Lightsaber Chopsticks Unboxing

Topic started by gia on Dec. 29, 2009. Last post by Son_of_Manus 5 years, 3 months ago.
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okay... okay, I commented before getting to the end.
BWAHAHAAHAHA. Tony cracked me up. Kinda like that awkward kid who wants to play with the others, but doesn't quite get it.
Not that I would know... from experience... or anything.
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God! Tony Killed it!!!! 
I'm so jelaous... at Comic Con i was going to buy some... but I ran out of money for buying too many comics.... 
Really I used the money to buy Naruto volumes 1 thru 7!!!
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Awesome :)
The fork is with me.
Umm... who were all those people? I think I only recognised Gia and Tony O.o
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I liked the fork joke.
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You rolling? lol! Screw post production!
OMG! The Lightsaber battle ... EPICNESS!!
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One step away from a lightsaber cheese knife :) o wait lol
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Oh, Gia. How could you not remember that Luke's first lightsaber was his father's? He didn't make his own until after Empire Strikes Back and lost his arm.
I actually have three lightsaber stylus pens for my Nintendo DS, red, blue, and green.
My mind reels at the statement that these should only be used as chopsticks. From that statement alone I already imagine five other things they could be used for.
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@Slim: yeah we decided to go for a more "cinema verite" style on this one! 
@Newten: the people in the lightsaber battle are, from left to right: 
Gia: Gia. 
Kane: ComicVine video segment producer extraordinaire! 
AHR: me!  AnimeVice video segment producer to the stars. 
Dan: marketing guru and character actor (you may remember him getting slapped by G-man over on comicvine) 
Tony: G-man, aka THE PUN-ISHER! 
now you know, and knowing is half the battle,
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I would actually learn how to use chop ticks if I own a set.  /sigh
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First need to get used to normal chopsticks and then these.
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@sora_thekey: They weren't actually selling them at Comic-Con; you could win a pair, but that was it. Believe me, we tried :(
@FoxxFireArt: Probably because my family owned VHS copies of New Hope and Return of the Jedi, but not Empire Strikes Back (don't ask me why), so I hadn't seen Empire as many dozens of times as the other two...I knew Vader was Luke's dad, of course, but it didn't all hit home the same way it might have =P Plus I despise the sequels so I don't really think much about what "Anakin" looked like with his lightsaber!
@Newten: Let's see, who all was in editor AHR (who was also the one talking to me whilst I unboxed), Kane (another Whiskey video editor, he handles most of Comic Vine's stuff right now) is on the left, and on the right is Dan, our office boy. Err, marketing guy. :D
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The first time I saw Star Wars: New Hope was on laser disc. This was just before the VHS vs Beta war. Though, Luke's lightsaber was different colors between New Hope and Return of the Jedi. First blue then green. Vader compliments him on his construction of his new lightsaber. This was back in the day where Vader being Luke's father and Leia being Luke's sister was actually surprising. Now a days that theme is abused to no end. If you ask me, I seriously doubt that Lucas originally intended to have Leia be his sister. That, or Lucas has some odd family issues going on.
The issue of that light saber being his father's was in New Hope. As soon as the lightsaber was first introduced. Obi Wan told him it belonged to his father.
I despise those prequels. Next to everything about them felt off. Soooo many plot holes.
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I wish When I open up boxes that time would fast foward for me. :)  Thanks for the website.  I check it out.
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That's great... now I don't regret it anymore.... there was nothing to buy anyway!
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@FoxxFireArt: The prequels, as far as I'm concerned, didn't exist at all. The acting was horrendous and unlike almost everyone else I know, I actually thought the first was the least painful to watch, and the third the most. Blech!
@sora_thekey: Happy to help! We were also painfully put out about it; the only way to walk away with a pair of chopsticks was some kind of chopsticking competition, which I might have done reasonably well at except that I had to be in a panel at the same time. Ah well, though; you can get 'em now and that's what really matters ;)
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That's the first time I have ever heard someone say the first was the least painful, but I feel where you are coming from there. I couldn't stand Phantom Menace. The kid couldn't deliver a line to save his life. Every time he opened his mouth it sounded like he was reading aloud for the first time. It also seemed a bit creepy how much older Amidala was to Anakin. It's not as if the movie had bad actors in it. It must of been the direction.
The motivations in the romance never made any sense. Anakin committed genocide on those sand people. Killing women and children and she seemed to just fall more in love with him. He disobeys orders to go to his home planet of Tatooine, but when Obi Wan is in danger suddenly he is determined to follow orders and stay put. Despite his line of "He's like a father to me.". George Lucas may be a brilliant concept writer, but the man couldn't write romantic dialog if the Force was directing him. Listening to them in the third movie. I felt like I was listening to twelve year old kids.
Even later he is slaughtering young Jedi trainees. If someone is asking you to slaughter children. Shouldn't that be a little clue that you are on the wrong side? Then there is the fact that Anakin strikes Padme, but seems to blame Obi Wan for him hitting her. Nice circular logic there. (rolls eyes)
I think the only thing that came out of the prequels that I enjoyed were those animated Clone Wars cartoons. I haven't really seen the computer animate ones. I just can't get attached to a story where I already know the outcome and how many of these characters die. I also take issue of building Anakin to children as some hero that goes on to commit such atrocious crimes. I wouldn't care as much if this program wasn't so strongly geared toward children.
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I need to get some chopsticks now.
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G Man is so corny XD
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