Gintama #28 - It takes subtle amounts of courage to sneak into a shopping cart

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 04/03/2009

Plot Summary

Proper Japanese Title: 屋台に入るには微妙に勇気がいる

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 238: It takes subtle amounts of courage to sneak into a shopping cart (屋台に入るには微妙に勇気がいる)
  • Lesson 239: Guys need a battlefield to feel complete (男が揃えばどんな場所でも戦場になる)
  • Lesson 240: Be sure to take your infected friends to a hospital (友達がケガしたらすぐに病院へ)
  • Lesson 241: When in a cardboad box one bad apple ruins the bunch (みかんは一個腐るといつの間にかダンボール中のみかんを腐らせる)
  • Lesson 242: If it looks like a foreigner it's a foreigner, if it looks like an alien, it's an alien. (外国人から見たらこっちも外国人宇宙人から見たらこっちも宇宙人)
  • Lesson 243: Laputa's still good after seeing it so many times (何回見てもラピュタはいい)
  • Lesson 244: Love often become cruelty (愛とは無償のものなり)
  • Lesson 245: Even a black boat looks flashy when it sinks (黒船は沈む時も派手)
  • Lesson 246: There's loads of dirt under the willow tree (柳の下にどじょうは沢山いる)


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