so hard against an opponent. Even with Jellal’s assistance, he still stood no chance.

But that doesn’t stop me from complaining that Jellal could have fought Zero and, with all the magic he knows, stood a great chance of winning. But no, he chose to give his magic to Natsu while he took a direct hit from Zero. it is so infuriating that I can’t even think about it anymore.

And of course Natsu will get up no matter how much of a beating he gets, or even if he falls unconscious, he will fight; not even a bullet to his mouth can stop him.

The fact is Natsu is a one dimensional character, and unlike typical shonen heroes like Luffy and Naruto, he hasn’t found a way to beat it (we all know ichigo is as flat a character as they come).

We had some fan with Natsu’s origin story, but that lost flavor quickly when Hiro chose to ignore it. The first time we saw Natsu, he was searching for Igneel. That was also the last time. Sure it comes up from time to time, but really, Hiro chose to ignore an other wise intriguing plot to explore.

If I look at Natsu, I can kind of see the appeal fairy tail has for so many fans; it is a familiar concept and so they can more easily endear themselves to it.

RATING:> ON a scale of A-E, Natsu gets a D. His antics and games can be fun, but at the end of the day, Lucy is actually the protagonist and deserves to be because she has more dimensions to her than Natsu. In fact she is a more atypical protagonist than natsu.

| |

Hey everyone and welcome to the Fairy Tail weekly report! I have to cut this report short since things are getting hectic with school.


There are only five days left 'til the Grand Magic Games begin, but Natsu and company still aren't ready for it. But then they meet up with Crime Sorciere, a small, independent guild led by an old frenemy. The members of this newish guild promise to help Fairy Tail "power up" in exchange for a favor...

By Crunchyroll



Oh Happy, you little troll
Oh Happy, you little troll
  • For you Erza and Jellal fans, this episode is a home run with you guys who support this pair.
  • Little Happy also finds Erza's relationship hilarious. I just enjoy how he trolls Erza like he does with the Fairy Tail crew.
  • We also got a few new characters who appeared, the Raven Tail Guild as well as Jellal's gang making their Time Skip Debut.


  • Cheaters: Natsu's gang skipped training and took Ultear's Time Ark steroids to get stronger. I wasn't happy with how Hiro Mashima did this. It didn't make a lick of sense when Ultear explains how everyone has a latent magic orb.
  • Like water and fire, those who oppose Erza x Jellal will not find this episode enjoyable.

This episode is a hit or miss with the fans. You'll love it if you enjoy Erza and Jellal as well as little humourous moments with Natsu, Meredy, Juvia, and the gang. For the bad stuff, it was a slow episode with a poor way of having Natsu's crew upped their magic. It's like the Exball element in Edolas where they gained back their magic. It's more interesting to see Fairy Tail struggling and doing something creative to solve their problems instead of just doing the easy way. In Natsu's case, overpowering the enemies by taking magical steroids.


Thank you everyone for supporting this franchise. Please support the wiki editors and the project. My teammates are working hard on this wiki project while juggling school, family, and work.

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Anime Vice Transforms

One epic arc concludes, and another begins.

Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

Vicers of the world -- GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!

PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #24 -- Watch & Learn

Yep. The non-ending you should've expected.

AKIRA - What's the Difference?

Tom teamed up with CineFix to break this classic adaptation down.

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