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Eleven-year-old Chie Takemoto runs a restaurant for her father, until the fateful day that the local gang boss comes around to collect her father's gambling debts. In an attempt to scare the girl, the gangster sets his cat Antonio on Chie's cat Kotetsu, but Chie's pet is the tougher, killing the gangster's. The distraught gangster decides to go straight, opening an okonomiyaki restaurant and hiring Chie's father Tetsu as a bodyguard. Everything goes well until Tetsu sees Chie having a secret meeting with his estranged wife.

Based on the manga by Haruki Etsuji, who also worked on I Am a Cat, the Jarinko Chie film is a loving look at life in Osaka, a city with a very different attitude from the more famous Tokyo (see Compiler). Featuring Diet politician Chinetsu Nakayama as Chie and the anime debuts of a number of Kansai comedians in other roles, the movie was promoted with a second anime sequence shown as part of the Kao Master Theater TV program as the 84-minute TV special Jarinko Chie: Anime Stand-Up. The manzai comedy tradition of an abusive straight man and an eternally stupid joker is popular in Japan, and it's mixed with anime here in several scenes of live-action comedians spliced with footage from the anime. The best part is the dream sequence between the anime character Tetsu and his real-life voice actor, the manzai comedian Norio Nishikawa. Following the success of the film, JC returned to television on the TBS channel, where it survived until 1983.

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Name Jarinko Chie
Publisher ?
Start Year 1981
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Aliases Chie the Brat
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