Dear Japan: Perverts! Love, Me

Topic started by gia on Oct. 8, 2009. Last post by JJOR64 5 years, 5 months ago.
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Japan is, in many ways, a country that indulges itself heavily in fantasy. From seemingly scripted daily interactions to some of the most dedicated, obsessive pop culture fans in the world, Japan's taste for fantasy often pops up in its most extreme forms in adult materials-- which should be to no one's surprise, by the way.

One of the latest such examples comes, also unsurprisingly, via Topless Robot: Puff!, an iPhone application specifically for casing upskirts to a variety of women. You can either rub the touchscreen to flip up a lady's skirt, or apparently blow on the screen to cause a gust of wind to do it for you. I doubt I have to warn you that this video is NSFW due to Japanese girl panty shots, but I will anyway. (Since the image that appears on it isn't, I didn't think the cut was necessary-- correct me if I'm wrong on that.)
As a side note: I can't believe that you can do anything by blowing on a screen, and that it hasn't already been used for more nefarious applications.
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WOW, a person would have to be really bored to get thrills from that.
Japan does seem to by the largest source for RULE 34 material.  They are also the culture that I believe originated those body pillow covers of characters on them. There are also the anime breasted-mouse pads.
That's not even counting the numerous hentai mangas based off of preexisting series.
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I can see myself gettiing alot of WTF looks from people when I start blowing on the screenXD
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omg thats so much better than getting outside of the house and getting a real girl :O real life girls are SOOOOO overrated XP
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