Italian Anime Spotlight: Campione!

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Ciao and welcome to the 2nd Italian anime spotlight blog! Today, we are covering Campione!, a harem based series that just started airing in June of 2012.

For those who are new to Campione!, here is a synopsis.


It revolves around Godou Kusanagi who is an ordinary high school student who killed a god and claimed its power. He becomes a Campione, one who slays other gods. After becoming a Campione, Godou finds himself attracting a few beautiful women. Erica Blandelli is the first gal who changes and rocks Godou's life.


Beware of spoilers!

Godou Kusanagi
Godou Kusanagi
Godou is a young, Japanese (Giapponese) man who visits Italy to deliver a Grimoire to his grandfather's friend. Over there, he encounters Erica and her maid who are fighting a god. With his first kiss from Erica, Godou unlocks the Ten Avatars and kicks butt with his Golden Sword.
Erica Blandelli
Erica Blandelli
Erica is a beautiful, buxom Italian woman who is a prideful knight. She becomes smitten by Godou after their fateful encounter.
Arianna is Erica's weird maid who cannot cook or drive properly.
Due to spoilers, Athena is a mysterious silver haired, loli girl.
I had to keep it short, but you guys and gals know that Athena is a god.

Italian Theme

Campione! is first set in Italy. Yet, it goes back to Japan on the second episode. I'm hoping the action and story occurs more in Italy. Plus, we have a few Italian women in the show who are very exotic.

Though, we haven't seen any Italian foods, but we got Italian words. I think it's because little Arianna can't cook while Erica is more of a warrior than a chef. Godou's sister, Shizuka Kusanagi, is the only chef I seen. She needs to learn to cook some Italian cuisine since Erica is going to be Godou's little roommate.

  • Bachio - It's an Italian word for kiss.
  • Ci vediamo means "until we meet again, see you."
  • Cuore di Leone - It's the name of Erica's sword which means Heart of Lion. I'm not sure about the literal translation.
  • Diavola Rossa means "Red Devil."

Compared to La Storia della Arcana Famiglia, the reverse harem anime has more an Italian theme with more words.

I'm afraid that is all I have so far. If I'm wrong in my defintions, please feel free to correct me.

Thank you for reading and commenting on this blog.

Ci vediamo!


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Are you Itialian? My grandmum was Italian. I started watching this series the other day. Pretty good so far.

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If you want to have an Italian theme, the best known one would have to be Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Most of the characters are Japanese but most of the characters that aren't are Italian and some of them like Gokudera are mixed. That pic of Godou reminds me of a combination of Gilgamesh and Byakuya. Lol.
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I'm Cambodian. See The Mod Squad ~ Everything You Need to Know About the Moderators!. As a mod, we put down languages we know how to speak. Kelleth is the only one of us who can speak Italian while Sora can speak Spanish.

Glad to see you're enjoying the show.


Thank you, I did these two shows because they appear in the same season with Italian themes. I'll do that show. I just haven't seen or read Hitman Reborn.

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