Izumi Yuka

Izumi Yuka is a anime/manga character in the History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi franchise
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Yuka is a gentle-natured girl from the Mightiest Disciple series. She loves flowers and has a crush on Kenichi.


Izumi Yuka is the gentle-natured president of the gardening club and the only member aside from Kenichi. She has a crush on Kenichi and wish to ask him out for a date but she is too shy and Kenichi spend most of his time with Miu.


Character Evolution

Major Story Arc

Ragnarok Arc

Izumi first appeared when Kenichi was watering the plants in the club and ask him why did he joined the club while none else did. Izumi told Kenichi that she heard rumors about him being the strongest and meanest guy in the school which he dismissed ad false rumors, but she assured him that she don't believe them because there is no way a person who loves and can grow and take care of flowers could be mean. After Niijima come and reveal thst he is the one who was spreading the false rumors he is thrown out by Kenichi and both he and Izumi discuss why Kenichi plant is not growing. During their discussion it was shown that Izumi start to develop feeling for Kenichi. Later she was used as hostage by Daimonji in order to lure Kenichi to him so he can defeat him. However, Kenichi easily defeat Daimonji and save Izumi. After several days Izumi show Kenichi that his plant survive Daimonji stepping on it and it's growing. Izumi tell Kenichi that his plant is growing slowly, but strongly instead of faster,but weaker which make him happy to the point of almost dropping the plant.

After some days Izumi and her friend Makoto Himeno were cornered by the same thugs who were defeated by Miu as they were looking for her. The two were saved due to the arrival of Akisame and Kenichi as the thugs remembered that Kenichi was with Miu that time. Taking the chance Makoto took the hand of Izumi and ran, thought Izumi had a second though as Kenichi was there.

When Ragnarok came to the class searching for Kenichi, Izumi was there and was terrified when Ukita throwed a closet he thought Kenichi was in it. Later, after kenichi lost to a delinquent and the other delinquents statt to chase him she was around when Niijmia start to laugh at Kenichi and moved away from him. The next day she saw Kenichi being chased by some delinquents while she and Miu were having s swimming lessons. Izumi were shown to envy and jealous of Miu developed figure, she ask Miu about her relationship with Kenichi which Miu tell her that they are just friend and accidentally told her that they are planning to move him for her home which made Izumi suspicious and determined to uncover and find out the truth.

After Kenichi move into the dojo, while in school Izumi and Kenichi were asked by their club instructor to water the flower beds and while doing so she tried to ask about his relationship with Miu but was intrupted by the arrival of Takeda much to her dismay. After Takeda left she tried to ask him again and once again her chance was ruined by Niijima and after that Miu come to pick Kenichi much to Izumi dismay who is determined not to lose to Miu.

After the formation of the Shinpaku Alliance and while Kenichi isn't so happy about it Izumi comes running to him saying that there are are two big guys at the club room and she think that they maybe there to make troubles. However, the two were Takeda and Ukita who were there to thank Kenichi for helping them. When the rumor of Kenichi beating a group of delinquents close to death Izumi assured him that she doesn't believe it which make Kenichi happy and say that she is the only one who believe him. Izumi believe she made a progress in getting close to Kenichi until he says that Miu too believes him much to her dismay. When Tanimoto, who is secretly a member of Ragnarok with the nickname Hermit, came to see Kenichi, Izumi show attraction for him, but quickly dismissed it as cheating on Kenichi.

Sometime later, after being done from watering the plants Izumi ask Kenichi to walk her home sometime only for him to be distracted by Miu arrival, much to Izumi dismay. Also Izumi took the chance and ask the two on why they are always together as she believed that they live close from each other only to be shocked that they are living together to the point of freezing in her place.

When Ragnarok started to move to destroy the Shinpaku Alliance Izumi was one of the bystanders who witnessed an almost naked Niijima being chased by Berserker. The next day she learn about the battle between Ragnarok and the Alliance which made her worried about Kenichi and hope that he is alright.

Other Media

Izumi play the same role in the anime she play in the manga thought their is a difference which happens in the twenty third episode of the anime. Izumi try to enter the same dojo in order to win Kenichi affection. However, she fail in the "exam" to enter the dojo and apologise for her immature behavior to Miu and admit that she was jealous of her being so close to Kenichi. Despite this Izumi vow that she will stand her ground and won't run and will train so she can become the right girl for Kenichi.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Brina Palencia
Makiko Ohmoto
General Information Edit
Name: Izumi Yuka
Name: 泉 優香
Gender: Female
1st manga book: History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi #3
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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