It's Like Secretly Mixing Pumpkin Into a Stew in Order to Feed It to a Child Who Hates Pumpkin

It's Like Secretly Mixing Pumpkin Into a Stew in Order to Feed It to a Child Who Hates Pumpkin is an anime episode of Good Luck Girl! that was released on 09/05/2012
Binbogami ga!
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Ichiko takes in a pet kitten that was left outside her apartment. She meets Ibuki, a bathroom god, who also delivers a warning to her about hoarding happiness energy. When Momiji kidnaps the kitten, Ichiko must square off with her to get her pet back.
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

Momiji finds a kitten left in the rain. Later, Ranmaru asks Ichiko to go eat ramen with her. Ichiko takes Rindou to her home to show her new pet, a kitten. While Rindou plays with the kitten, Momou (who is a chihuhua) growls at the kitten. He feels threatened about the cat taking his place as the mascot for this show. Ichiko steps on Momou repeatedly, and Rindou tries to tell Ichiko to stop. When Momou transform into his human form, Rindou is shock. Then, Bobby appears and demands Rindou to give him back his screen time. Bobby takes a close look at Rindou's body and sighs. When he mentions Rindou should change, Rindou proceeds to kick Bobby's butt with Momou cheering Rindou on. Ichiko finds it strange that Ichiko is not here. With everyone gone, Ichiko goes to the bathroom to find a large pile of poo.

Suddenly, the poo stands up, and it turns out it's another god, Ibuki who is a toilet god. He gets offended when Ichiko wear nose plugs. Ichiko asks Ibuki if works with Momiji, and Ibuki replies that he does not know her. Ibuki urges Ichiko to listen his message about how Ichiko has so much fortune energy. Ichiko interupts the guy and states she knows the situation. She flushes Ibuki down the toilet who says that Ichiko will bring unhappiness to the people around her. After the poo god is flushed down, Ichiko remembers what Momiji said about her body indiscriminately absorbing everyone's fortune. Later on, Ichiko finds a letter from Momiji. Momiji tells Ichiko to meet her at the gym to get the cat back. Over at the gym, Akane's friends boil ramen, but when Ichiko enters the gym, Akane's group rushes out of the gym. They knock the bunsen burner on the ground. A fire is started slowly. In the basketball court, Momiji explains that she left the cat in front of Ichiko's place, and she states that this is her plan to make her repeat the same situation where Ichiko has lost something dear to her. Momiji mentions she was about to take Ranmaru hostage, but it proved difficult. Ichiko summons her little army, but Momiji sucks their fortune via a vacuum.

Tama-chan is born!
Tama-chan is born!

From behind, Momiji strikes Ichiko who falls down, and after Momiji is gone, she climbs the stairs to rescue her cat, Tama-chan. The ceiling crumbles, and outside, Momiji freaks out that she went overboard. Ichiko finds the exits block and remembers Momiji's words. She cannot give fortune to save Tama-chan. Then, the toilet god appears. He states that he is here only to save Ichiko's cat since Ichiko did heed his warning. He explains that the cat has little fortune because Ichiko sucks all the fortune from them. He tells her that she is both a heroine and the villain. The toilet god pulls a gadget from his loincloth, Gadget of Toiletry: Blessed Bathroom Bust of Blowing. When Ichiko mentions Momiji, Toilet God accidentally blows too hard on the dart. This causes Ichiko's Tama-chan to transforms into a god of fortune. Tama-chan leads Ichiko to a window, and when Ichiko hops out of the window, she falls on top of Ichiko who was going to save Ichiko. With fortune container breaks, Ichiko feels her fortune energy coming back to her. She summons Soumin Shourai that hits a water pipe along the way underground. The gym's fire gets put out by the falling water. Toilet God gives Ichiko a gift.

By the river, Toilet God meets up with Momiji, and Momiji remarks about giving children pumpkin stew to children who hate pumpkins. (This is a reference to Ichiko's situation.) Meanwhile, Ichiko recalls the gift that the Toilet God gave. It's a keystone that prevents Ichiko from absorbing people's fortune.

Points of Interest

  • Gadget of Toiletry: Blessed Bathroom Bust of Blowing - Ibuki blows a dart that contains fortune. The harder he blows, the more fortune it contains.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga version, the gym fire is caused by some delinquents smoking. Compared to the anime, it's started by Akane's friends who are boiling ramen with a bunsen burner.


  • Japanese Name: "Kabochagirai no Kodomo ni Kabocha Tabesasu tame Kossori Shichū ni Mazeteoku mitaina Mon Desu yo" (カボチャ嫌いの子供にカボチャ食べさすためこっそりシチューに混ぜておくみたいなもんですよ)
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 14 (Volume 4)
  • Opening Theme: "Make my Day!" by Piko
  • Ending Theme: "Love Riot" by HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tomoyuki Kawamura Director Tomoyuki Kawamura is a Japanese anime episode director.
Yoshiaki Sukeno Original Concept Yoshiaki Sukeno is the creator of Binbogami Ga!


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