Isshoni H Shiyo

Isshoni H Shiyo is an anime series in the Isshoni H Shiyo franchise
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A six episode ero-anime that gives the viewer POV camera angles.


A hentai series published by ChiChinoya and company ChiChi No Ya that aired in December 20, 2009 and ended in January 22, 2011. There are five episodes published.


The story is through first person view similar to a porn's movie genre, Point of View. First Person's View is a style that viewer watches from the main character's point of view. It's making the viewer visualize having sex with the girls in an indirect manner. In this hentai series, the main character does not speak but points and nods.

Six Side Stories

  1. Akina Miyazawa Chapter
  2. Takai Haruka Chapter
  3. Tsuji Suzuran Chapter
  4. Aoi and Yuki Chapter
  5. Futaba Chapter
  6. Natsukawa Hina Chapter

See characters for these chapters for more information.


Akina Miyazawa
Akina Miyazawa
Akina Miyazawa (Voice Actress: Hikaru Isshiki) - She is in the softball team. When she appears drunk from a victory party in front of her childhood friend, she begs him to stay the night at his house. After getting comfortable, Akina finds out her friend was preoccupied watching hentai. Yet, her friend shuts the tv, and Akina jumps on him and begs him to show how he masturbates. This leads to her having sex with him. In the end, Akina and her friend become boyfriend and girlfriend.
Takai Haruka
Takai Haruka
Takai Haruka (Voice Actress: Mahiru Kaneda) - She appears to give buns to her classmate. However, her classmate persuades her to have sex with him. After having sex, she confesses that she loves him.
Tsuji Suzuran
Tsuji Suzuran
Tsuji Suzuran (Voice Actress: Airi Himekawa) - A maid who cleans her master's home. When she fumbles around that it causes her blouse to reveal her breasts, her master's penis becomes so erected that she notices the bulge on her pants. She pleases her master by having sex with him
Yui Hamada
Yui Hamada
Yui Hamada (Voice Actress: Mao Enokizu) - She is the main character's sister, but according to Aoi, they are not genetically related. She has sex with him after the main character massages her and Aoi.
Aoi Fukunaga
Aoi Fukunaga
Aoi Fukunaga (Voice Actress: Kei Mizusawa) - She is a friend of Yui. She is the first one who has the main character massage her naked and the one who has sex with Yui's brother first. She persuades Yui and her brother to have sex.
Yuuki Futaba
Yuuki Futaba
Yuki Futaba (Voice Actress: Maki Kobayashi) - She visits her brother at the request of her parents. After cleaning her brother's room, she washes her brother. Though her brother's advances make her have sex with him.
Hina Natsukawa
Hina Natsukawa
Hina Natsukawa (Voice Actress: Yui Ogura) - She is the protagonist's cousin and childhood friend. She and him harvest crops, and when she forces him to bathe with her in the river after a hard day's work, things get a bit taboo.


There are 6 DVD Covers for the series.


Akina to Onsen de H Shiyo

Akina Miyazama makes her second appearance when she wins a vacation day at the spa resort. She takes her boyfriend (the main character) with her. Despite her protest against her boyfriend's sexual advances, she agrees to have sex with him when her boyfriend beat her in pong.

Allusions to Other Series

  • The series is the erotic version of another series, Isshoni Sleeping. Isshoni Sleeping is purely ecchi, but it is also view through first person's view.
  • A clip of Bakunyū Bomb appears in episode 1 when Akina turns on the TV.
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Name Isshoni H Shiyo
Name: 一緒にHしよっ
Publisher ChiChi No Ya
Start Year 2009
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