It's Not Empty At All

It's Not Empty At All is an anime episode of Persona 4: The Animation that was released on 12/22/2011

Persona 4 The Animation Ep. 12

It's Not Empty At All

With the culprit of the Inaba murders well within their sights, Yu and the rest experience a series of interweaving flashbacks, flash-forwards, and side flashes that come together with a horrible conclusion. Is the killer really who they think it is?


Opening Theme-

"sky's the limit" by Shihoko Hirata

Ending Theme-

"Beauty of Destiny" by Shihoko Hirata feat. Lotus Juice

Episode Synopsis

Igor welcomes Yu into the Velvet Room, and Margaret congratulates him on awakening the Star Arcana. Igor then goes on to tell him that his adventure is coming upon a dangerous climax that holds many surprises for him. Margaret warns that he is at a crossroads. Failure to find the truth could mean his own end. Turning on to him, she tells him that no matter how think the fog may be, there is only one truth. Igor closes by telling Yu that defeat isn't the only thing that could end his story.

Wednesday July 27, 2011

The Investigation Team are inside the shadow world searching for Mitsuo Kubo. Using Himiko, Rise has found where he's hiding. Teddie compliments Rise's tracking, and Yosuke asks why he's back in his original costume. Teddie snaps that he's more comfortable dressed like this in the shadow world. Elsewhere, Mitsuo appears to be watching the team through a television and playing a game.

The Investigation team outside Mitsuo's dungeon
The Investigation team outside Mitsuo's dungeon

The team find that Mitsuo is withing a castle that looks like an old 8-Bit video game called Void Quest. Kanji assumes since he said "Catch me if you can." that he this is all a game to him. This only ticks Chie off more, and the walk inside. As they walk through the halls ready for battle, shadows begin to form behind them. Teddie is so excited that he quickly summons Kintoki Douji.As it turns around, it's smacked by the approaching shadows.

As Kuma fights, the team wonders if he'll be alright. Yukiko ads that both she and Chie had been talking earlier and feel that Mitsuo must be the killer they've been after. Yosuke agrees. All his actions have been suspicious, and Rise remembers him coming by her grandmothers store before. She had heard him mumbling about bikers can only be tough in a gang, and Kanji yells that he's not in a gang. Chie also remembers Mitsuo form when he approached Yukiko earlier in the year. Everyone is exited that they'll finally get their man, but as they walk forward, Yu lingers behind. He remembers that this could be the end of they're team after they catch the killer. Teddie catches up and notices that everyone's one. Teddie says that it's heartless for them to just up and leave, but he walks away without a word.

Mitsuo argues with his shadow
Mitsuo argues with his shadow

Outside a large gate, the team can hear Mitsuo violently arguing with someone. He shouts that no one suspected him and that's why he killed the third. The gate opens, and Yu rushes in with the rest. They find Mitsuo arguing with himself and tells him to leave. Not accepting his shadow only releases it's power, and there is a blinding flash.

Suddenly, the team are back at the food court of Junes, and Teddie wants to go to the inn of Yukiko's family. It will have to wait, since it's the Summer tourist season. They then opt to go to Yu's home to see Nanako and have a feast. Chie and Yukiko suddenly become bashful when Kanji seems surprised they can cook. Teddie brings up the idea of having a cook off where everyone makes a rice omelet.

A cooking rivalry between the girls
A cooking rivalry between the girls

In the grocery department of Junes, Youske's shocked when he notices Rise grabbing foie gras. Yu tells Kanji that Nanako will be their judge, and Yukiko and Chie don't seem fond of Rise already declaring herself the winner. As they wonder where Teddie went. They find him flirting with a woman and asking her to cook some meat for him.

Yukiko can't make the party
Yukiko can't make the party

Later that night and the Dojima residence, Yosuke asks where Yukiko is, but Chie tells them that she was rushed away by her family to help at the inn. Yu suggests holding off on the celebration, and Yosuke adds that it's the end of their contest. Kanji asks where all the rice omelets came from, and Rise says that Yu made them. Everyone starts eating, but despite enjoying the taste it all seems average to them. It just doesn't feel like a party, then Yu surprises them that he added wasabi in one of the omelets. However, it seems no one had one that was spicy.

