Iron Pirate! Here Comes General Franky!

Iron Pirate! Here Comes General Franky! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 07/29/2012

Fish-Man Island Arc

Iron Pirate! Here Comes General Franky! - 鉄の海賊! フランキー将軍登場 (Aian Pairētsu! Furankī Shōgun Tōjō)

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Franky dazzles Usopp and Chopper by transforming into a gigantic fighting robot, Hordy tries to blackmail the Kraken, and Luffy introduces his fist to the Fish-man’s face!
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Episode Synopsis

Iron Pirate! Here Comes General Franky!
Kanji鉄の海賊! フランキー将軍登場
RomajiAian Pairētsu! Furankī Shōgun Tōjō
Air Dates
July 29, 2012
July 28, 2012
MangaCh. ?? (Vol. ??)
Theme Music

"We Go" by Hiroshi Kitadani

Written and Composed by Shouko Fujibayashi and Kouhei Tanaka

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Hyozo wakes up
Hyozo wakes up

Daruma is shocked to see the Kraken has turned against the New Fish-Man Pirates, and Hyozo finally wakes up from his drunken stupor and wonders where he is. Zeo tells him they are at Conchcorde Plaza. Hyozo notices to Zoro and Brook making easy work of their troops. Excited to see such strong sword fighters, he grabs his own blade and rushes into the fight and slices his own men along the way.

Chopper commands the Brachio Tank
Chopper commands the Brachio Tank

Chopper is meanwhile commanding the Brachio Tank Unit V. He notices Daruma in a hole in front of them and commands Usopp to fire. Each time he takes aim, Daruma burrows and pops up somewhere else. Suddenly, the Brachio Tank collapses into the hole created by Daruma's digging underground. Franky, aboard the Black Rhino, notices the tank has gone missing and rushes to help. Daruma plans to find a way to do the same to Franky, but he drives straight by them and falls into the same hole as Chopper and the others. Daruma's shocked at Franky's stupidity.

Th General Franky revealed
Th General Franky revealed

Inside the hole, Usopp, Chopper, Nami, and Pappagu are unharmed but shaken. Franky is now angry and he tosses everyone out of the hole. Chopper and Nami yell at him for flinging them out int the battlefield, but Frnaky tells them he has a plan. He plans to unit his machines. The Black Rhino and the Brachio Tank begin to transform, and they combine together to form a larger robot that Franky can control from within. He learned to create this machine from the plans he found on Baldimore in the lab of Dr. Vegapunk. It's constructed out of the memory shape alloy called Wapometal. It's called the General Franky.

Franky Cannon attack
Franky Cannon attack

Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper are over come with Franky's invention, but Nami stands unimpressed. The Fish-Man pirate henchmen try and attack all at once, but the General Franky brushes off their attack with a wave of it's arms. He pulls out the giant sword from it's back and spins around while holding the sword low to the ground. It forces the fish-men around him to keep jumping or risk getting sliced, but Franky announces that this is to make them vulnerable to the General Franky's cannons. The boys of the Straw Hats are excited to hear about the cannons, but this attack turns out to be just Franky leaning out of the hatch and firing the cannons built into his shoulders. Robin watches from the distance with the same stoic expression as Nami. Franky seems to reveal another powerful attack called the "General Weight", but it's just the General Franky falling in a bellyflop on on the enemies below.

Nami's Gust Sword attack
Nami's Gust Sword attack

Just as Nami's confused about what's so impressive, a fish-man attacks from behind, thinking he's found a weak target. Nami blocks the attack with her Clima-Tact and leaps back. She's insulted that he assumes she's weak, but admits that she's just a chicken. She holds out one of the segments of her new Sorcery Clima-Tact and aims it at the goon. She fires out a blast of compressed air she calls the Gust Sword, and it blows the man away, leaving him unconscious. This weapon is the outcome of all her training on Weatheria, and she wont be underestimated.

