The Anime Museum is Out

Topic started by gia on Oct. 2, 2009. Last post by Void_Wizard 5 years, 6 months ago.
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 Geez, good job, DPJ. You made the moeblob cry!
 Geez, good job, DPJ. You made the moeblob cry!
I reported quite some time ago that the anime museum (or "pantheon" or "center" or "hall of fame," etc) project proposed by then-Prime Minister Taro Aso was likely to be scrapped once the DPJ was in power in Japan-- the project had become a symbol of the Liberal Democratic Party's wasteful spending, and wasn't even that popular with some LDP members. Yesterday it was announced by Tatsuo Kawabata, an education minister, that the project was officially scrapped "after reviewing the supplementary budget for the fiscal year through March."

This is no surprise, of course, since the DPJ declared their intentions prior to actually taking power, and it may be better for Japan in the long run...but I can't help but expect that some foreign otaku are sadly scratching the anime center off of their list of "Things to See when I Go to Japan Someday."
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Just count me in as someone glad that this didn't come to pass at such a truly inappropriate time. Certainly there are better ways to celebrate the medium than this. Poor's all for the best though.
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Stupid moeblob... all she ever DOES is cry!
Seriously though, the DPJ never liked the idea to begin with since it really wasn't a necessary government expenditure...   instead, they plan to waste it on "health care" and other fantastic stuff... :P
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Rest in peace anime and may Clannad live on forever.
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