Jack Atlas

Jack Atlas is a anime/manga character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise
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One of the main characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's series. He is a friend/rival of Yusei. He also wields the Duel Monster Card Red Archfiend Dragon. He is one of the Signers.


Jack's parents were killed during the "zero reverse" and as a child Jack was alone until he met Yusei and Crow. He was taken under Martha's care and Jack, Crow, and Yusei have been great freinds.

Team Satisfaction

Jack Crow and Yusei as kids
Jack Crow and Yusei as kids
"Just try and satisfy us!!"
"Just try and satisfy us!!"

In Jack's teens they met Kalin Kessler and formed "Team Satisfaction" in order to be able to escape the satellite by becoming the best duelist. But through time Kalin changed and became more heartless even to children causing Jack and the others to quit the team. Soon though Kalin creates a plan to attack sector security. Jack and tthe team finds out and try to stop Kalin, but by then he has already killed a guard and begun his full fledged attack alone. Kiryu is arrested in the end.

Satellite Life

"You cannot win with monsters, spells, or traps alone all you need in obtain victory is right here"

-Jack Atlas after defeating Yusei-

After Jack and Yusei met some new friends Jack stopped hanging out with Yusei as he realized that they had different goals in life. Jack wanted to be a king and spent most of his life sitting on a old throne at a abandoned theater. He started spending less time with his friends although another friend named Rally came over from time to time.

One day a person called Lazar comes over who convinces Jack that his birthmark is a mark of a king and he can escape from satellite all he has to do is get Stardust Dragon from Yusei. Jack then creates a plan in which he ties Rally up and leaves her in the ocean causing Yusei to come try and save her giving Jack the perfect chance to steal Stardust Dragon. He leaves on his own duel runner and goes to Neo Domino city.

King of New Domino city

Jack became the turbo dueling king and lives under the roof of Rex Goodwin who tries to hide his past from the public. As the champion he was adored by the public and had all the fame he ever wanted. He was such a good duelist that he beat Bolt Tanner in one turn. He calls his D wheeler "Wheel of Fortune"

2 years later Yusei escapes to duel Jack, so he can obtain his Stardust Dragon and Jack accepts his offer. This duel is the first intense duel of the series. This duel is soon stopped by what is revealed to be the crimson dragon. Jack notices his birthmark beginning to glow. Jack then learns from Rex Goodwin that Yusei and him were a signers. Although Jack technically lost to Yusei he was given a second chance at the fortune cup.

Birth of a new King

Fortune cup finals

Yusei duels Jack for the prize of being the king of new domino. Jack tells Rex Goodwin too let Yusei's friends go. They even show them on screen as proof. Jack then demands Yusei to duel him with all his heart. Jack has now refused to let Yusei win since he gave up everything to get out of satellite, but if Yusei wins he has a chance to escape the satellite without giving up anything. There duel then awakens the crimson dragon again, but this time it takes them away to another time in ancient Egypt. They see all 5 of the signers along with a vision of the satellite burning to the ground.

The Fallen King

"Your pride to being the king was what led your defeat!"

- Fudo Yusei defeats Jack

Why they are there Jack gets cocky and decides to finish the duel right then and there. Jack unleashes his devasting combo that has nearly defeated many duelist, but Yusei has learned away to counter it then finishes it off with Stardust Dragon attacking Jack directly consuming all his life points. When the came out Jack decided to admit defeat and Yusei became the new king.

The old King meets his queen

Jack is transferred to Domino Hospital. At this time Angela reveals that Jack was born in satellite. When Jack is in the hospital he meets a girl named Carly. Carly is disguised as a nurse and tries to interview the former king. Trudge soon becomes a dark signer drone and tries to duel Jack. Jack is injured so he asks Carly to help him duel by choosing cards. They both easily manages to beat Trudge why also destroying parts of the hospital.

Angela and Carly begin to argue
Angela and Carly begin to argue
Domino hospital explodes
Domino hospital explodes

"Your still the king Jack just now you can be a real one!"

-Carly tries to encourage Jack-

Carly is able to sneak Jack out the hospital she takes him over her house to heal. The next morning though he has a dream about the dark signers so he decides to leave. He is soon found by Carly at a train station about to leave, because of his shame. Carly is able to convince him to go to the carnival in a disguise to avoid attention. At the carnival Carly learns that Jack has been hurt after losing the title of king. He was also upset that he betrayed his friends back then. Carly then tells him that "The real Jack Atlas is returning and the old one was defeated by Yusei" Jack then put on his jacket and tells the world that he is still king of New Domino city.

