I've Found Myself A Prince

I've Found Myself A Prince is an anime episode of Eden of The East that was released on 04/10/2009

I've Found Myself a Prince-Episode 1

I've Found Myself a Prince (王子様を拾ったよ) Ōji-sama o Hirotta yo

Morimi Saki is touring Washington D.C. in the last leg of her college trip. However, on the day she is supposed to return home, she encounters a nude man with a gun and a cell phone. He seems pleasant enough aside from being nude, but little does Saki know that there is a bigger game playing out in front of her eyes than she can possibly fathom.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

Falling Down by Oasis

On a college graduation trip to New York City, Morimi Saki arrives for a detour in Washington D.C. for a view of the White House. Once there, she stands before the gate and starts throwing random change, thus alerting some police officers nearby who don't seem to happy at the situation. All of a sudden, out of the blue comes a strange black haired boy wearing nothing, yet equipped with a gun and a cell phone. The officers get even more irritated by the sudden appearance of the boy and when they go over to try and catch him, he has vanished the moment a passing truck goes by. He was just in hiding however and the police be on their way.

Saki, being just saved by the boy thanks him but is still weirded out by the fact that he is naked so she decides to do something about this by giving him a hat, coat, and a scarf which formerly belonged to her of course. So the two part ways, leaving the boy wondering what he should do next. He doesn't have any memories of who is. However, the cell phone in his possession gives him clues leading to a slight answer. A female voice on the cellphone, who identitfies herself as Juiz, is the boy's "concierge" tells him that his memories were erased and cannot give him any more answers than that. She also tells him that she cannot give him information about his identity either. Though, all is not lost as the female voice tells him to head to an apartment building, marked on the cellphones GPS as his "home", so the boy heads over there.

When he arrives at the apartment which used to be his "home" he finds it to be a very messy, grungy place with a table, a stove, and also a closet full of different guns and ammunition inside...as well as some passports with his own photograph on them. He starts to have thoughts that maybe he could, just possibly be a terrorist because he is seen in all the photos and it appears that all the weapons in the closet were his. As he is thinking about this, there is a sudden knock on the door and sure enough standing before him once again is Saki, the girl he saved from earlier. It turns out that her passport was in the coat pocket she lent to the boy so she was able to track him down in order to retrieve it.

The police ask for a less than subtle identification
The police ask for a less than subtle identification

So what the boy then does is goes through the passports and happens upon an alias in which he can go by, the name he chooses is Takizawa Akira. So Akira gets his things together because he plans on going along with Saki. While waiting for Akira, Saki is approached in the hallway by a female police officer, questioning Saki if she has seen any suspicious people around here...the suspicious person in particular is Akira, as he is caught on camera (a blurry picture, but of him nonetheless) so when Akira comes out of the room, the police officer asks if she could see his "johnny", just to make sure that he wasn't the same boy as in the photograph. Akira responds by whipping out said "johnny." Once the police officer blushes, and believes she was mistaken, she lets Saki and Akira be on their way.

Saki is just about to take the next flight back to Japan, but Akira decides to tag along as well. Luckily enough, Akira's passport is valid and he is free to leave the U.S and head back to Japan with Saki, he jokes to her that he is actually a terrorist and the two exchange friendly words with each other about themselves but all is brought to a halt when a TV screen before them shows a missile attack on Tokyo.

Ending Theme

Futuristic Imagination by School Food Punishment

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Saori Hayami ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Leah Clark ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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Ryohei Kimura ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Chica Umino Character Artist/Designer The pen name of an anonymous Japanese Mangaka. She is most known for being the creator of the Honey and Clover series.
Hiroshi Yamazaki Director Episode director
Kenji Kamiyama Director Series director and writer
Satoko Morikawa Character Artist/Designer
Oasis Music Credited for performance the opening song "Falling Down"
Kenji Kawai Music A Japanese composer known for his work in Mamoru Oshii's movies.
Noel Gallagher Music Credited for the opening song " Falling Down"
Satoru Nakamura Animation Director


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