Soccer Team Guests in Sunred

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My frame of reference is mostly within American borders, but the prospect of real life sports figures showing up in animation has always tickled me. Whether it be Chicago Bear William “The Fridge” Perry’s term of service as a GI: JOE or Michael Jordan’s team-up with the Loony Toons in SPACE JAM, there’s just something about (metaphorically) mixing Gatorade with ink & paint that makes me smile. 

 The team's recording session...
 The team's recording session...

 Maybe they'll be kicking his helmet around?
 Maybe they'll be kicking his helmet around?

So you can guess how I feel about the Anime News Network’s report of the anime show Tentai Senshi Sunred featuring the Kawasaki Frontale soccer team.  Given that the team plays in Kawasaki, the same town Sunred’s heroic spoof is set, it’s not too much of a logic leap to connect the two.  Frontale has, in fact, already been featured in TV spots promoting the show’s first season in fall ‘08 and those spots’ popularity has led to a bit of escalation.

It won’ t just be some promo spots this time, oh no… on March 5th, the team’s going to have its very own crossover special KAWSAKI FRONTALE X TENTAI SENSHI SUNRED. I expect both superheroic fists and soccer balls to fly.

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I'll look around for this cuz it looks ridiculously stupid/funny.
Question: Which sport is bigger in Japan, soccer or baseball?  I can understand soccer being big everywhere cept the US, but Japan seems to love their baseball too, so I'm curious.
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@Matte: Baseball. 
Baseball baseball baseball. 
At least, that's my understanding of it via others. I can't say much from experience; the last time I was in Japan there was a lot of soccer stuff, but that's because the FIFA world cup was going on at the time. =P
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@gia: It's my impression as well.  I remember an Anthony Bourdain special on Asia where he went to a sports bar for the Osaka Tigers.  This being in Japan, they had a boatload of sushi and yakitori, and you could only eat when the opposing team was batting.  Japan and their rules for everything =D
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