Italian Anime Spotlight: La Storia della Arcana Famiglia

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the first ever Italian anime spotlight blog!

Inspirations: Well, I had this crazy idea today when I was looking over La Storia della Arcana Famiglia and Campione! points of interest sections. Almost every episode, I list an Italian word used in that episode. I don't know why I do that every time. I'm weird that way.

Yet, these new summer anime series have two things in common: harem and Italian themes.

La Storia della Arcana Famiglia

Here's a synopsis that BigHeart711 and I wrote together.

The story revolves around Felicitá who is main female lead, and she finds herself as the prize for Arcana Duello. Her father, Mundo, is retiring and hosts to tournament, and whoever wins this contest of Arcana Powers shall have the right to be new successor of the Arcana Famiglia (mafia) family and the right to marry Felicitá. Though, Felicitá objects and works hard to gain her independence and sovereignty in the family.

You got an Italian mafia, Italian food, most of the tarot cards/ Arcana Powers, and names of characters are Italian. All of the episodes' name are in Italian.

Here's a list of Italian words I typed down in the episode wiki list.

  • Bambina - Little lady. It was first used by Debito who always calls Felicitá, bambina. It sounds exotic every time Debito says it.
  • Calcio is an Italian word for football or soccer.
  • Famiglia means family.
  • Giappone is an Italian word for Japan.
  • Piccolino - an event for little children. (I'm not sure about the literal translation)
  • Regalo - gift. (I saw this was a Spanish word, so I might be wrong to list this one. I was curious what Regalo meant.)

If I'm wrong in the translation, feel free to correct me.

Episode Titles

  1. La notte del compleanno - The Birthday Night
  2. Il Comandante della Squadra Protezione Animali - Commander of the Animal Protection Team
  3. Piccolino
  4. Confessioni di una maschera - Confessions of a Mask
  5. Amichi d'infanzia - Childhood Friends

Note: I think Arcana is a Latin word when I saw it meant sacred power.

Sorry, I'll add the character names later. I got to do some wiki pages and study.

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@takashichea: Thats cool the only ones I knew off the top of my head were Bambina, Famigila. You learn something new every day:)
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I feel the same way. Though, I thought of Bambi when I first heard of the word. I'm going to do Campione! later.

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