Required Reading: How Long should an RPG Be?

Topic started by gia on Oct. 1, 2009. Last post by cfatalis 5 years, 5 months ago.
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As is so often the case, this isn't strictly anime-related, but as so many of us play video games-- and of that set, so many of us devote hours of our lives to RPGs --that I thought some of you might be interested in reading this piece from Kotaku.

Apparently at Tokyo Game Show, someone tried to ask Yoshiaki Kusuda, of Ni no Kuni / Professor Layton creators Level 5, just how long White Knight Chronicles is, which resulted in some discussion about how exactly an RPG's length ends up getting determined.  Kusuda responded as follows:

"When we start developing an RPG we start from a story," Kusuda explained. "Then we divide the story into the parts where the player should play and the parts that would be just shown. Based on that, we create kind of a flow chart and then decide how many hours should be allocated to this part where players are supposed to be in the story, to make sure we keep a good balance."

White Knight Chronicles reportedly has an online quest system that results in the game being, well, as long as you want it to be. Sony producer Kentaro Motomura claimed to have played over 1,500 hours online and still not done everything.

Now, I prefer for my games to have an ending-- somewhere solid from which I can say "okay, I'm good" and move along. This is part of the reason why MMORPGs interest me so little. But how about you guys? How long a game are you willing to play? Have you ever played an RPG that was too long-- or too short?
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Let see, Persona 3 is still the longest RPG that I have played with a total of 80 hour of gameplay and in Persona 4 I have a 125 hours save because I did 2 run of that game. 
For me it depend on the style of game that I'm playing, Action & FPS I like them in the 10 hours mark. For RPG is all about the story, if it good then I really don't care how long it is because I want to finish it.
Then there fighting game that I play for years, heck I can not even tell you how long did I played Street Fighters II and I bet that I BlazBlue my run time is around the 100 hours make since I play way to much online.
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I don't mind that a game goes on for 100+ hours, provided that a story still develops within that time.
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The story is the important thing, not the length of the game. I don't want to have to waste time leveling just so the game designer can claim a longer game play time.
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I don't mind a long game, but when it breaks the 100 hours barrier I start getting annoyed. 
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This is a good question. When I played Final Fantasy VII. I worked on maxing out my characters and magic stats, played all the side missions, defeated all the optional Weapon monsters (Ruby Weapon was the hardest), bred the Golden Chocobo, and acquired all the ultimate weapons. All before I even went into the final battle with Sepinroth. At some point the game lock locked up at 99:99, and I was easily playing it for months after that to work on all those side details.
RPGs are suppose to be long. I feel RPGs are more like interactive novels. It should take as long as it takes. Though I haven't ever played an MMORPG before. They are too dependent on playing in groups and I want to be able to pick up and drop a game when I want. I hate it when a game penalizes you for the number of saves you make.
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well in my own opinion, a rpg should at least goes around 40 something hour just to do the main quest and little characther building , that is if they can keep it that long anyway
long rpg could take on 100 hour or even more to understand something behind it, like what inspires it and if it takes real world issues
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