A short time later. Yosuke laments on the case finally being closed. Chie's happy to get back to a normal life, and Teddie believes he should return to his world. Kanji says they'll all be heading in their own way. After a brief silence, Yu says they should all meet up again. Everyone seems excited to meet up once more.

Sunday August 28, 2011

Chie invites Yu to the beach next summer
Chie invites Yu to the beach next summer

A month later at Junes food court, Kanji asks what became of the case, but Yu hasn't heard anything since Kubo was prosecuted. Rise comments that it seems as if everyone has forgotten what happened, then Yukiko apologizes for being to blame for having to always postpone their celebration. They all understand how busy she is, and she has to leave after checking her phone. Chie asks Yu to join them to the beach next year, but Chie forgot that Yu's only here for the year.

Saturday September 24, 2011

Yu and Yosuke are outside the Marukyu store, and they are both shocked to see the notice that it is closing due to poor business. Yosuke heard that Rise moved, but she didn't tell anyone. Yu knows that she hasn't been coming to their meetings recently and thought something was wrong. Yu tries calling Rise, but the only reply is an automated message that the number is no longer in service. Yosuke's insulted that she'd run off without a word. Yu tries to defend her, but Yosuke suggests that they were the only ones who thought they were friends. These words seem to strike a nerve with Yu.

Tuesday October 4, 2011

Kanji is eating Aiya with Naoki Konishi. He's complaining how he keeps meeting over the murders but with nothing to talk about. Yu stops before walking in as he listens to the two talking then walks away.

Thursday October 13, 2011

Yu and Yosuke are walking by the library when they spot Chie and Yukiko studying and laughing with Kou Ichijo and Daisuke Nagase. As he's walking in, Yosuke asks Yu if he was going to borrow Yukiko's notes, but he passes. Yosuke then leaves to join the group. That night, Nanako comments on how no one ever come by anymore, and adds that it would be fun if they came by to play again.

Friday November 18, 2011

Yu is sitting alone in the June food court when he gets a text form Chie. It says she's passing on the meting and that Yukiko wont be coming either. Yosuke arrives to tell him he has to work, but Yu cuts him off asking about Teddie. He asks him if he wants to go back inside the TV, but Yosuke says he's over that stuff. He pulls out his phone and tells Yu that he should start thinking about college and what he'll do when he goes back to his old school of entrance exams. Yosuke walks off as the rain starts to come down

Shadow Mitsuo strangles Yu
Shadow Mitsuo strangles Yu

Inside his room, Yu sits and waits for midnight as the rain pours. With nothing happening, he rushes to the TV and tries to put his hand inside, but it fails. The silence and panic is broken by a voice in the room. From the darkness, a Shadow of a gigantic infant with a halo comes closer to Yu. It says, "everything is 'nothing'", and that friendship is only an illusion. He tells him that he's alone and empty. Yu tries to summon his Persona, but all his Arcana fail. The shadow grips Yu around the neck with his hands and starts to strangle him.

Yosuke frees Yu form the illusion
Yosuke frees Yu form the illusion

Just as Yu begins to black out, the voice of Yosuke calling out for him breaks through. He's screaming for him to grab his hand. Yu reaches out to have Yosuke grab his hand and pulls him free from his illusionary trap.

Wednesday July 27, 2011

The team's happy to have Yu safe
The team's happy to have Yu safe

Yu finds him back in the dungeon of Mitsuo as Jiraiya carries them both down. The Investigation Team is in a heated battle with Shadow Mitsuo, and they're all relieved to see Yu is safe. He thanks them and turns to Shadow Mitsuo. He summons Izanagi to attack. He knocks the blocks of the hero barrier surrounding the shadows real form, but they soon start to reconstruct. It seems the rest of the team have already experienced this. Just as the team's Persona blast away the shell, it starts to reform. The team puts their Personas in the way of the blocks to stop it and give Yu an opening to attack.

