Iruka the Novice Teacher

Iruka the Novice Teacher is an anime episode of Naruto Shippuden that was released on 09/02/2010
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This episode is flashback and tells the story of Iruka being assigned as Naruto's teacher and his conflicts with being a good instructor while still holding resentment towards Naruto for the Kyuubi attack that killed his parents.

Plot Summary

Naruto recieves a hero's welcome
Naruto recieves a hero's welcome

The Hidden leaf welcomes Naruto back from his battle with Pain. During the celebration, Iruka is reminded of the Third and Fourth Hokage's desire for Naruto to be seen as a hero. From a distance, Zetsu looks on and leaves to report the outcome of the battle to Tobi.

In the Hidden Cloud, Team Samui are on there way to the Hidden Leaf to investigate Killer Bee's disappearance. While on the way Karui and Omoi get into an argument over Omoi's ramblings and both end up scolded by Samui.

Back in the Hidden Leaf, Iruka stumbles upon the tree and swing that Naruto often sat on as a child and reminisces about his first impressions of Naruto as his teacher:

While observing Naruto committing vandalism of the Hokage Statue, the Third Hokage asks Iruka to become Naruto's homeroom teacher. Iruka tries to gently reject the offer but the Third is able to talk him into it after saying that if nobody will teach him, then Naruto will be kicked out of school and become an outcast to the village. Later in the day, Iruka is walking around the village and stumbles across Naruto being scolded for vandalism by a shop owner. Two women pass by and comment about how uncomfortable it is to live in a village with that thing. Naruto overhears them and chases them down to say who he is and profess that he will become the Hokage.

Naruto commits an act of vandalism
Naruto commits an act of vandalism

The next day, Naruto wakes up and prepares to raise hell since he's getting a new homeroom teacher. At the academy, Iruka is preparing for the day when another teacher enters and asks him about Naruto. Iruka says that he doesn't know what to do and the teacher suggested that he simply ignore Naruto and not get upset with anything he does because, "If you don't bother with them, kids tend to go away."

Iruka heads toward his classroom and falls into a prank that Naruto set for him. Naruto begins to leave, expecting to be kicked out of the class, but Iruka remembers what the other teach told him and tells Naruto to take his seat. Naruto continues with more pranks but Iruka ignores his actions each time. Later that day, Iruka gathers the students outside to test their ability to make clones. Sasuke goes first and gets praised highly by Iruka and the other students. Naruto steps in to intervene, but ends up making a fool of himself. The students begin to pick on him for this but Iruka stops them. Naruto is happy that someone is standing up for him, but that is short-lived as Iruka then tells the students that they shouldn't, "bother with this one." Naruto leaves to go practice until deep in the night. As he walks home, the owner of Ichiraku Ramen offers hims a free meal and asks how he is doing. Naruto excitedly accepts his offer and says that he is the same as always, but later that night he's seen with an expression that suggests otherwise.

The "same as usual" Naruto
The "same as usual" Naruto

The next day, the class is doing shuriken training and once again, Sasuke receives praise and adoration for his performance. Naruto buts in to show his ability, but ends up making a fool of himself. Later that day, Naruto overhears two kids talking about the death of the Uchiha within earshot of Sasuke.

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