Is This That So-called Boy-Raised-As-a-Girl Pattern?

Is This That So-called Boy-Raised-As-a-Girl Pattern? is an anime episode of Good Luck Girl! that was released on 08/15/2012
Binbogami ga!
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When mistaken for a shoplifter, Ichiko shifts suspicion onto the nearby karate freak Ranmaru Rindo to get away. Soon after, Ranmaru transfers in to Ichiko's class, and vows to get back at her. Is Ranmaru's karate a match for Ichiko's happiness energy?
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

Ichiko enjoys her crepe, but she gets bump into by some school girls. Her crepe magically falls into her hand, and the police surrounds her, and the woman accuses her as the shop lifter. As Ichiko fights for her innocence, Rindo steps in with a bit of a poem. Ichiko quickly makes up a lie and accuses Rindo as the thief while she gets away. Rindo vows to crush Ichiko. In class, the teacher announces a new transfer student, and Rindo introduces herself. She is the heir to her father's dojo, and Ichiko changes her face to avoid being spotted by Rindo. Momou copies her, and Keita does it too. Regardless, Rindo spots Ichiko, and when she touches Ichiko's shoulder, Ichiko plays like a weak girl. The guys start to protect her much to Rindo's annoyance. At Ichiko's home, Rindo knocks the door, and she attempts to get payback. However, she misses with her kick when Ichiko ducks down to pick her button. Falling from the 13rd floor, Rindo challenges Ichiko to a match. Over at the gym, Rindo and Ichiko fight, and Rindo attempts to strike Ichiko with her flying kick. Yet, a light hits Rindo's eyes causing her to crash into the floor. Taking this opportunity, Ichiko grabs and pins Rindo's arm.

Rindo falls in love
Rindo falls in love

Meanwhile, Momiji claims her prize, and Keita gives her reward for winning the bet. Rindo vents her rage, and Keita tells her to call him when she has a match. Rindo is immediately smitten by Keita. The next day, Rindo returns to school, and when a fight breaks out between Ichiko and Rindo, Keita breaks the fight after yelling at everyone that he needs some sleep. Rindo quickly accepts Keita. Moments later, Rindo spots a couple and imagines her and Keita holding hands. Ichiko and Momiji sneak up behind Rindo with a mischievous grin. They take Rindo to the mall to make her a real girl. Rindo who is in her school uniform is happy that someone called her cute. She remarks about her father who would not let her be feminine. Next day, Rindo appears in class with bruises on her face, and she will not explain what has happened to Ichiko. On the streets, Ichiko and Momou walk towards Rindo's home where they see Rindo's father rip the skirt. Ichiko intervenes and tells Rindo's father that she cannot stand parents who do not care about their children's happiness and Momiji.

She challenges Rindo's father who attempts to strike Ichiko with his Ryuugen Kick. Somehow, Momiji's glasses' glare blinds Rindo's father. He crashes into the ground, and Ichiko binds his arms to the ground with her legs. Rindo's father manages to throw Ichiko, but Ichiko flip the man on the ground. Before Ichiko can deal the final blow, Rindo blocks her punch. Rindo tells Ichiko to not hurt her father. Over at Ichiko's home, Ichiko is all moody. The next day, Rindo's father tells Rindo that she made a good friend with Sakura. At school, Rindo thanks Ichiko whose mood quickly changes from sad to obnoxious.

Points of Interest

  • Rindou makes her first debut. Along with her father Genjuurou.
  • Hollstein is a breed of cow, and Momou calls her by that name.
  • Nadeshiko Ga! Returns (Nadeshiko was seen twice in the episode)


  • Fist of The North Star - When Ranmaru is first introduced to the class, Ichiko tries to hide from her using a animation style parody of the classic series.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho - After the brief fight between Ichiko and Ranmaru A student mentions they could have done a Yusuke vs Yomi fight instead. The duo of Yusuke and Yomi can be seen in the crowd.
  • Bleach - Momiji cosplays as Renji Abarai.
  • Dragon Ball Z - Kumagai once again cosplays as Vegeta.
  • Death Note - Ichiko and Momiji share similar sinister grins like Light Yagami when convincing Ranmaru to change her attire.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, the delinquents comment that Rindo looks cute in school girl uniform. Whereas in the anime, a pair of school boys commented that she is cute.


  • Japanese Name: "Iwayuru Otoko Toshite Sodaterarechatta Patān? / Kyō no Koto wa Isshō Wasurenē yo!!" (いわゆる男として育てられちゃったパターン? / 今日のことは一生忘れねーよ!!)
  • Manga Chapter: 10 and 11 (Volume 3)
  • Opening Theme: "Make my Day!" by Piko
  • Ending Theme: "Love Riot" by HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yoshiaki Sukeno Original Concept Yoshiaki Sukeno is the creator of Binbogami Ga!
Tomoyuki Kawamura Director Tomoyuki Kawamura is a Japanese anime episode director.
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