Izumo Kusanagi

Izumo Kusanagi is a anime/manga character in the K franchise
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Izumo Kusanagi is a character in the K anime series.


He is a loyal member of the Homura Clan. He is the owner of the HOMRA bar which is the HQ of the Homura. He is the Best friend of Suoh Mikoto since Highschool.

8 years ago. Izumo and Mikoto was in the HOMRA bar talking about some stalker of Mikoto. Izumo received a call. It was the hospital saying that someone they know were injured. Izumo and Mikoto went to the hospital and found out that is was Tatara Totsuka. He was beaten by some delinquents. Tatara greets them then called Mikoto a king. Izumo warned Tatara not to mess with Mikoto or he'll end up beaten again. Tatara had a request before answering Mikoto's question. He wanted Mikoto to scratch his foot. When Mikoto was about to scratch. He punch Tatara on the head and then left the room. Izumo told Tatara again about messing with Mikoto.

Izumo and the other Homura members listens to Tatara's song
Izumo and the other Homura members listens to Tatara's song

Months ago. Izumo and all of the Homura members were at the HOMRA bar laughing at Tatara that he can't flip Yata Misaki's skateboard. Yata showed how to flip the skateboard to Tatara. Izumo got angry then told them to bring the skateboard fearing that they might break something. Tatara then talked about a camera he bought, he wanted to record some films then show it to them. After that. Anna went near Tatara then asked if he knows some songs. Tatara gets his guitar then started singing. The song was so beautiful that it caught the hearts of the Homura.

Izumo and Yata witnessed Tatara's Death
Izumo and Yata witnessed Tatara's Death

Weeks ago. Izumo and Yata went to the top floor of a building. They found Tatara who had a gunshot. Yata was asking if who did that to him but Izumo told Yata to not make him speak. When Tatara lost hope on living. Izumo picked the Camera that Tatara dropped then called Mikoto then reported the bad news


Izumo Kusanagi was created by Go Hands and has no information regarding any inspirations used to create him. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.




He's is a 26 year old, blonde haired man who is 188 cm tall.

Story Arcs

Izumo asked the gangleader about the murderer.
Izumo asked the gangleader about the murderer.

Izumo Traveled with the Homura to Shizume City. When Suoh Mikoto split up with the group. Izumo gave the orders to the Homura members to infiltrate a gangster hideout. Izumo asked the gang leader about the Murderer in an English Language. When Suoh entered the room with Anna Kushina. Anna used her marbles to read the mind of the gang leader. When Anna found out that the gang leader was innocent. The Homuta went out of the building.

In their way out. The Homura saw the SCEPTER4 then Izumo said ''The SCEPTER$ entered the building''. Then he asked Mikoto about what will they do to them. Mikoto answered ''Burn Them''. Mikoto jumped from from the second floor to the first floor then started a battle with the SCPTER4 all by himself. Izumo and the other members helped Mikoto with that battle while the Sword of Damocles was above them. When the battle stopped. Reishi Munakata went to put some handcuffs to Mikoto which he obliges.

The other day. Izumo recieved a report from Shohei Akagi about someone who looked like the murderer, it was Isana Yashiro. Izumo joined Yata Misaki, Shohei and Rikio Kamamoto who after the murderer. They got him cornered. Izumo shot out some fireballs from his cigarette to Isana but Kuroh Yatogami (Black Hound) came and parried the fireballs then saved Isana from the attacks from the Homura. Kuroh carried Isana away. Izumo told the other to leave them knowing that they were no match against Kuroh. He then told the other Homura members to go with plan B

The other plan was to jacked the city's system then showed the video to all televisions about Tatara Totsuka being shot. Anna at the top of the van which is used to hack the system, located Isana's location. Izumo sent the location to the other Homura memebrs through his PDA.

Izumo's precious glass fell
Izumo's precious glass fell

On the other day. Izumo was busy speaking with people in his phone. Yata was beating up Rikio. Anna was watching them. Yata threw Rikio then broke a precious glass of Izumo. Izumo got angry then stopped the two from fighting. He asked them what was the reason of their fight.

Yata explained why he beats Rikio is that Rikio was saying something about Suoh letting himself be locked up without a fight. Izumo made a condition that if they apologize properly, he will tell the reason why Suoh let himself be locked up. After Yata and Rikio apologized. He told them that Suoh let himself be locked up so that the SCEPTER4 will be busy guarding while the Homura members will be able to freely gather information about the murderer. After explaining everything. Yata and Rikio thanked Izumo then went out of the bar to continue their search. Anna then called Izumo a Liar.

Seri at the Homura bar with Izumo
Seri at the Homura bar with Izumo

The other day. Izumo was busy ordering more supply for his beverages in the bar. Seri Awashima went inside. Seri apologized about entering in a closing time. Izumo just couldn't refuse to such a beautiful lady. Seri ordered a drink. Izumo then spoke in a french language then went to get some beverages. The two of them talked about Suoh. When their discussion is fnished. Seri was about to leave but stopped when she saw Tatara's jukebox. She asked Izumo if who is the owner. Izumo told her that it was from their former clansman.

Powers and Abilities

Like all his clansmen, he has the red aura. He can produce explosive attacks from his cigarette.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Takahiro Sakurai
Todd Haberkorn
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Name: Izumo Kusanagi
Name: 草薙 出雲
Romanji: Kusanagi Izumo
Gender: Male
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