Usopp's Bamboo Javelin
Usopp's Bamboo Javelin

Nearby, Usopp sees a wave of fighters rushing him. He pulls out his Black Kabuto and fires a pop green that created a sudden forest of bamboo spears that launches them all into the air. This is the result of all his training with Heracles on the Bowin Islands. Usopp calls out that this is the beginning of the second chapter in the story of Usopp the Warrior.

Chopper's Horn Points transformation
Chopper's Horn Points transformation

Under the ground, Daruma plans to weaken the ground again to disable the General Franky, but he can tell something else is under the ground tunneling after him. He's suddenly launch into the air. He doesn't recognize his attacker, but it's revealed to be Chopper. He's transformed in a way that's never been seen before. His body is the size of a young boy, but he has thick forearms and gigantic horns that stick out from his head. This is the new Horn Point ability that he refined on Birdie Island and improved his Rumble Balls. Luffy asks if he can now turn into a beetle, but Chopper yells at him. Chopper proudly announces that he's a real monster.

Hordy threatens Surume's brother
Hordy threatens Surume's brother

One of the Fish-Men pirates collapses at the feet of the lieutenants, and they ask how many of the Straw Hats they have killed. The man says none and collapses. The people gathered along the plaza watch on in amazement as the Straw Hats are winning, and by the Thousand Sunny, Surume stands guard over Shirahoshi. Hordy yells out to Surume that he's done well to surround the princess and orders him to crush Shirahoshi. He goes further to mention that he knows where Surume's brother is at the North Pole, and they he could make a lot of money selling such a mythical creature. Surume is panicking at hearing the blackmail of his sibling. Jimbei now understands how Hordy got the kraken's help, and Luffy looks angry.

Surume crushes Shirahoshi
Surume crushes Shirahoshi

Surume starts to tighten around Shirahoshi and choking her in it's tentacles. She pleads for him to stop, but Luffy yells for him. Luffy understands that Surume wants to protect his brother, and asks if he's older or younger. With a happy grin, he asks Surume to let him save his brother too, becasue they're friends. Surume loosens up on Shirahoshi as his eyes fill with tears.

Zoro and Sanji block Dosun and Ikaros Much
Zoro and Sanji block Dosun and Ikaros Much

Luffy's expression changes to anger as he approaches Hordy Jones. His eyes are now filled with rage, and Ikaros Much and Dosun attack to prevent Luffy from getting near their captain. Their double team is blocked in an instant by Zoro and Sanji. They refuse to let them stop Luffy.

Luffy clobbers Hordy
Luffy clobbers Hordy

Luffy walks firmly toward the villain as anger begins to build.He goes into Gear Second and in a flash he's gone. Hordy can no longer see the young pirate captain, but he suddenly appears directly in front of him and delivers a powerful kick to Hordy's face that send him flying back into the coral walls of the plaza. Luffy doesn't know why, but he's full of fighting spirit now.

Noah sails toward Fish-Man Island
Noah sails toward Fish-Man Island

In the ocean outside of Fish-Man Island, the citizens notice something giant slowly drifting ever closer. It's a gigantic ship that King Neptune knows very well. It's the ship of promises, Noah; and it's threatening to crash and destroy the entire island.

Points of Interest

  • The General Franky is teased as a silhouette at the beginning of this episode.
  • Luffy doesn't even appear in this episode until 11:37.
  • The famous Pandaman can be seen in this episode being crushed by the General Weight attack.
  • Nami's new Clima-Tact is formally introduced in this episode.
  • Chopper's new Horn Point transformation is revealed in this episode.
  • Heradas and Heracles only appear int this episode in flashback and they have no spoken lines.

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
DarumaCookie Cutter
Special Attack - Daruma Drop
General FrankyGeneral "Watch Your Step"
Franky Cannon
General Weight
NamiGust Sword
UsoppSpecial Attack - Green Star: Bamboo Javelin
Tony Tony ChopperHorn Point
Monkey D. LuffyGear Second

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