It's a sour thing when you're tired

It's a sour thing when you're tired is an anime episode of Gintama that was released on 06/06/2006

Plot Summary

After the incident with his last pet, Prince Hata returns to Earth to find a new one, looking through every zoo in Edo while his assistant is not-so-subtly hoping that he gets eaten by one of them. Meanwhile, Sakura sees an incredibly large dog sitting in a box near the Odd Jobs office, and decides to adopt it. She calls it Sadaharu, to replace the "other" Sadaharu she ended up squeezing to death with her tremendous strength by accident.

Gintoki and Shinpachi have trouble accepting the giant dog in their place, though they remark that Sakura seems to be having fun with it because the dog is too strong for her to crush by accident with her usual strength. However, they are afraid of what it might do to their office, and try to find someone around Edo who might take it.

Later, Prince Hata accidentally hits Sadaharu with his car, and decides to take him home as a new pet, but the Odd Jobs Trio jump in to rescue Sadaharu before he can be taken away. Hata becomes a victim of Kagura's rage when she sees that he is trying to steal her beloved Sadaharu from her.

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