Japanese Fashion Characters

Japanese Fashion is a anime/manga concept
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Aya Hoshino

Brightest gal of the main trio.


Ayame is a young waitress of Ichiraku Ramen Bar in the Hidden Leaf Village.

Harue Kudou

Best friend and minion of Mami Honda.


Kin is the ninja master of Killer Bee from the Hidden Cloud Village.

Mami Honda

Leader of the Ikebukoro kogals and Ran Kotobuki's arch enemy.

Misa Amane

Misa is an actress/singer that came into possession of a Death Note. She developed a crush on Kira and devoted herself to his cause, even making a deal for Shimigami eyes (the ability to know anyone's name by looking at them) in exchange for half her lifespan.

Miyu Yamazaki

Best friend of Ran and has feelings for Ran's brother, Yamato.

Ran Kotobuki

She's the Top Kogal of the Shibuya District whom has a family bloodline of police officers.

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