Leanan Sidhe casts Tentarafoo on Shadow Mitsuo
Leanan Sidhe casts Tentarafoo on Shadow Mitsuo

Burning with passion. Yu declares that he's not empty and starts his attack. Izanagi strikes, but Yu switches to Makami before Shadow Mitsuo can counter. The fire attack is blocked, but Yu only summons King Frost. Once more, the attack is blocked by a barrier. Yu tries High Pixie's Zio attack, but again blocked. Shadow Mitsuo attacks with fire, but Pyro Jack absorbs it. When an ice attack is incoming, Yu summons Yamatama no Orochi. The team is left shocked at the number of Persona Yu has at his command. Yu then summons Leanan Sidhe to blow a Tentarafoo spell into Shadow Mitsuo's ear and it screams out in confusion.

Izanagi delivers the final blow
Izanagi delivers the final blow

Yu calls for Rakshasa to start shattering the blocks of the Shadow's outer shell before they can come together. Shadow Mitsuo tries to attack with those blocks, but Yu's Ara Mitama blacks them all. Yu resummons Izanagi to rush and deliver the final blow and defeat the evil shadow with his sword. The real Mitsuo wakes up as the shadow returns to it's human form. He's surprised to see them all, and Yosuke tells him that they're there to catch him for the killings. Yu asks if he's the killer behind all of this. He laughs with a smile and admits to killing all of them. Just then, the Shadow of Mitsuo disintegrates and is gone.

Mitsuo finally in custody.
Mitsuo finally in custody.

Back in the real world, Mitsuo has been handed over to the police. he's still laughing maniacally as they drive him off in a squad car. Yu admits that it's finally over.

Saturday July 30, 2011

The team are once again in the Junes food court and talking about how Kubo has confessed to everything. Chie says he told people his motive for killing was to stand out. She knows having a reason wouldn't matter, but even that's too much. Yu thinks they should leave the rest to the cops. Teddie thinks it should be peaceful in his world again, and Yukiko comments on how much they've all been through. Teddie brings up her Stud Hunting, and she snaps at him to forget that already. Rise asks what the Shadow was like for Yu, but he says nothing happened.

Kanji thinks its the end of summoning Persona, and Yukiko wonders if this is the end of their meetings. Yu wants to meet again, and Yosuke says he can bet on it. Chie brings up the coming summer break.

Yukiko's down in one bite
Yukiko's down in one bite

Later that night, they call gather at the Dojima residence for an omelet cooking contest. There area wide variety that are spread over the table. Yukiko's is the first to test, but the flavor is empty. She's hurt and says they just aren't refined enough for the taste, but Nanako likes it. Chie's is next. Teddie doesn't hesitate to call it nasty with a smile, but Nanako likes it. Yukiko tastes it and laughs as she agrees it's terrible. Chie shouts at her for not defending her. Yukiko is the first to bite into Rise's omelet, but she suddenly collapses. Rise starts to cry as she says they just are sophisticated enough for her recipe. Nanako tries it. she winces, and tells Rise that it's spicy but still nice. Yosuke tries Yu's omelet and it tastes the best to him. Nanako takes a bite and agrees that her big brother's is the best.

Teddie is sitting on the back porch alone with Nanako as he talks about having to return to his own side along with how he promised. Nanako asks if he made a promise with her if he would stay. She reaches out with her pinky finger to promise he'll come back to play with her again. Inside, Yosuke tells Yu about the coming festival held in the shopping district. He suggest they all go together, and Yu agrees. Nanako notices that Yosuke used Yu's given name this time. The two just laugh and Teddie wants to know what's so funny.

Points of Interest

  • The character stat sheet in this episode is completely blank.
  • Kou Ichijo, Daisuke Nagase, and Tohru Adachi are seen in this episode, but they have no spoken lines.
  • In his episode, Yosuke addresses Yu Narukami as simply "Yu" and with no honorific. In Japanese culture, addressing someone by their given name and without and honorific is a sign of a very close friendship. It's normally considered extremely rude to talk to someone like this without their permission. Even Rise is being bold when she calls him "Yu-sempai".


Amateur vs. Expert: PERSONA 4 #12 by Nick Robinson (Babylonian) & Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt). HERE

Giant Bomb- Persona 4 Endurance Run: The events of this episode were shown in the Episode ?? of the Giant Bomb Endurance Run of Persona 4.

(via TheRealGiantBomb on youtube)

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