It's Life!!!

It's Life!!! is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 07/09/2011
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Natsu and Lucy fight Hughes while Gray fights Sugar Boy. Meanwhile, Gajeel and Happy are still fighting Pantherlilly. After Coco steals the key and Byro is chasing her, she bumps into Lucy. Misunderstanding Byro, Lucy prepares to fight believing he is after her celestial spirit keys.

Plot Summary

Gray saves the gang with his Ice Shield
Gray saves the gang with his Ice Shield

Natsu, Lucy and Gray face off against Hughes and Sugarboy with the former Royal Army General using his magic to send a giant ship towards the trio, destroying most of the surrounding rides and buildings. Confident that he had crushed them, he becomes shocked upon noticing Gray's Ice Shield protecting them. He and Sugarboy note their surprise at witnessing Earthland magic with the latter remarking that its his first time seeing them use magic without a weapon. Natsu immediately retaliates by using his flames to reach and hit Hughes and demands they release his friends with Hughes telling him that they'll be mixed with Extalia to give them an infinite supply of magic. As Hughes uses his weapon, the "Command Tact", to send a speeding roller coaster car towards Natsu, Lucy tries to warn him but is shocked when she realizes that her and Gray are sinking into the floor.

Hughes using his "Command Tact" weapon to control the Hell Coaster
Hughes using his "Command Tact" weapon to control the Hell Coaster

Upon noticing the car from behind, Natsu easily dodges it and remarks that there's no way he'll be hit like that. Hughes then activates a spell that allows the roller coaster car move in any direction by having it shoot the rails that its going along. Despite this, Natsu proves that its not enough by busting it up with his magic. However, Hughes notes that there's more than one hell coaster and sends them all towards Natsu. Although he manages to dodge them, he subsequently falls into the seat of a coaster car which uses its robotic arms to hold him down. Hughes explains that the attraction considers safety its number one priority and that with his magic, he can accelerate it to ten times the normal speed which can make anyone sick after five minutes. Upon seeing Natsu's motion sick face, Hughes laughs at how he didn't last ten seconds and starts to mock his weakness.

Gray attacks Sugarboy head on with his Ice Make Death Scythe
Gray attacks Sugarboy head on with his Ice Make Death Scythe

Meanwhile, Lucy and Gray struggle to get free but with Gray realizing that Natsu won't last any longer on the coaster, he pulls and throws Lucy into the air to help the Dragon Slayer. As Lucy lands on a coaster car and jumps to Natsu, Gray uses his Ice Make Flying Claw to free himself from the soft ground. Sugarboy asks why he didn't go save Natsu if he was able to get out with his magic to which Gray replies that there wouldn't be anyone to kick his ass. He then a ttacks the Royal Army General with his Ice Make Death Scythe but to his shock, his attack is rendered ineffective. Confused, Sugarboy explains that his weapon, "Rossa Espada", softens anything and everything, giving him a slight advantage.

Lucy and Natsu on the Hell Coaster
Lucy and Natsu on the Hell Coaster

In the meantime, Lucy tries to free Natsu from the seat but with no success, she holds onto him as Hughes uses his magic to spin them in circles and send them straight into a body of water. He then begins to laugh hysterically as he shows Lucy a candid shot of them on the coaster and explains that he doesn't want such wonderful magic to disappear. Upon hearing this, Natsu gets up and asks if they're willing to kill his friends and the Exceeds for their own convenience to which Hughes affirms saying that they'll be sacrificed for an eternal supply of magic.

Aquarius unable to control the water
Aquarius unable to control the water

Natsu, now getting enraged, responds saying that life is more important than whether there is magic or not. Lucy suddenly tells Natsu to step down as she summons Aquarius. However, the situation gets worse as Aquarius informs Lucy that she can't control the water since Hughes is controlling it. The three look on in shock as they are engulfed by Hughes' water attack with Aquarius screaming out to Lucy to take cover.

Faust attacking Coco to stop her
Faust attacking Coco to stop her

In the palace, Bryo informs Faust that they have reached the final stages of ETD and that they can use the magic power extracted from the Dragon Slayers like chains to move the floating islands at will to ram the lacrima into Extalia which will give them eternal magic supply. The narrator then explains the spell called the "Dragon Chain Cannon" which is a device that utilizes the power of Dragon Slayers, however at the present it cannot be used as a weapon. Byro presents Faust with the key to activate the Dragon Chain Cannon but is stopped by Coco who says they can't because Panther Lily is currently on the lacrima island.

Patherlily has no intention of holding back
Patherlily has no intention of holding back

As Gajeel and Panther Lily battle it out, the former remarks that he's excited to fight someone near his level. Although Happy states that Gajeel shouldn't be having fun at a time like this, he adds that he's pretty heavy albeit not so much as Lucy to which Gajeel says that saying such a thing isn't wise in that Lucy would pulverize him for that. He then tells Happy that he's looking forward to fighting in the air when he gets a cat of his own before Panther Lily misses them and cuts off a chunk of the island with his sword. The scene then cuts to Coco trying to persuade the King not to activate the machine but to her dismay, Faust plans to continue regardless. Refusing to let Panther Lily die, Coco steals the key from Byro and makes a run for it. Faust tries to stop her by attacking her feet with an electrical shock from his staff but it didn't work.

Lucy trying to seduce Hughes as part of Natsu's plan
Lucy trying to seduce Hughes as part of Natsu's plan

In the Monster Academy where Natsu and Lucy are washed into, the former finds Lucy in a coffin called the "Costume Actor Box" which changes a person's clothes. Embarrassed in the outfit she adorned, Lucy tells Natsu to help her change back but to her annoyance, he decides to have a little fun by changing her into a series of embarrassing outfits. She then takes revenge by throwing him into the coffin and changing his clothes similarly to hers. As Hughes was getting closer, Lucy demands Natsu change her to her normal clothes, however, he turns to her with a mischievous grin and says that he has a great plan. When Hughes approached them, Lucy posed for him in a sexy bikini in an attempt to seduce him, but to her (and Natsu's) disappointment, the plan failed as Hughes ordered the monsters to attack her.

Lucy, ready for battle
Lucy, ready for battle

Natsu then confronts Hughes who warns the Dragon Slayer that its not wise to fight him in the Monster Academy since its his favorite place. Confident in his monster soldiers, Hughes commands one of them to bind the Natsu with its bandages, however Natsu uses his flames to burn the bandages and the monster, leaving Hughes open to an attack. Hughes counters with a Frankenstein-like monster who uses his fists to punch Natsu to the ground repeatedly however, Natsu overpowers it and knocks it back. With no option, Hughes commands his entire monster army to attack Natsu but they all back away in fear as Natsu's flames engulf him and reveal a dragon form in the smoke. Hughes then comments in fear that Natsu is truly a monster.

Lucy, still running away from the monsters she believes are still chasing her, bumps into Coco who asks for her help. Byro, who manages to catch up, orders Coco to give him the key but Lucy mistakes this as him asking her for her keys. Thinking that he's after her spirit keys, she prepares to fight Byro and defend Coco.

Points of Interest

  • Gray uses two new moves: "Ice Make Flying Claw" and "Ice Make Death Scythe"
  • This is the first time that Aquarius did not argue with Lucy upon being summoned. It is also the first time that Aquarius was unable to control the water around her.

Manga & Anime Differences

In the anime, Natsu's outfit changes into a woman's bathing suit whereas in the manga, Natsu's outfit never changes.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Masashi Sogo Series Composition
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Shoji Yonemura Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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