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Figured that someone would have mentioned this by now, but no one has sooooo... 
  • Kore wa Zombie desu ka? has been green-lighted for a season 2. This is kind of mystifying, as it was a merely okay show in my opinion. Before you ask, the Bluray sales barely broke the 3K mark. I'm not sure who it was that decided this show was worth a S2, but hey.

  • The last bluray came with an OVA that has already been subbed and distributed by fansubbers. The episode is split up into three different sidestories: part one involves Haruna creating her own version of a tanabata festival. Part two has Seraphim trying to get a secret recipe painted by a famous Japanese artist, and then Ayumu accidentally gives it to Maelstrom, forcing the two to infiltrate Maelstrom's home to get it back. Part three involves a school card game and Ayumu's ass (don't ask). It titls more towards the funny stuff than the serious, so if you liked the first half of this series you'll probably enjoy it.
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I watched the OVA the other day, didn't really get what was going on with the card game they played, but all-in-all I thought it was pretty funny and enjoyed it, as I did the regular episodes.

Glad it's getting a second season, I'll happily watch some more.

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I need to finish the first season. I stopped because it all got strange and confusing after Eucliwood disappears and some events. I watch it after Rave Master and Shaman King episodes' wiki are done.

The second season sounds promising.

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