February is Condom Season!

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'Tis the month of Valentine's Day, which is celebrated in Japan as well as America, albeit a bit differently. (If you haven't caught a V-day episode of a romance series yet, here's the basic idea: on Valentine's Day, girls give chocolates to the guy(s) they like; then on another holiday called White Day, which is in March, guys do the same to girls they like.)

Anyway, we'd already heard about Junko Mizuno's cute condom collection-- very girl-friendly in style, right? Well, here's one a little more aimed at the guys: condoms sold in boxes illustrated by Tony and featuring characters from two Tony-illustrated eroge, After... and Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro. You may also recognize Tony's art from Shining Tears and Shining Wind as well.

Given Japan's infamously low birth rate, it's hard to say whether anyone will ever get to use these things, but hey-- they're cute, and hope springs eternal...

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Well? Would YOU buy these?

I'd go for the Mizuno condoms first, but I could be convinced in a pinch...
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In the wise words of Golgo 13:   "....."
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Ahh they must leave you speechless aldrinaztig:ppp I'm kidding
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