Rumor Squad: Moe + Zombies = Profit?

Topic started by gia on March 22, 2010. Last post by Lan 5 years ago.
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So, it's long been said that moe doesn't sell very well outside of Japan, but I think this new rumored anime adaptation of a light novel might prove to be the one exception. The title of the light novel series is Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka: "is This a Zombie?")
 Pink chainsaw!
 Pink chainsaw!
The novels are written by Kimura Shinichi and are a sort of an action-adventure meets romantic-comedy deal. And they involve a girl with a pink chainsaw. A PINK CHAINSAW! (And not the Hello Kitty one.) That's all I know about it, but based on that assessment I will absolutely have to check it out. 
That said, this is a rumor, so as always here's my assessment: I don't know squat about this book, but light novel adaptations are common enough, and it looks, soooo...I'd give this an 8/10 likelihood. Now hurry up and make a figure of the girl with the chainsaw! 
How about you guys? Sound like something you might enjoy?
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Since one of the first things i did when joining Anime Vice was inquire about zombie anime, and finding next to none, I'm always up for more anime zombie action.
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@crusader8463: And hey, sometime before this comes out we'll have High School of the Dead, right? :D
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Cute zombies are much more preferable then the flesh rotted kind. I wonder if my brother would still have an irrational fear of them? I enjoy teasing him about having a fear of zombies.
Hey, there was an entire story arc in One Piece dedicated to an island of zombies. It was called the Thriller Bark Arc. It was a cool arc too. It's too bad FUNimation's video site is a LONG way off from having it on the site, but here is a youtube clip of one such scene.
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@FoxxFireArt: After my long hiatus from writing on my Once Piece blog, I actually forgot i was doing it, I have started back up this very day, and I'm on episode #28 right now; two episodes shy of my next blog update. I'm guessing this is pretty far in though, but I will be looking forward to it when it draws closer. I'm afraid to watch the clip in the off chance that it has spoilers of any kind so i will have to take your word on it for now.
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@crusader8463: The clip I added was very non-spoiler. It just shows Luffy's reaction the first time he sees an actual zombie. There are soooo many more clips from that arc that are a lot better. These episodes are some time well past episode 321 where the crew is about ready to leave Water 7. There is a filler arc after that, then it's Thriller Bark.
I have the episode summaries up for One Piece episode 1-321.
What kind of sucks is that FUNimation has this big gap that covers the Baratie/Don Krieg, Arlong Park and Loguetown arcs. That's where they meet Sanji, they save Nami's home village and she officially joins the crew, and where they start heading to the Grand Line. I just recently checked at the site has even more episodes missing. All the way up to Whiskey Peak. It goes from episode 13 and the next episode on the list is 67.
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@FoxxFireArt: Thanks for the spoilers! ^_^
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Pink chainsaw? Sign me up.
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@gia: try to read Sankarea, if you don't mind scanlation
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Zombies are no fun, they're like vampires, only much less glorified.
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I like the idea of moe zombie slayers with pink chainsaws. And if that's her purple co-zombie slayer, this could be promising. I'm not in any way judging of cuteness of character design. Moe and Zombies is just not something you see everyday. :)
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