Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Irresponsible Captain Tylor is an anime series in the Irresponsible Captain Tylor franchise
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The story of Taylor a homeless slacker turned Navy Space Captain.

Justy Ueki Tylor is the ultimate slacker, a lazy good-for-nothing who joins the galactic military because he thinks it is the passport to an easy life. Put in charge of a battered hulk called the Soyokaze (Slight Wind), the former captain of which committed suicide due to depression, Tylor finds himself commanding a gang of thugs led by two stuffy officers (named after martial icons Mifune and Fuji) who would like nothing better than to throw him out of the airlock. Tylor, however, continually falls on his feet, accidentally thwarting an enemy double cross by giving them a parcel bomb meant for him, haphazardly steering his way through a battle so that alien warships shoot each other, and even unknowingly volunteering for a suicide mission only to escape from danger by leading his would-be destroyers right into the middle of the Terran fleet. In the tradition of Tylor's contemporary Tenchi Muyo!, our loser hero is also surrounded by a bevy of beauties, including girl-next-door Lieutenant Yuriko Star, adoring alien ruler Queen Azalyn Goza (who likes Tylor, even though her ministers want her to invade his planet), pretty and vacant twins Eimi and Yumi, and alien spy Harumi, who is planted on the Soyokaze to assassinate Tylor but never quite gets around to it.

The character is a cartoon version of Hitoshi Taira, the lazy protagonist of the 1962 live-action movie Japan's Irresponsible Age who was played by comedian Hitoshi Ueki. This popular satire on Japan's salaryman culture featured a feckless individual who always managed to come out on top, advancing up promotional ladders when accidents befall his superiors, or lucking into important business information simply by malingering and goofing off. The series and its theatrical spin-offs were revived in 1990, suspiciously close to the time when Hummingbirds-creator Hitoshi Yoshioka would have begun work on this anime version.

The series returned in several video outings starting with the two-parter Tylor: An Exceptional Episode (1994), followed in 1995 by a six-part series that concentrated in turn on some of the supporting cast-Azalyn, for example, given an episode of her own, followed by one in which the star is Tylor's mad-dog pilot, KB Andressen. The series was rounded off by the two-part video series Tylor: From Earth to Eternity (1996), in which the lazy captain once again saves Earth from an alien menace by hoping the problem will go away. However, he is not permitted a tidy happy end-the series finishes with the Ralgon Empire on the brink of civil war, Earth and the Ralgon Empire in a confused state of relations, and the nature of a third-party enemy revealed.
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General Information Edit
Name Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Name: 無責任艦長タイラー
Romaji: Musukenin Kancho Tylor
Publisher Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd
Start Year 1993
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