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IS: Infinite Stratos 2 is an anime series in the IS <Infinite Stratos> franchise
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Houki Shinonono's personal IS which is one of two 4th generation IS. The Akatsubaki is a Close-range fighter.


Reiko Makigami's personal IS.

Bamboo Sword

A Bamboo Sword, shinai, is a practice sword made of bamboo for sparring or the practice and competition of Kendo.

Blue Tears

Cecilia Alcotts personal IS which is a Long range Sniper IS.


Ichika Orimuras personal IS which is one of the two 4th generation IS and a Close-range fighter IS. It is equipped with the Yukihira type 2, an IS energy blade that once belong to his sister.

Cat Ears

Cat Ears are often seen in anime/manga on cat-like characters or in cosplay. They can be either natural or artificial in nature.

Kunai Knife

Kunai Knife is a hand-held metal dagger. It has a leaf-shaped blade, handle, and a ring at the end. It is a multiple use weapon that can also be used as a throwing knife. It is one of the most commmon ninja weapns used in the series.

Priestesses Uniform

Is the typical uniform worn by priestesses

Rafale Revive Custom II

The Personal IS of Charlotte Dunois which is equipped with a wide array of interchangeable weapons.

School Uniform

The character is wearing school uniform. Most probably he/she's a student.

Schwarzer Regen

The personal IS belonging to Laura Bodewig which is a medium-to-long-range artillery-type IS.


Huang Lingyin's personal IS.

Silent Zephyrs

Madoka Orimura's personal IS.


Swimwear is clothing designed for participating in different manners of water based events and/or to be worn as light clothing in hot conditions, such as those at a beach.

Uchigane Nishiki

The Personal IS of Kanzashi Sarashiki.


A Yukata is a type of Kimono made of cotton that is often worn at summer festivals or after a bath in traditional Japanese Inns.

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