Japanese Folk Tales

Japanese Folk Tales is an anime series
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Crammed two to an episode, the original Japanese Folk Tales series retold many old stories for a children's audience. Some were old anime staples, such as Momotaro and The Monkey and the Crab. Others were commonly pastiched in anime but rarely seen in their original form, such as Snow Woman, the tale of a sultry siren who lures unsuspecting travelers to their deaths on a snowbound mountain pass. This was first animated as Nobuo Ofuji's Dream of a Snowy Night (1947), but snow princesses often appear as characters in diverse anime from Dororon Enma to Urusei Yatsura. Similarly, Princess Kaguya, the story of a beautiful woman found inside a strip of bamboo who cannot find a husband on Earth and eventually returns to her home on the moon, was first animated in 1942 by Goro Araiwa and also appears here, but this tale is most likely to be known through oblique references to it in anime such as Rei Rei and Gu-Gu Gunmo. In Urashima Taro, first filmed as Nobuo Ofuji's Cut-Out Urashima (1928), a Japanese man is carried away to an underwater castle where he lives happily with the daughter of the Dragon King, only to discover that centuries have passed back on the surface when he returns. This early time-travel tale is often referenced in modern anime, including Future Cop Urashiman and Gunbuster, where time dilation is called the "Urashima Taro Effect."

Shown on several occasions in movie theaters, the series also inspired the Famous World Fairy Tales and Japanese History serials, as well as imitators such as Hajime Koedo's 28 theatrical shorts Japanese Fairy Tales (1988) and Takashi Kurahashi's adult video spin-off Flirting Japanese Fairy Tales (1989). Although new tales ceased after 1994, the series continued in reruns long afterward, and was remastered and rebroadcast for a whole new generation in 2005. It is one of the longest-running series in the anime world, after the unstoppable Sazae-san.

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Name Japanese Folk Tales
Romaji: Manga Nihon Mukashi-banashi
Publisher ?
Start Year 1975
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Aliases Manga Japanese Folk Tales
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