Look Out, Schoolgirls: No More Cell Phones For You

Topic started by gia on Jan. 20, 2009. Last post by Damnation_Lee 6 years, 1 month ago.
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Say whaaaaaaat?!
Say whaaaaaaat?!
Alafista caught this interesting tidbit: the Ministry of Education in Japan is planning on banning phones from school. The exact wording hasn't been decided, so it's not yet clear whether kids will be banned from using them at school, or bringing them at all-- I certainly hope the former.

I mean, I can understand that Japan is seeing a particular batch of problems with cell phones, especially instances of bullying. But I have a hard time believing that the problem is so rampant that it outnumbers the kids who use the phones for innocent practices like calling their parents to get permission to stay out a bit late or getting in touch with friends to get together.

What say you? I couldn't have lived without my cell phone in high school, and that was a decade ago.

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I didn't get a cell phone until college. With that said, now, I'd hate not having my phone.
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When I was teaching in high school, we couldn't fully ban cell phones 'cuz kids needed to have their right to have them.  They weren't supposed to use them in school buildings.  Do you think they followed that rule?  You could not believe the number of students that thought they could covertly text with the phone under their desk.  It was kinda funny the way they'd hold their bodies to try to see the screen.  I was pretty forgiving when I caught the few that tried getting away with it.  If someone persisted, I'd have to take it away and turn in to the office.  Lame.  What I really wanted to do was get a giant magnet in my desk and put the phone on top so it'd mess it up.
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... if people were clever and not doing the whole "I have my backpack on my desk with my hands in it" or the "I'm kinda looking beneath my desk," then you won't get caught.

I've slyly texted in class all the time. It's not super hard to hide... well maybe it's because I can text without looking. The only time I gotta look is when I receive something and only then I still have a slick way that's difficult to explain. It does involve water bottle reflection and other such nonsense, but it works.

I cannot live without my phone. I feel naked without it. D=
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I got my first cell phone about 3 months ago. I expected to practically live off of it - texting, calling, and doing all of that cell-phone obsessive stuff.

Now, I just use it to tell the time.
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well my cell phones broken and i'm doing okay. I cant live w/ out a house phone or internet tho.
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My cell has not even been charged in a month, but I live in a radio dead zone so its not much use anyway. However I think a phones utility as a safety device outweighs its potential as a distraction to education and would goto bat against the school board if I had kids.
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It seems like this is more to ban their use in class. I don't think children need their phones to call 911 when they're in the middle of a math lesson. If only I could find a way to effectively stop my little cousin from texting and even answering phone calls at the Goddamned dinner table.
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Teachers sometimes go batshit and rip kids cheeks off(see sankaku complrx earlier this week), its not a common occurrence but I don't unconditionally trust authority figures. So yeah little Billy might need to call 911 in math class.
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I hope for the former.

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