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Topic started by gia on March 15, 2009. Last post by TheBigN 6 years ago.
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This is a pet peeve of mine, and not a big deal or anything I guess, but it irks me in that tiny little bubble of elitism that, try though I might, does exist in the back of my brain.

Japanese plurals are exactly the same as singulars.

The plural of anime, therefore, is "anime." Manga's is "manga." A group of anime nerds are "otaku" just as much as I, alone, am one.

So seeing "animes" "mangas" and "otakus" around the 'net annoy me. I'm not saying everyone needs to go out and study Japanese, but considering how flexible English-speakers are with plurals in general (the plural of cat is cats, the plural of medium is media, and the plural of moose is moose, after all), I wouldn't think it'd be tough to get the hang of these ones...so help me spread the word! ;)
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Sorry, I was the one who annoyed you.  I always tend to add "s" on Otaku.
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I would say that adding "s" to the ends of the word doesn't sound right. But at the same time, me writing down Japanese words interspersed in English also results in something that doesn't sound right if read aloud. :P
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