What is Jade Balfour's lightning? (Tales of the Abyss)

Topic started by CerusSerenade on March 19, 2014. Last post by takashichea 5 months ago.
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For a while i've believed it should have only been magic lightning, but now that I've observed it more (from beating the game 3 more times) I've noticed that the magic excites the atmosphere into creating that lightning. Does this mean that Jade's lightning is actually natural, and therefore much more destructive?

Also, Caster vs Jade.

bloodlusted, no prep, open field. All usual gear. Both at their strongest.

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While I have only played about 3/4 of the game(got to a point where I got stuck in a too high of level area and couldn't leave :/), I think that it's still lightning based magic. The seals on the ground seem to be the conductors for focusing the magic, and just concentrate it enough to make various lightning bolts. That's just my take anyway.

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Well I suppose the more pertinent question becomes is it lightning speed/strength or is it just magic that looks like lightning?

Also, where did you get stuck?

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@CerusSerenade: Personally, I'd say that it is lightening speed, but it requires a bit of charge-up time compared to other lightening-based attacks. I'm not sure though...Fon energy is an odd thing to grapple with.

And I don't remember exactly, but it was right before I discovered who Sync is under the mask. It's in a rocky island place next to the ocean, and even the fodder enemies are higher level than me, and grinding exp with them is almost impossible. I might restart the game after I beat Tales of Symphonia 1 and 2 in the HD collection that I just got.

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@Vapovile: Do you have Asch instead of Luke, what party members do you have? What are the enemies?

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i sorry but this isn't a battle this really should be under general discussion  
 @Dream: can you help out over here
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@CerusSerenade: I still have Luke, but I have already done a portion of the game as Asch. I am at Port Shiradan. Seriously, all of these monsters just destroy my team even when I am unleashing all my powerful hits xD.

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@Vapovile: I'd say check your difficulty, the enemies in that area tend to be difficult because they're mixed in with casters. If anything you can just run from all the fights, beat the boss there, and then continue from there. I'm assuming you're using Tear or Natalia to keep yourself alive?

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@CerusSerenade: I'm on normal, so I just think that I am way under-leveled for this area. And yep, I am actually using both of them to keep both Jade and myself alive, since otherwise Guy just dies right off the bat. Though I do still have my ship, so I might just find an area and grind exp there...

If you want to talk more, we should do this in PMs, since we are only derailing your topic atm.

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@waybig1010101: @CerusSerenade:

Since I'm unfamiliar with the character, I see Tales of the Abyss has an anime series. I'll move it to Jade Curtiss's page.


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