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The Catholic counterpart and rival of Hellsing despite being allies,Iscariot is the secret black ops team of the Vatican. Charged with killing heretics and freaks, it is a deadly force directly under the Pope's orders; many of its soldiers are quite insane themselves.

Section XIII: Iscariot

Iscariot's top agents:Alexander Anderson and behind Heinkel Wolfe and Yumie Takagi
Iscariot's top agents:Alexander Anderson and behind Heinkel Wolfe and Yumie Takagi
Enrico Maxwell the Leader of Iscariot
Enrico Maxwell the Leader of Iscariot

Named after the traitor Judas, Section XIII is a top secret part of the catholic church lead by Enrico and his prime weapon in his battle against the Vampire masses and hellsing is Alexander Anderon and a hand full of highly trained assassins such as Henkiel Wolfe, a female Paladin who is more then handy with a gun or two. They are the Catholics answers to the Hellsing and there hate for Alucard and Interga is more then obvious in their many encounters. The last few members of Iscariot all died in the London battle. Enrico was impaled on a spike and Anderson was killed by Alucard. Yumie was killed at the hands of Walter C. Dornez as an agent of Millennium, a Nazi army of vampires. Other agents are Renaldo he informed Anderson of Vampire attacks in Badrick,Accompany Maxwell and Anderson to England,and Was last seen with Enrico and Heinkel.

Renaldo other agent and adviser
Renaldo other agent and adviser

. Heinkel, despite all other Iscariot priests fleeing, remained and sniped down Walter, losing an arm and a leg in the process after being heavily scarred in the face by the Captain's gun.

M'quive Maxwell's succesor
M'quive Maxwell's succesor

Thirty years into the future, the organization had been rebuild with Heinkel occupying the post left vacant by Anderson as regenerator. New leader M'Quve noted that despite their hunger for vengeance, the costly assault to London wrecked their ranks, forcing them to wait several centuries until they could gather enough troops to make another bid at destroying Hellsing; this made the aged Heinkel quite irate.

Section XIII's power lies in its paladins, fearsome warriors of the faith. All of them were equipped with special weapons and training against specific threats; for instance, Anderson was given apparently neverending silver bayonets and his regenerative abilities to confront vampires, while to deal with more mundane threats, Heinkel and Yumie were given large guns and a katana, respectively; in the wake of the deployment of Alucard's familiars, most of their priests were given explosives to strap on themselves to dispatch large amounts of enemies rapidly in the likely event of capture or death, and Anderson was given a long chain binding countless silver bayonets; these detonated when hurled, devastating the ranks of the familiars attacking him and Iscariot. Its apparent history is included in the extra Crossfire stories, which chronicle Heinkel and Yumie's adventures before the London assault.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Iscariot Section XIII
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
Aliases Vatican Special Operations
1st manga book: Hellsing #1
1st anime episode: Hellsing #3
1st anime movie:
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