Cell Phones are Manga Industry's “Savior”

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The woman interviewed got into cell phone manga thanks to Itazura na Kiss.
The woman interviewed got into cell phone manga thanks to Itazura na Kiss.
According to the New York Times, sales on cell phone manga continue to rise in spite of an overall declining economy. True to form, the Times' article is somewhat misleading-- they refer to manga as being “a form of Japanese cartoon” and later says a manga consisted of over 70 “episodes.” I'm pretty sure anyone who doesn't already know what manga is would be a little confused.

But word choice problems aside, the more factual content is still interesting: cell phone manga sales are up 43% from just last year. That's phenomenal growth for a market that's been around since 2003.

Another interesting factoid: manga hit its revenue peak in 1995 at ¥586 billion, and is now down to ¥448 billion, down about 24% (over 13 years, however). Apparently cell phone manga is being called a “savior” of an industry.

Publishers also reportedly say off the record that as much as 10% of their revenues. An office worker and manga fan interviewed for the article likes cell phone manga because she can read what she wants on a whim-- on the train.

This is josei, and deliciously smutty.
This is josei, and deliciously smutty.
And last but perhaps most interesting: the most popular cell phone manga? Porn for women!
“It’s a bit hard commenting publicly on this, but the most popular comics on the mobile are adult-oriented ones for women,” including love stories with sexually explicit content, Mr. Nakabayashi said.
In other words, the anonymity of the cell phone manga-- lacking covers that someone else could see-- is another draw. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: anyone who thinks women aren't perverts doesn't know enough women.

(But leave it to the NYT to ruin the moment by saying that the “romance- and sex-filled manga is shojo manga.” Not that there isn't some very suggestive shoujo out there, but I'm pretty sure the guy really meant josei.)
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Considering manga on your cell phone hasn't really had much selection up till now, I don't think this rise in sales signifies much more than "Hey, it's got enough series to warrant at least looking at now".

As for the stereotypical mainstream comment of anime/manga = oversexed/etc., can any anime fan really say they're surprised?
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@HeeroYuy: Actually, I don't think that was intended to be a lame comment on oversexed nerds reading manga...I think the writer really just used the word "shoujo" wrong.
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