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IS <Infinite Stratos> is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 2 anime series, 3 manga series
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Cecilia Alcott

The IS cadet representative from England. Who challenged Ichika for the position of class representative, but manages to win only because his IS energy shields ran out before he manages to hit her. She soon starts to see him as gives him the Class Representative position.

Charlotte Dunois

A first year student at the IS academy and is the IS cadet representative from France. Charlotte was transferred to the IS Academy disguised as a boy named "Charles", who was believed to be the second "male" IS pilot but was really spying on Ichika for her father.

Chifuyu Orimura

Ichika's older sister who was the Japanese pilot for the first generation IS machines.

Dan Gotanda

Dan Gotanda is Ichika's friend and Ran's brother.

Honne Nohotoke

Honne Nohotoke is a classmate of Ichika in Class One.

Houki Shinonono

Houki is a first year student at the IS academy and has been friends with Ichika since they were kids though they have not seen each other for six years. She has a very long ponytail.

Ichika Orimura

The only male in the world that can pilot an Infinite Statos.

Kanzashi Sarashiki

Kanzashi Sarashiki is Tatenashi's sister.

Kaoruko Mayuzumi

Mayuzumi Kaoruko is Vice-President of the Newspaper Club.

Laura Bodewig

The IS cadet representative from Germany, who is a genetically-engineered super-soldier and member of the German military and holds the rank of second lieutenant.

Lingyin Huang

The IS cadet representative from China who is Ichika's second childhood friend.

Madoka Orimura

Madoka Orimura

Maya Yamada

The instructor in charge of Ichika's class who used to be an IS Japanese representative cadet.

Nagisato Mayuzumi

Nagisato Mayuzumi is the assistant editor of "Infinite Stripes".

Ran Gotanda

Ran Gotanda is Dan's sister.

Reiko Makigami

Reiko Makigami

Squall Meusel

Squall Meusel

Tabane Shinonono

The creator of the IS and Houki's older sister. She mysteriously disappeared after introducing the IS technology, and is currently the most wanted person in the world as many seek her for her knowledge despite this she is quite childish.

Tatenashi Sarashiki

The IS Representative of Russia and Student Council President of the IS Academy.

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