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Italy is a anime/manga location
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Alessandro Ricci

Petra's Handler in the SWA and Intelligence-Gathering Specialist

Alexander Anderson

Iscariot XIII's most powerful Priest and Alucard's biggest rival.He is charged with killing vampires and destroying any other threats to the church. A genetically bio-engineered human(Regenerator) with the ability to regenerate,and wielding his blessed bayonets.He transformed into A monster of God,by merging with holy relics.


Sickly SWA Cyborg. Has the most trouble with her battles, but despite that, she's very cool.

Arianna Hayama Arialdi

She's maid and side kick of Erica in the Campione! anime series.

Cesare Borgia


The Only SWA Cyborg Not in Combat

Elsa DeSica

Elsa is a cyborg from the Gunslinger Girl series. She works at the Social Welfare Agency as a covert assassin for the Italian government. Unlike the other girls, she doesn't get along with anyone and keeps to herself and her handler.

Enrico Maxwell

The head of Section XIII who grew up from a An illegitimate child.A fanatical Christian, he lived and died in his hubris for his religion.

Erica Blandelli

She is a knight of the Copper Black Cross and a character in the Campione! anime series.


A reliable member of the Social Welfare Agency from Gunslinger Girl. Whether it be logistics, communication, or security, Ferro is always on top of it.

Godou Kusanagi

Godou Kusanagi is a regular boy who becomes a "Campione" - a God killer.

Heinkel Wolfe

A dangerous Iscariot Assassin.Would eventually became a fearsome regenerator soldier for Christianity.


The newest addition to the SWA.


Triela's Handler in the Social Welfare Agency


Social Welfare Agency Agent and Rico's Handler


Agent of the Social Welfare Agency and Henrietta's Handler


Lauro is an agent of the Social Welfare Agency and Elsa's handler from Gunslinger Girl. He sees cyborg assassins as objects and often neglects their emotional needs.

Lucrezia Zora

She's the promiscuous witch in the Campione! anime series.


Makube is Enrico Maxwell's successor as the Bureau Director of the Iscariot Organization.


He is the defacto leader of the X-Laws, only overruled by Iron Maiden Jeanne. He originates from Sicily, Italy. Orphaned from an early age, Marco was raised in a Catholic church-orphanage by a priest. Together with Jeanne and Lyserg Diethel he is part of Team "X-I".

Marco Toni

Social Welfare Agency Agent and Angelica's Handler


Melqart is one of the many gods in the Campione! anime series.


Perseus is a rogue god in Campione!


Second Generation SWA Cyborg


A young assassin for the Five Republics Faction and personal enemy of Triela.


A former captain released from military duty due to a pistol misfire into his leg. He joins the Social Welfare Agency as a means to get reenlisted and acts as Claes' handler.


is Archbishop Enrico Maxwell's second of Section XIII, Iscariot Organization.


Jean's Partner and SWA's Resident Sniper

Robin Sena

Robin Sena is the main character of Witch Hunter Robin. She has the power of fire and and uses it, as a member of STN-J, to hunt witches. Eventually, she becomes the witch who is hunted.


Ronny the Jaws is the head of the Italian Mafia in Roanapur after Verrocchio was murdered by Hansel and Gretel.


A fortune-teller from Italy.

Sirix Lucretius Fronto

A famous Pompeiian gladiator. He died during the erruption of Mount Vesuvius, and was reincarnated as Japanese, Keidai Saeki.


Presumed mother of Felicita and also one of the contestants in the Arcana Famigilia Tournament. She has her abilities from the Wheel of Fortune arcana.

The Pope

The nobleman of Rome and ruler


A martial-arts packing cyborg for the SWA


Verrocchio was the head of the Italian Mafia in Roanapur before his plan to hire Hansel and Gretel to kill the other crime lords backfired.

Yumie Takagi

A katana-wielding Japanese nun with Spilt personalities.

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