It’d Be Sad to Have a Dream End

It’d Be Sad to Have a Dream End is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 11/16/2012

Subaru and Kaito start practicing for the upcoming ROBO-ONE world tournament in Las Vegas. During his off-time, Kaito stumbles upon a mysterious room inside the abandoned folk museum.


Plot Summary

Akiho: Kanpai!
Akiho: Kanpai!

In front of Frau's home, Subaru rings the doorbell, and a computer asks him for the password. Subaru replies that he wants to meet Frau, and when the computer (Frau) says Marco, Subaru utters Polo. Then, Frau says RTFM, Subaru says LOL, and Frau says GTFO. By the hanger, Kaito asks Subaru to get him a drink, and Subaru declines. When Kaito asks Subaru why is he here, Subaru states he can work on M45 in secret. Then, Junna appears, and Subaru freaks out and yells Frau's name. Kaito introduces Subaru to Junna, and when Akiho spots Junna, she yells out that Junna is finally confessing her love. Kaito corrects and informs Akiho that Junna is joining their club. Later, Akiho proposes a toast to welcome Junna, and everyone drinks their Skal except Subaru. Akiho asks Junna to come with her to the Robot Clinic, and Junna begins to cry even though Junna told Kaito she's okay with robots earlier. Elsewhere, Mizuka recalls reading the report and tells Kaito that she has met the Kimijima and that Airi is one of Misaki's friends.

Geji: Kimijima is murdered. Relevant data is deleted
Geji: Kimijima is murdered. Relevant data is deleted

Over at Subaru's home, Hiromu spots an oil spot on Hibaru's shirt, and Hibaru lies that he is was fixing the scooter engine. Later that night, Kaito finds Airi and asks her if she knows Misaki Senomiya. Airi states that she has chat with Misaki often. Then, Kaito asks Airi who is Kimijima which Airi replies that Kimijima is her master. Then, Kaito hears something, and he walks down the stairs. He trips down the stairs and finds a door. When placing his phonedroid, he sees a screen asking for a password. He says "hiddenhand," and when the door opens, he finds a hidden room with a cassette player. He presses play, and it plays a music. Kaito actives Geji mode where Geji explains EGI system is a machine that emits sounds into space. When Kaito asks what has happened to Kimijima, Geji states that Kou has been murdered, and the data about the case has been deleted.

Junna: "naked in the savannah"
Junna: "naked in the savannah"

At Frau's home, Frau wakes up to see Subaru ringing the doorbell, and she calls him a stalker before telling him to go away. When Subaru mentions Kaito, he asks her to write a program for him and Kaito who are entering the ROBO-ONE World tournament. At school, Kaito tries to look up Kou Kimijima's name only to find nothing. Then, Subaru informs Kaito, and at the hangar, Akiho announces that Frau is their latest member of the club. The group clap for Frau who is on the phonedroid, and Frau states her conditions. The conditions are a full nude photo event where Subaru has to be nude, but he can still have his glasses on. Upon hearing her words, Junna begins having a wild imaginations, and Subaru whispers to Frau that the deal is that Kaito will help her find the cheaters. Then, Junna hears Subaru and thinks Kaito and Subaru naked in the savannah. Frau comments that Subaru is a pervert and tells him to spend the night at Kaito's place before shutting off her message. Akiho is fired up, and she tells them to all head over to the Space Candy Company.

Subaru: My dreams has ended
Subaru: My dreams has ended

In Sumio's office, Akiho and Junna are the only two who appeared. Over at Subaru's home, he is amazed that Frau has work on the program for 72 hours without taking a break. She tells him that she did not do it for his sake. Next day at the hangar, Kaito and Subaru find the M45 working fine, and Akiho explains that Sumio is amazed at Junna. She states that Sumio has agreed to sponsor their club. As the day almost ends, Subaru tests his robot, and Akiho sends her robot. Kaito has M45 dodge, and when Akiho starts to do an uppercut, Kaito counters her. Akiho has the Tanegashi machine use its wheels. Kaito has M45 dodge, and Junna runs off after the robot. Then, Subaru's father appears, and he marches towards Subaru. He punches his own son, and Subaru informs Akiho that this is fight with his father. Hiromu reminds Subaru that he has gave his word to give up robot fighting two years ago and become a fisherman. Hiromu throws M45 down on the ground. Before Hiromu stomps on M45, Akiho attempts to stop him. Subaru bids Akiho farewell and tell her to dispose M45 because his dreams has end. Akiho begins to have spasm attack.

Points of Interest

  • Airi's eyes rely on IRUO. She can only see things in mapped locations.
  • According to Akiho, Junna is quite fast.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

"You really shine. People filled with dreams and stuff shine so brightly. My dream came to an end, though"
— Junna telling her club
6:30 left b/c of HULU


  • Japanese Name: "Yume ga Owacchattara, Sabishī" (夢が終わっちゃったら、寂しい)
  • Opening Theme: "Junjō Spectra" by Zwei
  • Closing Theme: "Umikaze no Brave" by Fumika

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5pb (creator) Director 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Kazuya Nomura Original Concept Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
Zwei "Junjō Spectra"
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