Vice in Paradise: Interview with Jason Yadao

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It's important to remember that while Hawaii is rather far from the mainland of the United States, it's a fair bit closer to Japan than the rest of the country. As such, it has a pretty active anime fandom! I got the chance to spend some time with Jason Yadao, author of the Cel-Shaded anime column in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin (yes, the main Honolulu paper has its own weekly anime column. I TOLD you!)


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Intersting subject ^^

See everyone agrees subs rule :)
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Same here Devly
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I don't know very many people who can't stand subs, the way that some sub fans can't stand dubs. The ones I do know who don't like watching subs tend to have reasons unrelated to the content, like they can't stare at screens for long periods of time or are dyslexic and have trouble reading the subtitles.

As for me, I've gotten into the habit of always turning on closed captions if I can! ^^;
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*starts following Jason's head shake and is now dizzy* xD just playing Mr. Yadao~

Hawaii celebrates Golden Week too? That would be neat to go while it happens.
I remember going on a tour before and how the tourist guide even said that Hawaii's known to really rely on tourism... well I hope they get back on their feet over there.
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