Anime Wrap-Up: Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead

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Welcome to the Anime Wrap-Up blog for Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead anime series! The anime is also known as Is This a Zombie? of the Dead as well.

The anime aired in Japan from April 5, 2012 and ended in June 6, 2012 with a total of 10 episodes. Shinichi Kimura is the original creator of the franchise with Kobuichi and Muririn as the original character designers. It is produced by Studio DEEN and directed by Takaomi Kanasaki. This anime is the sequel of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? (Is this a Zombie?) series.


High school student Ayumu Aikawa is murdered after being fatally stabbed in the back by a serial killer. Thanks to necromancer Eucliwood Hellsythe, however, he is resurrected as a zombie. Grateful to his savior, Ayumu invites her to reside with him in his house and continue his everyday life.

Trying to take advantage of his undead life by hunting for his serial killer at night, Ayumu meets a demon-hunting, chainsaw-wielding self-proclaimed "masou-shoujou" (Japanese pun on magical girl) named Haruna. After this fated encounter in which Ayumu accidentally gets cut in half and Haruna inadvertently dematerializes her clothes while trying to magically heal him, Haruna also moves in to Ayumu's residence. Zombie Ayumu's high school life is never quite the same as it used to be.



Eucliwood talks more in this season
Eucliwood talks more in this season

The anime still has its bizarre, random humor as well as fan service (if you enjoy gainax bounce and sexy cosplay). It's great to see character growth in Kyoko who was a bad girl last season. I find her scene when she and Ayumu make up touching. Plus, Eucliwood's origin story gets a bit of attention. For the first time, we see the Underworld and the King of Night which is actually a beautiful place. Unlike last season, Eucliwood talks more which I find very enjoyable for her character. I find her voice very sweet.

We got new characters: Chris, Anderson (Shimomura), and Nene (Naegleria). They are unique and funny in their own way. Chris is a loli, Masou Shoujo girl who is cursed by the queen to take the form of a middle age man. What I love about her is that she exposes Ayumu like a lolicon he is. For Anderson, he is Ayumu's classmate and denizen of the Underworld. I like his sense of humor especially when he got Ayumu to do embarrassing things in front of Eu or the fact he started touching Orito in an erotic way. Nene is a former warrior who is the strongest in the Underworld, and now, she is a doujinshi artist with sleeping problems. What I love about her is that she is pretty bold. When Seraphim asks her if Ayumu did lewd things with her, she just answers that Ayumu is man and shrugs it off.


Sarasvati's love grew for Ayumu from admiring his butt from afar
Sarasvati's love grew for Ayumu from admiring his butt from afar

The beginning of the season is a bit slow. When I watch episodes 1 to 3 twice due to wiki editing, I find it boring. The last season is more funnier and had more suspense because Ayumu is still searching for his killer. Furthermore, this season lack action when you compared to last season. In the last season, you had fights for Kyoko and the King of Night. Here, there are fights between Chris and Belphegor, but there is not much.

This season feels like a filler because I felt it had no direction besides setting down the plot for next season and introducing characters (if there is one). They did not defeat Chris since they need more allies and Ayumu to get stronger. Last season had more of a focus on two characters: Ayumu and Eucliwood. Whereas in this season, the focus is more spread out. This time, Sarasvati and Kyoko had some attention due to some changes. Sarasvati's relationship with Ayumu has become one sided love while Kyoko goes from bad girl to misunderstood girl. I forgot why Kyoko killed Ayumu in the first place.

I wish they reveal more origin story for Eucliwood, Haruna, and Seraphim. I know they did uncover Ayumu and Eucliwood's past, but they did not show Eu's flashback in season 1.

Overall, this season needs more action and character origin stories.

Cram Report

I really wanted to do a weekly report project to cover this anime along with the other on-going anime. However, I had school and other things. This week, I didn't know the anime did end on episode 10. I was still waiting for a new episode as I was working on. This is section is more of a run down on all the episodes with the best moments. Hopefully, it's not too long for you guys.

What were your favorite episodes, best moments, and worse ones?

Ep. 1: Yes, Yet Another Masou Transformation!

Ayumu meets Chris, a young girl who gets drunk, at school. Ayumu's roommates think Ayumu is hallucinating. Meanwhile, Orito and the others present to Ayumu, pictures of a young man cross dressing as a Masou Shoujo. They think it looks like Ayumu. Ayumu runs off to complain to Chris only to find a Megalo. Can Ayumu beat the Megalo without jeopardizing his reputation?

