Captain Tylor Returns! Sorta

Topic started by gia on March 10, 2009. Last post by MorpheusDreamweaver 5 years, 12 months ago.
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Boy, one right after another-- products I can't help but want to talk about! This one, though, might be more accessible to you guys...but maybe less recognizable.

I don't know if Irresponsible Captain Tylor is old enough to call a “classic” yet (its TV series aired in 1993, and an OVA was released in '94), but I'm absolutely confident in saying it's a fantastic show. Justy Ueki Tylor is a total slacker who finds himself in command of the battleship Soyokaze, which he transforms from a violent dumping ground for the Earth Federation Space Force's rejects into one of the most effective (and infamous) teams in the galaxy...but no one's ever sure if it happens by Tylor's design or by accident. Is he a genius, or a complete idiot with the best luck in the universe? Either way, it's epic win for those who watch.

Why am I bringing it up now? Nozomi Entertainment has just announced that they'll be issuing the entire TV series as a single box set featuring thinpack cases and, more importantly, remastered footage. The 26-episode box set is coming out May 26 for an SRP of $49.99 USD.

Now, if only all those remake-happy studios in Japan would consider making more new Tylor anime...

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I've been hearing about the re-release for a while on the Anime today podcast. good to finally hear about a release date.
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I knew my patience would pay off. The first and only time I watched Tylor was on RightStuf VHS tapes. I loved the series and its ending, but didn't feel the rush to revisit it so soon. Now, over decade later, I can see it with remastered video. Of course, I'm going to wait for the video-philes to chime in, before I plunk down my hard-earned nickels.
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Tylor is one of my favorite sf-type anime shows, and I'm happy it's getting a nice new re-mastered release. I don't know that I'm happy enough to double-dip, though.
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