Jailbreak is an anime episode of Coyote Ragtime Show that was released on
Inspector Angelica Burns arrives in Sandville and gets a ride to the local prison to try and get a new lead on a criminal mastermind known only as "Mister," a man she has been chasing for about four years now. Just as she narrows down the list of possible candidates, a man calls in a bomb threat to the warden of the prison, which is then followed by actual explosions. A bomb disposal team is called to the scene, but the Inspector suspects that the man who drove her here and the leader of the bomb disposal unit might actually be working with Mister and planted the bombs themselves.
As the Warden tries to help the Inspector narrow down the list of suspects, Marciano and her 12 Sisters (each named after a month on the Gregorian calendar) also find out that Mister is somewhere in the prison, and airdrop right on top of it with guns blazing to find him. However, Mister appears at the last moment on top of the prison, shooting May in the back with an RPG, and then escapes with his two co-conspirators in tow.

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