The battle against darkness

After the battle agianst the Acadia movement the headquarter were destroyed. Jack then began making his way in unaware that Carly was a dark signer. Leo and Luna then found him telling Jack that Akiza might need some help. Jack searched the building looking for Aki and found Carly's broken glasses. He began to believe that Carly was sacrificed by the Earthbound Immortal. He took Aki to see her parents and told them to go see Yusei for help. after that day Rex Goodwin invited all the signers plus Leo to learn about the history of the Signer vs Dark signer battle. Yusei was still feeling upset about losing to Kalin so Jack punched him right in the jaw in order to knok some since into him and help him gain his determination back. Yusei thanked Jack. This marks the return of Jack and Yusei's friendship.

After the dark signers release a black fog Jack and the others get on a helicopter piloted by Trudge and head to the satellites. There Jack sees Martha who he hasn't seen in years. This becomes of reunion of happiness, but is stopped when a man named Rudger Goodwin steps on the scenes to duel a signer. Jack wanted to duel him, but Yusei asked Jack to take everyone to a safer place. Yusei then duel Rudger. After this battle is over all the dark signers appear in front of all the other signers. Jack then realized that Carly is one of them. He ran after Carly who told him

"If you want to hear the answer then come find me, my precious Jack"

The King of light vs The queen of darkness


Jack found Carly at the Hummingbird Tower where Carly showed off her own D wheeler. During the duel Carly uses the card "Enlightenment" to show Jack a vision of a alternative future if Jack chooses to accept it. Carly kisses him reviving him as a dark signer. she tells him they can rule together. This actually pressures Jack to accept especially when she says that he can be the "Dark King." Then Carly's glasses slip out of Jack's pocket allowing him to remember the real Carly. Jack breaks the vision and shows her glasses allowing Carly a choice to save herself or defeat Jack. Sadly before she can choose she is overwhelmed by the dragon mark making her continue the duel. Carly manages to summon her Earthbound Immortal.

Following this Jack focuses his entire being in trying to save Carly. Making all the marks from all 5 signer go on his back. Jack decided to end it in a draw, but Carly's normal self takes over and summons a trap to make her lose. Jack decided to embrace Carly as she faded away.

The battle against a god

Jack embraces Carly
Jack embraces Carly

After the final duel against the Dark signers The King of the underworld appears. The crimson dragon soon comes and transports Jack and friends to Goodwin's home. Jack notices the Sky Temple has been smashed and one top of it is Rex Goodwin prepared to duel as a ritual to the underworld king. Rex reveals that he was a dark signer and puts on Rudger's old hand transforming himself into part signer and part Dark signer. Jack, Crow, and Yusei together fight Goodwin. During this battle Rex reminds Jack that he is a king and tries to persuade him to join his side, but when he remembers Carly he refuses. Jack manages to summon Red dragon Archfiend before he is defeated by Goodwin's Earthbound Immortal.

Before the World Riding Grand Prix

After the battle against the dark signers Jack and the gang prepare for the World Ridding Grand Prix. Soon they hear about the appearance of "ghost" from Trudge. Yusei defeats the ghost with ease.

Later we find out Jack has been secretly seeing Carly for the past 6 months at a cafe. This gives hints that there relationship is growing. Crow soon catches him and yells at him for slacking off. Crow tells Jack that they need money and how they all need jobs. He demands Jack to get one. Sadly when Jack tries to get a job he gets fired over and over again due to his ego obsession with him being "THE KING"

On the day of Aki's exams Jack, Yusei and Crow help modify her D wheeler for her duel with Trudge. In her first official duel she defeats Trudge, but it is almost interrupted by some guys who despised the black rose.

One day Jack finds out about some duel runner thieves. He decides to try and capture them, but one takes out a gun and tries to shoot Jack, but Jack is protected by a mysterious man. It is revealed that this was a agent named Kazama, who was wants the kid who admired the sector security during the Dark signer arc, out of desire anger of Kazuma's getting hurt he takes Kazuma's Demon King Archfiend. Jack defeats the gang and returns Kazuma's card to him they then shake hands and vow to meet again someday.

