I Finally Want An iPhone

Topic started by gia on Jan. 14, 2009. Last post by jlrm0123 6 years, 1 month ago.
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Mew! Mew!
Mew! Mew!
Yes, I have generally avoided the iCraze, due to having an iBias against iProducts for a variety of iReasons, both iLogical and iRrational. (...I'll stop now.) Even the promise of iPhone hentai games aren't enough to make me even consider buying into it. I like my LG Voyager, thank you very much!

...But...the LG Voyager does not have Tsumineko Mew Mew Tower, a new game that's making rounds in the blogiverse due to its immense popularity in Japan. The basic idea is that you're stacking cats of various sizes to make the tallest tower you possibly can before they all topple over into a giant pile of “meow!”s.

Even from afar I can identify a certain addictive quality to the game, so maybe it's better that I don't have an iPhone...


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Hope this finds a way to the G1 too.

Or rather, to Android since the G1 isn't the only device to use it (so far it is but that will change).
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[downloads and plays]

Heh, this actually is pretty fun. (^_^
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I with you on this one. I don't a phone of ANY kind as no one wants to talk to me, but this looks very appealing.
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I traded in my Blackberry Curve for an IPhone 3G and wonder how I ever got by without it! If you "jailbreak" the phone you can tether it to a laptop and use as a modem which was the only thing I missed "out of the box" that it wouldn't do.  IPhone rocks!

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i loves my iphone! [downloads game now]
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