Japan is a anime/manga character in the Hetalia Axis Powers franchise
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A personification of Japan during WWII. He is a quiet, hard-working person who is easily shocked by different cultures. China found him when he was just a small, new country and raised him like a little brother. He is shown to unsheathe his sword in times of danger.




Learning from other cultures
Learning from other cultures
Most countries, especially Germany, view him as a very mysterious person despite the fact that Japan finds his habits completely normal. And Japan in turn finds the habits of other countries very strange. He is uncomfortable with nudity, flashy designs, and certain foods such as escargot and coconuts. He also appears to be fond of giving vague answers like, "I'll see what I can do..." or "Maybe next time." and of course, "Both answers mean 'no'." Japan has a hard time getting angry, usually only being able to summon "unpleasant feelings", but when he does get angry, it is implied that his anger would be the scariest. Japan also cooks, and he has a love for animals, cats, especially.

Relationships with Other Countries


America starts the meeting
America starts the meeting
They share a mutual confusion and fascination for each others' culture. Japan takes pictures of the brightly-colored deserts of America, and trembles at the rather huge size of french fries that are served while America is extremely excited at the sight of Tokyo Tower, and has a panic attack at the "small" size of french fries that are served in Japan. They also share a love of video games.


China caring for his little brother
China caring for his little brother
  China found a small Japan while he was walking through bamboo plants. He comments that it must be scary for a new country to be all alone, and offers to take care of him. Japan then says, "Hello China of where the sun sets, I am Japan of where the sun rises." which shocks China who was not expecting such a rude greeting. Japan creates Hiragana while living with China and starts to evolve in technology. While China believes that Japan is like a younger brother, Japan does not acknowledge that and vows to "become stronger". Later, Japan betrays China in a war and attacks him with his katana; leaving a scar.


England sips tea
England sips tea
England was actually living in isolation for a while, but decided that it might be better for him to make friends. He almost instantly makes a connection with Japan because Japan said he did not have many friends either. They do not have much in common, but they appear to respect each other.


Germany in journalism
Germany in journalism
Japan respects Germany and Germany, in turn, respects Japan. They are both serious and hard-working, so it's only natural. Although, Germany says that he never has any idea of what Japan is thinking about and thinks Japan is too mysterious sometimes.


 Greece talks with Japan
 Greece talks with Japan
They have good relations and share a love of cats. Greece will sometimes fight with Turkey over who Japan likes better.


Italy's eyes are open
Italy's eyes are open
Japan is usually bothered with Italy's walking around naked in public. He was especially bothered when Italy greeted him by hugging and kissing him, and demanded that Italy marry him and "take responsibility". However, they share a fascination of each others' artwork and history. They get along well. 


"Have a beer, why don&squot;tcha?"
"Have a beer, why don'tcha?"
Himaruya states that he wanted to show that Prussia and Japan were inseparable in Prussia's April Fools Blog, but didn't get to. Prussia and Japan have only truly met in Prussia's cleaning game where he demands that Japan let him clean his house. Japan addresses him as "Prussia-kun", and it is revealed in the game that Prussia likes manga, which may have been something he got from being friends with Japan.


"Thought you could beat me?"
"Thought you could beat me?"
Japan absolutely detests Russia. This may be because even though Japan defeated Russia in the Russo-Japanese war, he ended up losing a lot of money and sunk into poverty. He has attempted to get revenge, but he has yet to succeed.

South Italy

 Talking to Veneziano
 Talking to Veneziano
They have yet to actually meet, but Himaruya says that they would get along well and that Japan would address South Italy as "Romano-kun".


South Korea

South Korea appears to hate Japan a lot. Although, he did attempt to dig a tunnel to connect his house with Japan's, but failed. He also has a strange obsession with groping Japan's "breasts", claiming that they belong to him. Because of this, he was asked about his intricate feelings. He claimed that he had invented tsundere


It is implied that Taiwan prefers Japan over China, ordering China to "Leave Japan alone!"


Turkey has very good relations with Japan, and will defend Japan from other countries. He even starts fights with Greece over who Japan likes better. This is also demonstrated when Turkey threatens France with invasion on April Fools because France was stripping other countries naked and contemplated doing the same to Japan.
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Hiroki Takahashi
Christopher Bevins
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Name: Japan
Name: 日本
Romanji: Nihon
Gender: Male
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Aliases Honda Kiku
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