Best Moment: Ayumu getting exposed as an exhibitionist to his classmates.

Ep. 2: Oh, Goodbye Me

Yuki asks Ayumu to go hike with her into the mountains, but when Ayumu brings his roommates, Yuki gets a bit disappointed. She lightens up when Haruna mentions that they are not in love with Ayumu, and they want to have fun with her.

Best Moments: Sarasvati saying "My Darling" and uploading images of Ayumu's butt on the web.

Ep. 3: Yo! That's You! Passion!

Haruna and Eucliwood attempt to fix the chainsaw to no success. Meanwhile, Yuki is trying to perfect her dance for Sarasvati's concert with Haruna volunteering to help Yuki.

Best Moment: Seeing Ayumu dance.

Ep. 4: No, Go Home, Master
To forget all the bad things, Ayumu resorts to his hobby, scale models. When Haruna destroys his precious model, he chats with Orito about it. To cheer up Ayumu and to convince him not to cross dress, Orito takes Ayumu to a maid cafe where they play a game with Sarasvati. Will Ayumu and Orito beat Sarasvati at her own game?
Best Moment: Haruna losing her cool when she sees Yuki pouring water for Ayumu.
Ep. 5: Yes, This is Popular Every Year

When Eucliwood gets sick, Ayumu and Haruna tend to her needs, and Seraphim goes to her village to take care of some business.

Best Moment: Anderson making Ayumu do strange things such as dancing and stripping in front of poor Eu.

Ep. 6: Nope, You Can't Win

Dai calls Ayumu and gives him the good news that Mystletainn is almost fully recovered. Ayumu jumps with joy as he can erase everyone's memory of seeing him dressed as a Masou Shoujo. Meanwhile, Ayumu and his gang get ready for the cultural festival until some Megalos and a weird stranger appear. Will Ayumu beat these guys with his reputation intact?

Best Moment: After Ayumu erases everyone's memory of him wearing the Masou Shoujo outfit, he still cross dresses as a bride on the following day.

Ep. 7: Yeah, Sensei is the Strongest!

On the second day of the cultural festival, Haruna successively built a device that absorbs Eucliwood's excess mana. Yet, Haruna has to wear armor to supress the extra mana while she and Eucliwood visits Ayumu's school. Unbeknownst to them, the teacher confiscates Yuki's ring. At the bonfire, the teacher reveals himself to be Chris, the fairy, that Ayumu thought was a hallucination. It turns out that Chris used the ring and Haruna's device to break the curse to return to her normal self.

Best Moment: Ayumu's teacher transforming into Chris, and Ayumu going gaga over her like a lolicon.

Ep. 8: Heh, It's Party Time, Kyoko!

Ayumu throws a mixer to entertain Kyoko, so in exchange, Kyoko can give information on Chris's weaknesses.

Best Moment: Ayumu and Kyoko make up and reach closure.

Ep. 9: Ah, My Darling is a Ne'er-do-well

With Kyoko's information on Chris's weaknesses is false, Eucliwood shares some information about her time in the Underworld and points that Naegleria is the Underworld's strongest warrior. She tells Ayumu to request for her help in defeating Chris. It turns out that Naegleria (Nene for short) is making her living as a Doujinshi artist and refuses to help Ayumu. She asks him to help her with the manga. At the same time, Ayumu has promised Sarasvati that he will see her at her concert. Can Ayumu fulfill his promise and get Nene to help him and Eucliwood to defeat Chris?

Best Moment: Learning about Eucliwood's origin story and how Nene wanted to create a happy ending.

Ep. 10: But That's a Good Thing

After Ayumu has fail his trials, Dai erases his memories. Haruna begs Dai to give them a chance, and she lets them go inside Ayumu's memories. However, Belphegor takes control over Ayumu's body. It's up to Eucliwood and her gang to fight Belphegor in order to restore Ayumu back to normal with his memories.

Best Moment: Seeing Eucliwood's reaction when Belphegor pushes her buttons especially when he says he likes her.

Duders and Dudettes, It's Over

I had some inspiration from Gamer152 at Giant Bomb where he ends his blogs with this header (not exactly like this one).

I hope you guys and gals enjoy this wrap up article. All comments are welcome. It's too bad that this season is too short. I hope it gets another season. Right now, it just ended on a cliffhanger.

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