When Jack tries to gain skills in being resourceful it doesn't really work out especially since he broke a chair. After Leo and Luna return Crow updates everyone on the situation with Yusei. Yusei has left making Jack and Crow worried and decide to go find Yusei and end all of his troubles once and for all. Wants they meet Yusei they find out that he has been worried about the Ghost machine Emperor Wisel. He also tells them that he believes Yillaster is behind everything after remembering that it was Yillaster who made Rudger Goodwin become a Dark Signer. Jack agrees with Yusei to help learn the power to accel Synchro.

-When the meet a kid named Bruno Jack is very distrusting towards him.

Impostor Jack

When sector security takes Jack to jail Trudge and Mina reveals that Jack was caught on tape destroying D Wheelers. Yusei, crow, and Bruno begin to lose trust in Jack especially since he was always so arrogant. Crow insults Jack and tells him he is just trying to jeopardize the team's chance of winning. Jack is sent to prison, but mysteriously is able to break out(Although he doesn't try too). He then takes his deck and Wheel of Fortune and confronts the impostor. He turns out to be a duplicate of Jack who calls himself King. The Impostor reveals that he was the one who broke the lock on sector security. During the duel the other Jack brings fear into the real Jack Atlas. So much fear that he is defeated and falls off the bridge and into the sea.

Crow and Yusei find the fake Jack who attacks them. Crow and Yusei learn from Carly's eye witness report that there were 2 Jacks. Yusei and Crow go after the fake one and try to duel him. At the duel site they meet Kazama who was trying to stop the fake Jack. He then finds out that this Jack was a impostor. The impostor is revealed to be a droid that is being used by Yilliaster to push the signers to there limits. Jack soon arrives back on the scenes to have a rematch against the other Jack. Crow and Yusei give him Trust Guardian. He decides to use it to summon Red Dragon Archfiend. Durring this intense duel the fake Jack manages to summon 3 Red Dragon Archfiend cards. Jack then gives all his heart into one duel making all the signer marks go on his back

creating the crimson dragon image. Jack finally summons Savior Demon's Dragon. He wipes out's the impostor's entire deck. Yilliaster sees this and are at first see it as a unneeded duel into the find out in created the type of energy they needed.

Crash town arc

Savior Demon's Dragon
Savior Demon's Dragon

Jack also appears at Crashtown. Crow and him chase off Lotten and Barbara. When Jack see Barbara attack kids he stops her saying "I don't like to beat up ladies, but I will if necessary" Later the gang say there goodbyes to Kiryu who was staying in Crash town.

World Riding Grand Prix begins

During the 1st round Jack duels Andore, a duelist from Team Unicorn who already dueled Crow, who was no march for the over boost system. In Jack's first turn he decides to finsh Andore off by summoning Red Dragon Archfiend believing Andore used power decks. Andore however countered it revealing that he did not use power decks. After he takes more damage from Andore he manages to re summon Red Dragon Archfiend and inflict damage to Andore. Andore then get back up and uses Speed World 2 and ended the duel. Proving he could easily beat even the king. Jack's D wheel crashed, but he manages to show more perseverance as he gets back up and gives the tag to Akiza. Jack then is helped by Mina, Carly and Stephanie. As Yusei dueled Jean he ran back to the arena to support him. After Yusei's victory Jack congratulated his friend as he was glad to see there dream can live on. Jack then dueled Nicholas from Team Catastrophe who he defeated putting them in the finals.

When one of the three emperors of Yliaster steps on the scene with a army of Ghost Jack goes with Kazuma to stop them. Jack and Kazuma defeat some of the ghost, but got worried when they saw a ominous sky. After Accel Synchro is completed he went to the momentum where he met the other 2 emperors. There he found out Yliaster objective and saw the leader's machine emperor.

After the event Jack went to Nazca were he saw Greiger again who invited him there. Greiger told him that he needs to find a new way of fighting his opponents. Jack refuses even when Greiger tells Jack about a nightmare he had. Greiger decides to put Jack up against his little brother Max. Jack tries to win quickly by using his ace monster, but Max reflects the attack knocking Jack off his D wheel and canceling the duel. Jack sees it as a defeat although it was never finished and begin to walk around Nazca thinking about the duel with Max.

