Isamu Dyson

Isamu Dyson is a anime/manga character in the Macross franchise
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Isamu is a Lieutenant in the U.N. Spacey forces. Reckless and Impulsive, he has been reassigned to be a test pilot for Project Supernova.


Isamu Dyson grew up on Eden, one of the many colony worlds established by the U.N. Spacey after Space War One. His two closest friends were Guld Goa Bowman and Myung Fang Long. At some point in time during their teen years the trio split up. Isamu joing the U.N. Spacey forces and would rise in the ranks to be a Lieutenant. Isamu had no desire to advance beyond his current rank as he loved flying and had no desire ever to ride a desk. During an encounter with Anti-UN forces he had the highest kill ratio out of his entire squadron but was very reckless in getting this kills (cutting off his wingmen and coming close to shooting a few of them from their perspectives). Isamu was to be transferred for his recklessness, something he did not relish until he learned he was to be a test pilot.

Isamu was assigned to fly Shinsei Industries YF-19 which was at the factory for repairs after the previous test pilot was killed in a crash. He was introduced to the General Galaxy test pilot, who turned out to be Guld Goa Bowman. Isamu was determined to one up his former friend at every chance. During a simulator flight, Isamu actually wreaked the simulator while trying to master the controls. Afterwards he asked out Lucy Macmillan, one of the YF-19 techs, and the two went joy riding on Isamu's motor bike. At the Star Hill he and Lucy ran into Guld and the recently returned Myung (In the Movie version Isamu and Lucy sleep together after this encounter).

Isamu flies a mission as a chaser unit against the YF-21 the following day in which Isamu has to save Guld after the YF-21 has a malfunction. Upon saving Guld Isamu is almost killed when the YF-21 makes Isamu's Valkyrie crash.

When the YF-19 finally returns from the factory Isamu is initally very carefree with it and does not follow instructions. After being chewed out Isamu begins towing the line and the YF-19's performance results start to surpass the YF-21's. During the testing Isamu upset Guld and the two began fighting with the variable fighters. During the melee Guld acquired Isamu's gunpod (which was loaded with one live round) and while everyone else was looking away from the screen fired a live round from the gunpod into the YF-19. When Guld was brought before the board of inquiries he did his best to draw suspicion away from himself and was vouched for by the General in charge of Project: Supernova.

Isamu eventually heals, and upon hearing the Project Supernova is cancelled in favor of an unmanned fighter (The Ghost Fighter) he opts to take the YF-19 and face off against the unmanned fighter. Yan Newman, the YF-19's designer, assists him and the two execute a hyperspace fold for Earth.

Guld is sent to kill Isamu and the two engage in a lengthy battle before Guld's memory of the event leading to their fracture friendship resurfaces. The two make up just in time to face off agains Sharon Apple, the now self aware virtual idol. Isamu faces off against the SDF-1 Macross that is housing the Virtual Idol. He is on the verge of crashing the YF-19 (under Sharon's hypnotic spell) until he hears Myung singing Voices. Isamu wakes up and flies the YF-19 into the Macross and crushes Sharon's housing unit. Isamu and Myung are reunited shortly after.

Alternate Versions

2059 - Isamu in the YF-19
2059 - Isamu in the YF-19

In Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye, Isamu Dyson takes part in the battle to claim the Vajra homeworld. He is still flying the YF-19. Isamu himself is not shown but his original voice actor reprises his (cameo) role.

Voiced by
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Yamazaki Takumi
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Name: Isamu Dyson
Gender: Male
Birthday: 03/27/2015
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Macross Plus #1
1st anime movie: Macross Plus: The Movie
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