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IS <Infinite Stratos> is an anime series in the IS <Infinite Stratos> franchise
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I ask you, where's the story? Reviewed by lordbane666 on Oct. 23, 2011. lordbane666 has written 29 reviews. His/her last review was for Burn Up W. 16 out of 18 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

Infinite Stratos (IS or Infinitto Sutoratosu in Japanese) takes place in a not to distant future on a female dominated world. This is because if there was a war between men and women, all the men would be wiped out in minutes. This is because the latest and greatest weapons, called Infinite Stratos (IS from now on) can only be used by women, and no other weapon can hold a candle to it. The IS is your basic battle suit, capable of fast flight, high maneuverability, and has great offensive and defensive capabilities. A treaty among all nations is enacted, calling for the IS to never be used as a weapon in warfare and it's technology to be shared among all nations.

As the anime begins, we meet Ichika Orimura, a 15 year old boy who, by touching an IS unit (out of curiosity), became the first male ever to get a responds from it. Another words, he is the only male on earth that can pilot an IS. The Japanese government orders him to attend the all girl IS Academy, where young women from all over the globe, come to learn how to pilot the IS. His older sister Chifuyu, considered the greatest IS pilot of all because, after every nuclear missile in the world "malfunctions" at the same time, launches, and targets Japan, flew up and shot them all down, ridding the world of nukes, is an instructress at the Academy. His childhood friend, who moved away when they where both young, named Houki Shinonono, who's older sister was the inventor of the IS and builds the best one's in the world, attends this school as his classmate, along with other young women from around the world. Houki, we come to soon find out, is also Ichika's dormitory roommate, and because it is improper for a young man and young woman to share a room, decides to bunk somewhere else shorty after this fact is reveled. And though some of the girls in his class like having a walking testosterone factory as a classmate, others resent it, and treat him like a bitch, even his own sister beats him up.

The first thing I noticed about this series was that out of decent, but not very original premise, there was 10 episodes of no story and a repetitive plot. All we do is meet more of his classmates, some who get added later, that don't like the fact they have a male in there class, get mean with him, yell at him, and challenge him to IS duels, after which these young women all fall in love with Ichika, one even proclaims him as her "wife" and sleeps in his bed. Houki becomes jealous of this, even though the two are only friends and there is no hint of any romance between the pair durring this, until the very end. The only exception to the meanness part is Charles from France, the only other male in the world who can pilot an IS, who becomes Ichika's new roommate, and has a secret that any 5 year old can figure out instantly (it takes Ichika a little longer). The few battles in this series, up until the very end, involve Ichika answering a challenge from one of his classmates. The battle sequences where prolonged to fill in for lack of story in this series, where antiquity choreographed though somewhat choppy. The dialog in this anime was one of the worst parts about it, and the players in it all sounded like morons. The harem element was overly strong, and the comedic elements where flat. It seamed like the creators of this series where told it would be canceled, so they rushed out an ending. The art stile was fine but nothing special, and this series did, at some points, have a bit of fan service in it, but no outright nudity. I gave this series half a star because of the few action sequences that broke up the repetition and monotony I was otherwise watching. As a whole, this series was garbage, a waste of time and money.

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