When Jack finds a destroyed village he finds a old man who remained. The man says "Crimson Devil" when he was questioned. The old man was quickly possed by the familar crimson devil who tells Jack that if he desires to gain power Jack must go to the star temple and duel him. Jack then went to the temple were he went through a secret passage way beneath the temple. The familiar explained that duel would be set up as a ritual to the crimson devil. If Jack won he would gain power, but if he lost he will die and the familiar will use the body to resurrect Scar- Red Nova. While the duel continued Yusei, Greiger and Max come. The Familiar blocks off all the exits. Greiger soon notices a beast from the abyss and finds out it was a Earthbound immortal named Scar Red Nova. When Jack finds out everything becomes clear. He realizes he has to win unless he wants to be a sacrifice.

A new power gained

Jack gains "Burning Soul"
Jack gains "Burning Soul"

Jack summons his ace monster along with the familiar in order to continue the duel. Jack manages to escape a attack from the familiar, but still witneses the rebirth of Earthbound Immortal Scar Red Nova. Greiger then explained that he believes Jack is a decedent of the man who could use Burnning soul and defeat Scar Red Nova. Soon Scar Red Nova attack, but before he could the crimson dragon appears at helps Jack unlock his "Burning Soul"

Yusei and Jack say there goodbyes and head back to Neo Domino city. As the rode off into the sunset they both declare that with the help of Jack's "Burning Soul" and Yusei's "Clear Mind" they will defeat Ylilaster.

The Legendary Signer

The 10,000 year great grandfather of Jack Atlas. Durring the battle against the Crimson dragon and signers vs Scar Red Nova battle he came out from the ashes of a volcano and defeated Scar Red Nova by absorbing the power of the crimson dragon through "Burning Soul" and uses it to defeat Scar Red Nova.

Scar Red Nova

The legendary signer face Scar Red Nova
The legendary signer face Scar Red Nova

He is the strongest of the Earthbound Immortals. He is known to be a brutal demon who was so evil that he that the dark signers didn't dare try and harness his power. He was the one who went face to face with the crimson dragon and now has been imprisoned into a card used for the signers instead of the Dark Signers.

Servant: He plans on reviving Scar Red Nova for his 10 thousand year slumber.

The WRGP continued

"I expected more from the former king"

-Jack's new opponent, Dragan-

The gang still needs more info before going up against Ylilaster. One day they run into Jaeger, but before they could catch him he escapes. Later Jack devised a plan to capture Jaegar. The capture him by having Crow dress up as Cup Ramen Man. After dueling some people and winning Lazar appears in disguise. Sadly the fail to capture him, but they do manage to put a tracker on him. They are then able to trace him down. There Crow duels him to get some information. Crow wins the duel and Jaeger does give them what he wants. Jeager showed him were the info was. The find out in order to get the info the have to compete in a simulation duel. Jack was one of the ones who had lost why Yusei won. The infomation pulled up saying "Momentum Express Development Organization" to everyone and especially Yusei's shock as he remember his father.

Jack goes and do some research and finds the organization very mysterious. Before the re- opening of the WRGP Ylilaster changes time making everyone except the signers and Mizoguchi, Sherry's caretaker. The WRGP is about to begin and Team 5D's met Team Ragnarok. The first person to duel agianst them was Jack. He activated his ace monster giving his opponent, Dragan, the chance to summon his god card called Polar God Thor.As Thor attacks the power of both monsters begin to clash making a earthquake. The duel was immediately halted to stop anymore damage.


In the manga Jack works with Rex Goodwin. In the manga he is much more malicious compared to the anime, and he doesn't have a history with Yusei. He has defeated Akiza, Greiger, and many other opponents who want a rematch. In a tournament he got a 10 streak win. Before the WRGP Jack was sent to the satellite where he met Yusei. Jack attacked him with Highlander. Jack asked if he wanted to duel him, but Yusei rejected the offer, but Jack kept attacking him so Yusei defended with his junk blader. Seeing they were already in duel former they decided to have a proper duel.

Voiced by
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Takanori Hoshino
Ted Lewis
General Information Edit
Name: Jack Atlas
Name: ジャック・アトラス
Romanji: Jakku Atorasu
Gender: Male
Birthday: 11/09/2010
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's #1
1st anime movie: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie - Fusion Ultra! Bond Over Time and Space
Aliases King Atlas
The King
King of duels
Recent Movies
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie - Fusion Ultra! Bond Over Time and Space

The Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary Movie stars Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki, and Yusei Fudo, the protagonists from the 3 main Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

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