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Now this looks,sounds and smells like my kind of crazy.

Just read Tokyo Biz’s synopsis of this new pilot for TAILENDERS…

…[When] a promising race car driver named Tomoe Shiro… nearly dies in an accident, he’s saved by having his natural heart replaced with the core of his car’s engine.  However, now deemed an automobile part, he’s subsequently banned from racing as a driver, forcing him to migrate to a distant frontier planet where racers barred from sanctioned racing are allowed to drive freely.

I like the warped dream logic of that, and I’m definitely intrigued for some unsanctioned drag racing in the badlands. “But where can I watch this pilot?” you ask.   It just so happens that there are some lengthy clips from the pilot online, courtesy of French video portal Babelgum. After checking out some of these, I have to say I really dig the graphitti-style rendering in the animation - - the muted, though still wide, color palette and jagged, acute lines. I just started watching FLCL recently and this reminds me of that show in a good way. Both have less-polished animation styles that have a real raw energy to their look - - again more like the free-styling nature of graphitti.
 But don’t take it from me, witness it for yourself here.

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It reminds me of Gurren Lagann + Dead leaves art, I'm kind of digging it.
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@GodLen: It's got a real lively energy to it, doesn't it?
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actually the girl look like haruko, and the guy look like he came from spiral factory or something
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Ooo, I'm totally there. Come on! The guy's heart is a car component!
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Gurren Lagan + Dead Leaves + Speed Racer = Tailenders = @$^*&!@# Awesome
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